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ZEN’S BDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEN ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN I DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHIGN FOR YOOSUNG’S BDAY AND HE’S MY FAVE, BUT U BUDDY U R SPECIAL. U WERE MY FIRST LOVE IN THE GAME AND FIRST HEARTBREAK. @zenshousewife couldn’t draw a picture, so she gave me all her love and energy for this. Thank you Poo. I can feel the love you have for Zen coursing through my veins. I bleed Zen. I feel…Zen—Zenny… Zenny rhymes with… KENNY.

It’s Your Little Sister Dean

Request- Sister imagine where Dean’s possessed by a demon and they can’t seem to kill him the usual way so Sam and her tie him up and she tries to scream at him things that they all did together as kids to set him free. He almost kills her but almost at the last minute he snaps back and he hugs her and Sam makes sure he’s still him and when he does there’s a giant group hug filled with tears and smiles and omg someone hold me… 

Word count-926

Master list          Prompt list

Tag- @evyiione @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish

A/n- This is not demon Dean from season 10!

“What do you mean get the dungeon ready?” You asked running to the dungeon and switching the light on.

It’s Dean (Y/n). He’s possessed.” Sam says driving at full speed trying to get back to the bunker. You completely froze. Your eldest brother Dean was possessed. “(Y/n)? (Y/n) you still there? Get the chair and rope ready we are gonna have to tie him down.” Sam said, while you could hear Dean struggling against what you assumed was handcuffs with devil traps on.

“Yeah yeah okay Sammy.” You whispered sliding your hand through your hair. Once you hung up you dragged the chair in to the middle of the devil trap and got ready with the rope.

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anonymous asked:

Yandere sdr2 boys react to s/o dating someone else?

This isn’t going to end well… >_>

SDR2 Boys (Yandere) reacting to reader dating someone else

Hajime Hinata:

- What?

- Who is this… Scum

- Why are they touching you? You’re way too good for them, and you’re… Laughing?!

- Can’t be having that

- He’d just casually walk up to the two of you

- “Hey! L/n!”

- “Oh! Hinata - kun! Hello!”

- “Oh! So you’re Hinata, S/O told me all about you!”

- Oh really

- “You’re a good friend from their description haha”

- A… Friend? No no… That must be a mistake… Or no… S/O wouldn’t make a mistake, it’s just this idiot that’s lying!

- He starts following you whenever you go on dates, you never notice him and if you do he always has a convenient excuse to be there

- He starts making notes though, recording any useful information

- It’d be a shame if… Your partner got into an accident

Kazuichi Soda:

- As soon as he saw you with someone else, he was immediately suspicious

- So after a bit of a casual conversation he found out that.. You’re together?

- To say he’s annoyed would be an understatement

- He’s a mechanic, so making a small spying camera is something basic for him

- He uses it frequently, and seeing them make you happy makes him sick

- You deserve way better than that

- He’s planning to subtly… Remove your S/O

- But there’s just too many possibilities!

- Bombs? Maybe but a bit too loud

- Shooting? Again, loud but agonising and effective

- Ah, perfect…

- He followed the pair of you on your latest day, making absolutely sure that he is not spotted once

- Then as soon as you part ways, even though you kissed (ew), he gets to work

- He just sneakily walks up behind them until he’s a perfect distance from them

- He reaches out his hand, covering their mouth before subtly stabbing them in the back

- Needless to say he’s happy when you come running to him tears falling down your face

- He pulls you into a hug and strokes your hair murmuring things like: Shhhh it’s okay S/O… I’m here… I’ll always be here for you”

Nagito Komaeda:

- His luck is honestly the worst

- You started dating someone, and in his honest opinion they were just ugly

- Not in appearance alone, their whole personality was just ugly

- But of course trash like him can’t tell you that… Then again you don’t deserve trash like them as a partner

- He honestly didn’t even have to do anything, he simply had to be near them whenever his luck was at its worst

- He doesn’t even feel bad for them, they fully deserve it for doing something so horrible to you

- One day it just so happened that the road was quite slippery and… A driver lost control of his car

- Oh how unfortunate

- He simply steps to the side and watches the catastrophe unfold before him

- He gets a call from you that evening

- “K-Komaeda - kun…”

- “S/O - san/kun? Why are you crying? What happened?”

- “[Insert your partner’s name here]… They were involved in an accident!”

- Heh

- “Oh no! I hope they’re doing okay!”

- “They’re in the hospital”

- He’d then spend all his free time with you, you’d often end up crying but he was always there for you

- You’re his now

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He was lucky enough to see you at the gym, you asked him to help you get stronger and he happily agreed

- Everything was good until he noticed that you suddenly started to skip some of these lessons 

- He didn’t want to seem too eager but he’d text you

- You didn’t reply though

- You turn up to your next lesson however, a permanent smile on your lips

- “Hm? What are you so happy about S/O?”

- “Haha… Promise not to laugh?”

- “I’d never laugh at you”

- “I… Well I was on a date yesterday and the circumstances were just so perfect that… I have a boyfriend/girlfriend now! They’re honestly the best thing to happen to me”

- Wait a second this doesn’t seem quite right. Surely I’m the best thing to happen in your life

- He puts on a convincing fake smile and congratulates you even though he pretty much spits the words out

- Over the next couple of weeks you start turning up late or you don’t turn up at all

- He’s annoyed now, very annoyed

- He would text you, but you barely responded anymore

- Maybe it’s time he paid someone a visit

Gundham Tanaka:

- He didn’t understand

- Why did you not choose… Him?

- He’s way better!

- He was considering sending one of his Devas after you

- But that would be too obvious

- So instead he sends birds

- Oh how unfortunate, it looks like your partner got attacked by some on the way home

- Oh dear, is that bird poo in their hair?

- He smirks before going to find you

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He would have his men follow the pair of you

- Not that you’d know of course

- He does have the potential to make your partner… Disappear

- But he wants to see why they make you happy first

- That way, he can easily replace them

- Haha… What a perfect plan

- He learns every detail before finally deciding to put his plan into action

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He thought about kidnapping them and just pretending to be them

- But that would be a bit too risky, considering you know him well

- Then again, he could just fake him moving away and…

- No first things first he needs to know about them

- After some time he manages to find out where they live

- After making sure that you’re spending time with them, he sneaks in

- And puts hidden cameras everywhere

- Heh, they’re more pathetic than I thought, this will be easy

Teruteru Hanamura:

- You called him, saying you had some really good news

- He certainly wasn’t expecting that

- You… Have a partner?

- He almost drops his phone into a pot of soup

- “Hello? Hanamura - kun?”

- “Ah! Sorry L/n - san/kun I’m cooking haha”

- “Oh! Can we come over then? You can meet them that way!”

- “… Sure!”

- He hangs up and begins chuckling

- Oh… This is so perfect! 

- He goes around to the corner of his kitchen and opens a drawer

- “I knew the rat poison will come in handy one day!”

Just My Luck - Dok2 (smut)

“Bye, yeah see you tomorrow!” You said to your colleagues at work.

You were done working for today and you got out of the building where you worked. You were walking towards your car when a man on a bike rode very close past you, almost running you over.

“Watch out you!” You yelled at him, followed by an angry fist in the air. “Asshole.” You said as he biked around the corner. You made your way to your car and started your ignition, nothing. You tried again and… again nothing. You remembered you had forgotten to fill up the gas tank.

“Fuck.” You slapped the horn, causing it to honk.

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Hate (Care For Series)

Originally posted by elvenking

Pair: Thorin Oakenshield x Healer!Reader (a pretty short one too lol)

Genre: Arguing, Angst (lots in this one so fair warning), Fluff (eventually)

Inspired by prompts from imaginexhobbit + “I hate you!” + “Why do you hate me?!”

A/N: Thorin and Y/N’s relationship is getting nowhere, and with the road to Erebor seeming to be endless, will Rivendell be able to act as a tonic for the two hot heads? Or will Y/N decide that her place is no longer needed in the company?

PREVIOUS (Mistook)

I cried out as I threw all my weight behind my sword towards an incoming warg who was sent skidding across the plaines along with its orc master. I couldn’t help but smirk as I continued behind the other dwarves. Well that really wasn’t how I was a couple of minutes before.

I allowed my eyes to flutter close as I rested within the confides of a large oak tree, beneath its towering branches that sheltered the morning light from my eyes, the trickling of water a lullaby upon my senses as the stream continued to flow. As a young child I had always found comfort within the branches and roots of trees that towered over me, knowing that I would be guarded, but the idea of being in nature always made me feel safe—

My eyes snapped open once more at the sound of twigs snapping beneath a large amount of weight, sitting up and calling out instantly, ‘Guys? You there?’


‘Guys come on, where are you? I’m not in the mood for jokes at the moment.’



I laid my head against the forest floor as yet enough twig snapped, this time much closer. The footsteps that echoed through the earth did not belong to one of a dwarf. The nagging in the back of my head got louder as I slowly and finally, I pulled out my sword, trying to avoid scraping the delicate metal against the sheath.

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magnusrayne  asked:

Crutchie feeds all the crows and blackbirds that everyone else thinks are nuisances. The birds in turn protect Crutchie and bring him small shiny things as a thank you. They tell all the other birds that he's a good human. 10/10 would bring shiny to again.

UM YES????? At one point, Oscar and Morris were giving him hell for something and just out of no where a big crow just lands nearby. They don’t think anything of it at first because it’s just a crow. Then more start showing up. And more. And the Delancey’s are getting nervous now. The crows just hop behind them. Faster and faster. Making them more and more uncomfortable until the brothers are RUNNING from these GIANT CROWS that are LITERALLY CHASING THEM. They end up with a lot of bird poo on them.

They once considered the idea of Crutchie being some sort of witch.

3rd years + animals headcanons

- dia is a huge cat person. so big a cat person, actually, that sometimes she spends hours at mari’s just to play with mari’s cat. she loves that cat so much - always cooing at it, petting it, cuddling it. the cat loves her back, always appearing from nowhere when dia shows up. mari usually pouts on the couch somewhere. kanan asks her which one she’s jealous of with a smirk. mari grumbles.

- there’s something about the marine life and kanan that’s way too disney to be real. every time kanan goes out into the ocean, the aquatic animals surround her like she’s the little mermaid, nibbling at her hands and gently nudging her back. mari and dia call bullshit, but it just keeps happening. kanan is blissfully unaware of the fact that she’s a total disney princess.

- when mari was young, she saw her pet puppy run across the road and get hit by a car. she decided not to own a puppy again.

- dia has asked for a pet cat every year for her birthday up until she was fifteen. every time her parents turned her down. mari decided to alleviate the problem by getting dia a pet cat to keep at her house, hence leading to the above situation. she would regret it, but she’ll never forget the grin on little dia’s face when mari plopped a white, fluffy kitten in dia’s lap.

- kanan had a habit of getting really, really into dog training. dia caught her rolling on the ground as a demonstration to shiitake, chika’s dog, in an effort to teach him how to roll over. the look on kanan’s dirt-covered face as she realised she’d been caught was priceless.

- in an effort to combat kanan’s disney princess way with animals, dia once ran into the forest and whistled a tune in an effort to get birds and small animals to come and sit with her. she ended up getting chased by a deer, instead. kanan and mari still double over when they think about it.

- though not as bold as dia, young mari still wanted to compete with kanan, so she purchased several songbirds, intending to train them to sit on her arms and sing. she just ended up with bird poo all over her, and decided she hated birds. birds seem to hate her too, though, so it’s ok.

- speaking of which, it’s become a commonplace event for mari to get pooed on by a bird whenever the three of them go out together in the summer. mari insists she likes wearing hats, because she keep her cool, but dia and kanan always exchange a smirk.

- kanan and mari always thought dia would be the one to be afraid of spiders, but no. dia actually has no problem with getting rid of spiders. her and kanan sometimes argue for hours over whether or not to kill them - kanan says no because they’re useful, dia thinks they’re pure evil. mari just hides on a chair. gross.

- dia insists on getting a cat for their first (shared) pet, but kanan insists it has to be a dog. mari fakes a smile, but her stomach sinks when kanan wins. the next day, they come home with an adorable shiba puppy. mari doesn’t think much of it at first, but after seeing how obedient it is and how it likes to curl up with them and sleep, she starts to warm up to it.

- bit by bit, mari learns to love dogs again - although she still insists on leashes whenever they’re near a road. she’s the one who names him - sakutarou, after a silly anime character. dia rolls her eyes but kanan thinks it’s a good name. a bit weird, but that’s perfect for mari.

- mari loves that dog.

devonknowsall  asked:

What's your favourite story about how something scientific got discovered?

It would probably have to be how the Cosmic Microwave Background was discovered. For those who don’t know, the CMB is the “afterglow” of the big bang. In 1964, Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias were experimenting with a radio antenna, and they kept getting a strange background noise from all parts of the sky. Naturally, they thought the problem was with their own antenna, and at first blamed it on pigeon droppings. But after thoroughly cleaning it out, the noise remained. They later found they had accidentally stumbled upon the CMB, the oldest light in the universe.

I love this story, because it means that the ancient light left over from the big bang, the earliest picture of our universe, and indeed one of the most important discoveries ever made in cosmology, was initially mistaken for bird poo.

“Not Possible” [Lafayette x Reader]

Prompt: Hi I’d like to place a request for a Lafayette X reader Modern AU, if that’s alright with you of course. Where Laf is having a bad day and the reader comforts him. They do movie marathons, the reader makes dinner

A/N: I couldn’t bring myself to make Laf’s day too bad or I myself would have a bad day

T/W: none, pure fluff

A/U: Modern  

Words: 1298


You opened your phone for what must have been the 200th time that day. Still nothing. You had texted your boyfriend, Lafayette, just after he left for work at 8am to ask him if he had any ideas about where you should go to dinner tonight on your double date with Alex and Eliza, and it was now 4pm and you still hadn’t received a reply. 

You were frustrated in the first few hours; sick of him either ignoring the message or neglecting to even check his phone. You were past the point of anger now, however, and were just thinking of all of the terrible things that could have happened. 

“Calm down, Y/N, his phone probably just died.” you said to yourself. “Maybe he didn’t get the message. Maybe he just misplaced it. For 8 hours.” You paced around the apartment that you shared with Laf, checking the clock every five seconds, waiting for it just pass 4pm, when Lafayette usually got home. 

Your phone buzzed and you jumped to the kitchen table where it was waiting next to the cupcakes that you had bought earlier. Eliza. “Hey E, what’s up?” You said with a sigh out. 

“Hey Y/N, are you all right?” she replied. 

“Yeah it’s fine, still just waiting for Laf to reply.” You told her. 

“Ah yeah, about tonight, that’s why I’m calling. Alex got suspended from work for starting a fight with some Jefferson guy, so I don’t think we’ll be able to make it tonight, he’s probably not in the type of mood that would be classed as ‘good company’,” she laughed. You laughed back into the phone, saying that it was fine, and wished her luck on talking some sense into her boyfriend. 

“Thank you, I’ll need it,” she said with an exaggerated sigh. “Shoot me a message when you hear from Laf, call me if you need anything.” You thanked her and you both said your goodbyes. 

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The Good Fight

Originally posted by moved-to-middle-earth

Requested by @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor, where the reader is “caught between Thorin and Dwalin, who are competing for her affection.” Thank you for your trust, my friend. Thanks also to @heilith for brainstorming ideas with me and for @fromthedeskoftheraven for getting me talking about my husband’s latest home improvement project, which served as an inspiration. 

Incorporating imagines from @imaginexhobbit and @imaginethorin. Posting them here will reveal spoilers, so the corresponding links are in the story.

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Sprouts 03// BLESSING

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”  
 ―    Epicurus

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anonymous asked:

how often does slayer poop on you/when hes out of his cage? i wanna get a bird but im afraid of the poopoo

slayer hardly ever poops ON me, but he does poop outside of his cage pretty often, unless i can get him to go before i take him out of his cage… but it is really easy to tell when birds are about 2 poo because they do a funny squat and walk backwards a little bit (i call it the poopoo dance) 

also luckily, bird poo is extremely easy to clean up (especially if you can get to it right away) and it washes out of clothes w/ no problem!