birds poo

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I was not trying to harass you with me question about bird poo. I've just been seriously wondering how pigeon owners deal with it and you are a pigeon owner so I thought I'd ask you. Sorry if I offended you.

Is okay, friend. I just get a LOT of poop questions. I just clean it up. A healthy pigeon has firm poop that keeps its shape so it’s pretty easy to just pick up.

My new favourite thing is to roll in bird poo!! so it’s another bath for Thumbelina!! #tongueouttuesday #follow @bubblebeccapugs & #bubblebeccahat to win my Monthly GIVEAWAY #pug #pugs #puppy #pugsrequest #pugsofinstagram #instadog #instagood #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #love #animals #rescuedog #bubblebeccapugs
By bubblebeccapugs

Yesterday evening my mummy and I went for an adventure in the woods near our house and we waded through streams and picked loads of clover and dandelion leaves for the bunnies and collected loads of ash tree branches for them to nibble on

and I got bird poo and cuckoo spit on me and my wellies leaked and my socks were squelchy and I got insect bites on my legs and bramble scratches on my arms

and when we got home, we gave all our delicious treats to the bunnies and they literally did not even give half a shit

so we sat on the porch and peeled all the ash branches and made swords and had a sword fight

mum won