birds of some sort

“Yuuri, the baby is sniffling. I think we should take her to the hospital.”

“What?!” Yuuri screeches, vaulting out of bed because it’s four o’clock in the morning and the only things that made their way into his sleeping brain were baby and hospital.

Viktor is hovering over him like some sort of predatory bird, holding the baby. Their matching pairs of eyes are both fixed on him. It looks kind of like they’re one creature with four eyes and Yuuri is still partially asleep.

“Holy shit, never do that again,” Yuuri snaps, nearly punching the switch on the lamp.

The baby sneezes.

“Sniffles, Yuuri,” Viktor says gravely, slowly rocking back and forth. Viktor does that constantly nowadays, even when he’s not handling the baby. Yuuri caught him holding Yuri’s skate bag the other day, gently bouncing and patting it while staring with zero focus in his eyes and intense concentration on his face at the closest wall.

“Does she have a fever?”

“No, but I–”

“Did you listen to her chest? Is she breathing normally?”

“Yes, but–”

“Does she seem distressed?” To Yuuri’s eyes, she just looks perplexed. Perplexed and maybe a bit upset to have been removed from her warm bed and now have a bright light shining into her face.

“No, b–”

“Then it can wait until the morning.” Yuuri turns off the light and takes her from Viktor’s hands, curls up on his side with her wiggling in his arms. “Hello, sweetheart. Let’s go back to sleep.” He kisses her head and waits for Viktor to slowly shuffle around the bed and get in behind him.

“You can’t fall asleep with her in our bed,” Viktor tells him fretfully after a moment.

“I’m aware,” Yuuri says slowly. “Did you know that I’ve read the exact same parenting books that you have, Viktor? Did you know that?” He kisses her again. “The feeding alarm is going to go off in a few minutes. I’m resting my eyes until then.”

There is blessed silence for almost a full minute before Viktor says, “I just think–”

“I will strangle you in front of your child,” Yuuri hisses.

“Shutting up now.”

Six years later, Viktor watches their second child run head-first into a wall and does nothing but shout, “Shake it off, bunny!” from across the room. Yuuri avenges his younger self by dropping their third child into Viktor’s lap and announcing, “He needs to be changed.”

It’s one of those diaper changes that ends with Viktor standing in the shower with the baby, unsalvagable clothes (Both baby’s and Viktor’s) in a trash bag by the bathroom door. Yuuri films it.

Looking at the boots

So at this point a few people in our party have gone ahead to confront a guy and the rest of us are staying behind. After a while, our cleric named Thwack (I forget his race but it’s one of the rarer ones it’s some sort of bird race and it can’t speak it can only mimic sounds or words it has heard) wants to join the confrontation/discussion.
Cleric: I go over and stare at his boots.

Me: I check to see if his boots match the footprints we’ve seen.
DM: Okay… wait a minute. Thwack, you’ve been staring at his boots this whole time, roll me a perception check.
Thwack: 6.
DM: They are very nice boots.

*later, with another character*
Thwack: I look at his boots. *rolls perception* 4.
DM: Those are boots.

little things you should pay more attention to

random acts of kindness!! these dont happen often (sadly)
the taste of your food. savour that shit more
your surroundings. not just the people; look at the way the flowers & trees grow & the birds that chirp around ✨
greetings!!! some sort of acknowledgement :~)
little routines you are used to doing. waking up late? walking your dog? eating the same damn cereal every morning?
the things people laugh at, and what amuses them. my friend went to a dog park just to watch the dogs and she said it was the happiest time of her life.

repetition can get boring. but with new situations being thrown at you everyday, you are bound to experience beautiful things everyday 🌟😌

Truth And Dare

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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “32 - Montgomery de la Cruz”


32. I still have our photographs, but there’s no way I’m showing them to you.”

Word count: 1.482

Posted: 21st of May 2017

A/N: Guys, I definitely need more Montgomery gifs! I honestly don’t like repeating the gifs that I use in my imagines, but I need to when it comes to Monty. :(
Anyways, I hope that you like it and I am writing more imagines soon. I am still drowning in requests, but I hope to finish them soon. Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy guys. Thank you.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests of my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

“Truth or dare, (Y/N)?” Montgomery naughtily asked you as he had a meaningful and devilish smirk on his face. You knew that you would regret either of your choices, so you answered without thinking.

“Truth.” You blurted out, a little bit nervous but convinced of your choice. Everyone had their drinks and the alcohol was about to kick in and control your minds. With your friends, you would never know what your truth or dare would be. They are all goofballs and they would come up with the most idiotic ideas ever.

You loved your circle of friends, they were your anchors and you could always count on them. They were also fun to be with, so when they decided to do a huge sleepover at Bryce’s, you accepted immediately.

“No fun!” Justin mocked you and the whole group laughed. You playfully slapped Justin on his arms and he just laughed louder. He was surely drunk, because the joy that he was feeling was overflowing. You would never see a sober Justin in that way.

“(Y/N), have you already forgotten your ex-boyfriend?” Montgomery seriously asked and the loud chaos of your friends suddenly died. You furrowed your eyebrows because why would Montgomery ask you something like that? The group was having fun and he would blurt a serious question out. Your long distance ex-boyfriend wasn’t even a topic to discuss about, since they didn’t know anything about him.

“Oh.” Alex reacted and you noticed that your friends knew that something strange was happening. Montgomery might have some secrets, but sometimes they couldn’t keep them for himself.

“Why would you ask?” You asked back as your vision kind of blurred your friends out. Your eyes were focused on Montgomery and you could perfectly see his poker and serious face.

“It’s your truth, not mine. No returning questions.” He then smirked as everything went back to normal. Your friends waited for your answer and your just rolled your eyes as the music in the background kept on going.

“Yes, I forgot him.” You honestly answered. It has been two months since you discovered that he was cheating on you and you trusted him so much that he managed to crush your vulnerable soul. It wasn’t a hard truth, but your curiosity started to dominate your brain. Why would Montgomery be this interested in your love life?

“Can I see some pictures of him? I never saw him.” Jessica blurted out and the crowd started to tease Montgomery. You couldn’t understand anything and you assumed that it was just because of the alcohol. “Do you still have them?”

“No way!” You harshly shook your head as you answered Jessica’s request. You never showed them your photos with him, neither you told them any information about him. Why they would be this interested when everything between you has already been broken? “I still have our photographs, but there’s no way I am showing them to you.” You’ve met him different times and you admitted that you really made the most of it by taking some photos together, also to remember your moments together.

“Why? I suppose that he was ugly!” Montgomery insulted your ex-boyfriend, showing his bitterness and your friends chuckled. You rolled your eyes, because Montgomery was starting to annoy you.

“Well, I can assure you that he wasn’t.” You smirked at him as a bright idea came into your mind. “Are you jealous, Monty, my love?” You smirked at him and you tried to pull out your most flirtatious voice. After all, Montgomery was a flirt too and he would just spend his time flirting and teasing people.

“I’m surely not, (Y/N).” It was his turn to roll the eyes this time and you just let out some soft giggles. Your friends laughed as they enjoyed the scene that you created.

“Save your love confessions for later, love birds.” Sheri teased you as she assumed that there was some sort of love interest between you and Montgomery.

You grabbed the bottle to continue the game and spun it. You carefully watched the bottle as it started to slow its spinning. You were curious at first, but then you were shocked as the cap of the bottle indicated Montgomery.

“Truth or Dare, de la Cruz?” You smirked at him as the people around you hollered. They were idiots and loud. You thanked the thick walls of Bryce’s house, at least, the neighbourhood would never hear your racket.

“Dare!” Montgomery fearlessly answered and you saw Justin’s smirk grew slowly. You wondered your eyes around and you saw your friends smirking playfully.

“Oh, oh! I know a dare.” Justin hyperactively shook your arm as he wanted to dare Montgomery.

“Dude, this is my dare!” You playfully slapped his arm and he just shook his head while he laughed.

“You wouldn’t regret this!” Justin assured you and you just sighed as you assumed that he would ask Montgomery to do something disgusting and heavy.

“Foley, let her be!” Montgomery said with his eyes wide opened. You could say that he might have hinted what Justin’s dare would be.

“Go on, Justin!” Zach cheered for his best friend as they pushed them to blurt the dare out. You rolled your eyes and you gave them a pouty face.

“Monty, I dare you,” Justin slurred as he continuously laughed. “to kiss the most beautiful girl here in our group.”

“Justin, seriously?” You glared at him as you thought that he wasted your only chance to dare Montgomery.

“Seriously!” Justin smiled and he encouraged Montgomery to follow what he has ordered him to do.

Montgomery sighed and you understood that he found the dare lame. After all, he was an adventurous and fearless man. He would do everything to live his life at its fullest and you got along together because of it. He was also caring and overprotective when it came to you, a thing that you absolutely found strange because he was tough and touchy when it came to someone else.

“Go on, Monty!” Zach cheered for him and the group has started to shout his name to encourage him.

There were only three girls in your group: Jessica, Sheri and you. You totally excluded yourself from his choices, since you didn’t consider yourself to be one of Montgomery’s dream girls.

“Fine!” He groaned as he stood up from his seat. He slowly walked in the middle of the circle as he carefully thought of his decision. “No offense, okay?”

“I know, Monty!” Jessica answered and she winked at him. Montgomery then chuckled as he shook his head in disbelief.

You absentmindedly followed Montgomery’s steps, but you suddenly shook your head as you saw him lowering himself in front of you.

“What?” Your eyes grew wide and Montgomery just shrugged everything off. He raised his shoulders and you heard your friends teasing the two of you.

“I think you are the most beautiful girl in this group.” Montgomery smiled as he relaxed his tensed body. He slowly leant in to give you a kiss, not minding what your friends were blabbering about. “And I love you, (Y/N).”

You felt some sparks through your veins as Montgomery’s lips touched yours. You didn’t expect that he would choose you and why would he even choose you? Did he also say that he loved you? Of course, he did and you really didn’t know what to think about it. When you heard his little confession, you felt your heart beating madly and you did your best to deal with it as your lips moved in synch, tilting your heads in different directions as you deepened the kiss.

“Why is that?” You whispered to Montgomery as soon as you broke the kiss between the two of you to breathe. You slowly opened your eyes and Montgomery’s blushing cheeks were revealed, coping up with his fast heart beat too.

“I didn’t choose truth, (Y/N). Wait for your next turn.” He said, while a wide grin was growing on his face. He was a tease and you knew that he would always be one. You shook your head and you giggled, rolling your eyes in annoyance. You were annoyed, but you knew that it wouldn’t last because you would always forgive him and you couldn’t keep your anger when it came to Montgomery.

Little did you know that he was the one who helped you to move on. He was the one who cured your broken heart, when your ex-boyfriend has cheated on you.

To make the long story short: Montgomery helped you to pick up the little fragments of your heart and he had the patience to repair them one by one.

It was funny, because it took you a truth and a dare to understand everything, a truth and a dare to open your eyes and to realize that you loved him back.

Going To The Zoo: AC Edition

Altair: Spends all his time staring at the bird exhibits, especially the birds of prey. Tries to climb to the top of the bird house and get in so he can synchronize with the birds, but zoo security throws him out and bans him from the zoo for life.
Ezio: Focuses mostly on the big cats, especially the lions and tigers. Is especially enamored with the ocelots in the rainforest exhibit, and spends at least $15 on feed pellets in the petting zoo in an attempt to charm hot single women.
Edward: He likes the tropical rainforest building, and especially admires the poison dart frogs. Walks around all day in an Indiana Jones outfit and goes into the reptile house to pet snakes (as he hasn’t seen Raiders of The Lost Ark yet, he doesn’t understand why people are giving him weird looks).
Haytham: The first thing he takes Connor to see is the primates. He tries to get Connor interested in them, but drags him away as soon as the monkeys start doing gross things. Ends up talking to a zookeeper for an extended period of time about the history of wolves in North America, and subsequently loses track of Connor.
Connor: After the monkey fiasco, he ends up in the Animals of North America area, where he gets thrown out after trying to liberate all of the animals (and coming pretty close to succeeding). He is given a lifetime ban from the zoo, but nobody seems to notice (at least not for a while) that he succeeded in liberating a grizzly bear to the North parking lot.
Arno: Spends his time in the bird house, buying feeder sticks and letting birds sit on his figner like some sort of Disney prince. Actually sings to them for a long while, and attracts plenty of children… and a cute ornithologist, who gives him her number.
Shay: Penguins. That’s all he’s there for, just penguins and their cute antics. Buys a penguin hat, a large stuffed penguin souvenir, and eats three penguin shaped popsicles.
Jacob: After dragging Evie to the Gorilla exhibit and making at least eight Harambe jokes, he becomes fixated on the pandas and won’t leave them for an hour. He moves on to the Elephant House, where he breaks in and tries to ride one (it seems he remembers the story of Hannibal) and earns himself a lifetime ban from the zoo.
Evie: Unwillingly follows Jacob to the gorilla enclosure, and ditches him to go hang out with Desmond after she gets sick of Jacob’s Harambe jokes. Goes with Desmond into the Butterfly house and admires the flamingoes. Manages to make it to the giraffe show and pets a giraffe.

Desmond: Rather crankily pays $209.50USD for ten adult zoo tickets for everyone. Starts out by making eye contact with the prairie dogs and loitering near the meerkats until Evie runs into him and they visit the butterflies and flamingoes. Wraps up his day by babysitting Altair, Connor, and Jacob in the van after they earn their lifetime bans from the zoo.


Supergirl / DC’s Legends of Tomorrow AU: In the year 2017, Kara Zor-El is lured to save her sister from an evil secret organization. The kidnapping is a ploy to unleash red kryptonite on Kara and have her destroy National City. However, when Kara accidentally kills Alex, the darkness inside her grows exponentially until she destroys all Earths. Rip Hunter sets a course to the future of Kara’s Earth and sends Sara to deal with Supergirl, both because she understands being devoured by darkness and because she relates to losing a big sister. Instead of letting Alex die, though, Sara decides to go save her in Kara’s place.


Ending scene cliffhanger for next season of this thing:

Eternal Love: Chapter Five

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Bts Vampire AU! Bts Prince AU! Smut in upcoming chapters! Overall Sexy!

(Yoongi’s chapter)

If you are new to the story please read chapter one first to understand what is happening!

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.


Previously on “ Eternal Love”

“Hello?”, you called out, slightly peeking through the door, only to see a spiral staircase leading down. “ Is anyone down there?”, you called again as you stepped through the door, it shutting behind you with a loud thud, scaring the shit out of you.

You jumped at the door closing behind you, reaching out for the doorknob, only realizing that the side of the door you were on had no nob.

An echo of shuffling caught your attention from the bottom of the staircase, the only source of light you had was the fire torch that hung behind you.  You quickly grabbed the torch, holding it out in front of you as you gripped the handle bar of the staircase.

“Hello?”, you said once again, “Is anyone down there?”, you repeated. The shuffling sound now halting.

“This day is just full of surprised”, you mumbled to yourself as you began to slowly descend the stairs.

With a torch as your guide, a rusty staircase, and your slight courage, you slowly began to descend the stairway. Unsure where you were going to end up… or what type of monster you would meet.



As you read the beginning of this chapter I would like to paint an imagine in the reader’s mind of the whistle sounds and the music that follows it. As you read, picture in your mind, the lead descending the flight of stairs; the whistle sound being the same whistle that is played in suga’s short film/jungkook’s short film.

As the lead begins to hear the piano begin to play, it mimics the whistle sound as suga did in the short film when he first meets the piano once again.  The tune will then  slowly transition to the piano version of Suga’s song in the wing’s album, “ First Love”.


The air surrounding you felt ice cold. The walls dark walls had slight cracks in them, allowing   the wind outside to enter ever so slightly, causing a spine tingling whistle to enter the dark pathway. The tune was definitely creepy to you; a bird call of some sort, a glint of darkness in its sound, that was almost beautiful to you.  As you descended the stairway, the whistle sound became more faint, at slower pace , putting you in a more uneased state.

Suddenly the rusty railing of the staircase turned into a golden handle as a glint of light appeared towards the end of the stairway. The once damaged and dark walls turned into strong, golden bricks, the atmosphere turning from its once freezing temperature to a more welcoming/warm temperature.

The sound of a piano caught your attention as it played the whistling tone the walls once did as you first entered the stairway. You stilled for a moment, listening  to the tune as it slowly transitioned to a different melody. The music filled you with an emotion you never experienced before; while the tune was beautiful a calming, you couldn’t fight the tears that threatened to escape your eyes. You didn’t understand why the tune had made you feel sad, it confused you greatly; the tune slowly taking over your mind and soul. Your breaths became heavier as you grabbed your chest as if someone had just hurt you dearly. A wave of mourning, fear, heartbreak, and grief overcoming your body.

You slowly continued down the stairs, entering a room that resembled a cabin of some sort. A fireplace rested on the left side of the room, shining brightly, its heat radiating off the big flames.

Above you rested a large chandelier, its candles lit, giving the room a touch of elegance. Your eyes then focused on a large black piano that rested at the opposite side of the room; a man playing the melody that made you feel so much sorrow, not yet acknowledging your presence as he was too draw into the music that flowed from his finger tips.

You slowly approached the man as the melody intensed, igniting a flame within your soul, the atmosphere changing greatly as you stepped closer to the pianist. The warmth of the room enhanced, the flames of the fireplace growing in size as well as the flames of the chandelier.


You could only see the backside of the man who was before you, his dark black hair shined slightly through the light of the room. His body moved to the music, his back widening as he reached for one side of the piano then the other. He wore a black jeans that seemed to kling nicely to his figure, his jacket suit being white with a black floral pattern. He wore a thick black choker around his pale neck, the accessory tightening against his throat as he fell deeper into the melody.

You stood behind the man, the melody slowly coming to an ending, him still not noticing you were present. The man dipped his head down as the melody stopped, his breathing coming to a slower pace; a slight pain entering your heart at the sight.

“ That was beautiful”, you spoke up in a saddened tone. Startling the prince ever so slightly, him refusing to show any sign of being surprised by your presence. You placed a hand on the prince’s shoulder as a form of comfort, something you both needed in that very moment. He lifted his head, as his hand raised slowly to the hand that rested on his shoulder.

He didn’t speak a word in that moment, remembering the words his hyung told him before he escaped to his room of sanctuary, “ don’t become too attached”, he replayed in his mind as he slowly removed your hand from his shoulder, standing up from his spot.

You watched him as he made his way over to the fireplace, slightly taken back by his cold appearance after you had witnessed a sight that clearly had shown a sign of his weakness.

“ Who said you could come into this room”, he said with a slight tone of annoyance. Not yet looking in your direction, knowing that once he did, he would melt into your gaze as a few of his brothers have already done.

You were a bit thrown off by the man’s blunt/rude comment. “ What a rude way to address a princess”, you thought to yourself; the thought making you feel uneasy at not only being a princess all of a sudden but already becoming comfortable with the situation you were in. Without noticing, you had become comfortable with the situation you were put in, only hours ago.

You were happy with the people you have already met, the people you had fell in love with, and the amount of courage you managed to show this morning, now afternoon. The courage getting the best of you in the statement you were about to make.

“Is that any way to address a princess?”, you questiond the man before you, a bit annoyed with his sudden rudeness, wanting a reaction out of him.

He chuckled darkly at your statement, turning towards you, a threatening look in his eye as he stepped closer to you. “ Is that any way to address your prince?”, he retorted back, challenging your sudden words of confidence.

You stood there with an equally threatening glare, not wanting to coward away from the man before you. You took a step closer, your arms crossing together in front of your chest. Ready to challenge the prince as he tried with you.

“ I don’t care what rank you are in this kingdom sir”, you said sweetly, your voice betraying your actions as it squeaked slightly. Earning a dark/amused smirk from the prince. “That is no way to talk to a lady”, you whispered, your confidence slowly drifting away. “ Especially to someone who is to be your wife”, you whispered to yourself as you looked down to the floor.

“ Wife?”, he said, knowing what he was to say next would ruin any type of relationship between you two. “There is no way I will be marrying a dirty farm girl as yourself”, he growled, knowing this was his best option for not only his sake but yours.

You sighed in defeat; you knew that there would be someone who wouldn’t accept you, it was almost to good to be true to have two prince’s fall in love with you. You looked over to the piano, ignoring the statement the harsh prince had made. Slowly making your way over to it, the prince stiffening as you approached his piano.

“Then I don’t have to be your wife”, you said, a hint of sadness in your voice that pained the prince more than he wanted. You sat down at the piano, your fingers delicately hovering over the keys. “ But since i am here, and it seems that you will have to deal with me”, you continued as you pressed down on the keys, playing the whistle tune you had heard before. “We can just be friends”, you said as you attempted to play the melody that you had felt… connected too.

The prince watched you in awe as you remembered the tunes he was playing, slowly approaching his two greatest weaknesses. You… and his mother’s piano

He sat beside you listening to you slowly play the tune he created in memory of his beloved mother. He sighed, wanting to see if the story was true. “ If it is meant to be, her music will set you free”, his mother said to him on her deathbed, a quote from. Meaning , to him, the one he would spend the rest of his days with would be the one who could equally feel the song he wrote for his mother.

You continued to play the tune, your fingers dancing against the keys as the tune came back to your memory. Before you knew it , you were as drawn into the melody as the prince was when you first walked into the room. As the tune intensified, your breathing once again turned heavy, the same pain that took over your soul only minutes ago entering your body once again. The rooms atmosphere became warmer, the fireplaces flame burning brightly as bright orbs appeared around you and the prince, your eyes closed, not experiencing the same thing the prince was.

“How is this possible…”, the prince thought to himself, as the spirits of the royal vampire lineage appeared before him. He looked at the orbs surrounding him, one being different from the others, it’s size being larger and its color being a bright pink rather than blue as the others were. The prince smiled at the orb as it came between you and the prince, a tear falling from his eyes as the orb circled you, you continued to play the moldy.

“ It’s always a pleasure to see you mother”, he thought to himself as he sighed, nodding his head as understanding that he would  finally able to fulfill his mother’s last dying wishes of him. To find a queen who would only bring more victory and happiness to the kingdom as she once did, and that queen was you.

As the melody came to an end, the prince took one more look at his mother’s spirit before it vanished into thin air as the chords stopped.

Instant regret taking over the prince’s heart at his harsh comments, suddenly persuaded by his mother’s appearance due to your playing of his song. You looked at the prince with a smile, completely unaware of the event that just occurred before his eyes.

“I don’t believe I learned your name yet”, you said softly as the prince looked you in the eyes like a lost puppy, yet full of wonder and now… somewhat intrigued by you.

“Yoongi, Min Yoongi”, he said, once again putting on his facade. You seeing right through his act. You turned towards him slightly, looking closer at his features to read him, something you’ve always done to people when you felt like they weren’t giving you a genuine personality of theirs.

There was something he was obviously hiding, but you decided not to push it, he seemed to have a temper you didn’t feel like battling, being that you are kind hearted and forgiving towards people’s actions.

“Who did you make this melody for?”, you asked, hoping to get any reaction or answer from him. You watched as his body stiffened slightly; realization hitting your clever brain. Whoever was behind this melody was truly his weakness; not information you would use against the prince, but information that would help you understand him more.

He shuffled on the piano bench, a sign showing he was a little uncomfortable answering such a question. Of course he was uncomfortable, he never told anybody how he truly felt about his mother’s death, and he didn’t have too, out of all of his brothers, he adored her the most, and everyone knew it. On another topic, no one has ever heard the melody, besides himself, and the spirit of his mother, as he just figured out due to your power revealing her spirit from the shadows.

“ My mother… its for my mother”, he said looking at the piano keys, a small smile escaping his lips as his mind drifted to his mother’s spirit being by his side only minutes ago. He always believed his mother was there watching over him and his brothers, and now knowing she truly was gave him a sense of confidence and strive to carry out her legacy.

“ You and your brothers cherish your mother very deeply”, you stated, a dreamy tone in your voice, catching the attention of the prince as he looked you in the eye. His turn to now read your true thoughts. You smiled softly at him, “ I think it’s beautiful… not only the song, but the way you and you brothers depict your mother as a precious flower”, you chuckled softly at your next remark. “ Every woman should have a man… or men, who cherish her as you do your mother”.

The prince taken back by your statement, your honesty and sincerity throwing him off guard. “You are close with your mother?”, he asked. Truly curious to why his relationship with his mother made you feel bliss.

Your eyebrows furrowed at his question, there was no doubt that you loved your mother and father, they were the ones who brought you into this world… but they weren’t exactly angels.

“Everyone has their demands my prince”, you said as you looked down at your hands. “My parents were mine”, you said as you looked him in the eye, tears threatening to spill but you tried your best to hold them back.

He only looked at you, examining your features, his way of trying to understand you. He cocked his head to the side slightly as his hand lifts to gently cup your cheek to comfort you. You rested into his hand, your next statement tugging at his heart. “I am forever grateful to you and the prince’s for taking me away from such people”.

To your surprise, the prince pulled you into a hug, holding you for dear life, allowing you to unfold into his arms. “Forget about the past princess, forget about those who have done you wrong, forget the pain, the sorrow, the agony you endured before being brought here”, he whispered into your hair as you silently let tears fall down your cheeks. “You are here now, and we will protect you from harm’s way”, he said, earning a nod from you against his shoulder.

To see the change in personality of the prince was shocking to you, no doubt. But every man has a weakness, to the woman they love.

The two of you pulled away slowly, looking into eachothers eyes. You let a weak smile cascade your lips as he let a pitiful/reassuring smile on his. In that moment he felt a spark in his heart as the two of you looked into each other’s eyes. He felt like it was his duty to protect you, to cherish you, and love you as he did his mother; and that he would do.

He stood up from his seat holding out his hand, you looking up to him, a bit lost. He chuckled sligtly at your ignorance, something he found quite charming. “ Let’s take you up, we could both use some fresh air”, he said, waiting for you to grab ahold of his hand.

You stood up, not taking his hand but locking your arm with his, him relaxing at your symbol of trust towards him. “Thank you”, you whispered softly, him obviously hearing you.

“For what princess?”, he asked, not knowing if you meant it by him escorting you back into the castle.

“For being the first person in a long time who let me release my feelings with such genuine meaning”, you said, gripping onto his arm tightly as if saying thank you again. Earning a smile from him, he led you up the stairway, whistling the tune the walls made, almost like a duet. As the two of you reached the top of the stairway, the prince knocked on three different bricks, a pattern you would not likely remember as you watched the door open for the two of you to step into the main hallway.

“Princess”, he began, stepping in front of you.

“I know my prince”, you said, him looking at you a bit lost at your statement. “There is no need to feel sorry for the way our first encounter turned out”, you continued. “ It was our way”, you chuckled softly, “ A quite unique way I might add”.

“That was my first time touching a piano”, you said, the prince’s jaw dropping at you comment.

“She really is the one i’m meant to be with”, the prince thought to himself as you laughed at his shock.

DING… DING… DING. The clock rang again, the prince’s neck snapping towards the clock as yours did.

“Three 4 o’clock already?”, you said out loud.

“That’s how it appear’s to be”, the prince said, now looking at you.

“How the day goes so quickly”, you stated as your gaze met Yoongi’s once more.

“ I suppose it is your turn to vanish, taking care of business as the other prince’s have done after our meeting”, you said with a smile.

“Sadly, that is true my princess”, Yoongi said as he bowed to you, you curtsying in response.

He then gently grasped your hand, leaning down, leaving a gentle kiss on it; a smile spreading across your face at the action that always seemed to make you melt in the prince’s hands.

“ Friends?”, you asked, as you remembered the comment Yoongi made about you never being his wife.

He cocked his head to the side as he straightened up again, about to depart.

“ Maybe a sort of…  friends with benefits could be arranged”, the prince said a with a smirk, sending a wink towards you before turning and walking away, leaving you speechless and a bit anxious. Unholy thoughts exploring your mind… thoughts that the prince was able to see as he walked away due to his vampire power.

“Your wish is my command my sweet princess”, he whispered to himself as the arotic images you imagined flowed through his veins.


 Authors Note!

Ugh! Another exhausting day with almost no time to write! I really hope you all like this chapter and I cant wait to hear what you all think! I have yet to write the next two and the chapter I still have to write for tomorrow but I will try to upload them as soon as possible!

Happy reading!


Finished during 2014 Winter Olympics 

Ye–es. It was swan lake and Levi took the role of black swan and Eren was some Prince unfortunately seduced by the bird. 

Some sort of Ludwig II stuff. (google him if you have no idea)

I might have a hobby… posting many at one post.

A Complete Ranking of the Bird Emoji Listed on Emojipedia

decent shape, but over-shaded. eerie, beady eyes that seem to plead for god’s forgiveness. an uncomfortable bird. not a friend. 3/10.

a soft and gentle bird, a good friend and ally. i would trust this bird with my secrets. 8/10.

a bold bird! a hardworking bird! he is trying his best, but alas, he is far too angular. too sharp. i do not want this bird anywhere near me, but i wish him the best. 4/10.

an abomination. it has the attributes of many different birds all stitched together haphazardly in some sort of horrific experiment. how many bird emoji were destroyed to create this godless, misshapen chimera? avoid at all costs. 0/10.

an unpleasant bird, although it is at least recognizable as a type of bird. somehow looks both cartoonish (appropriate for emoji) and as if it were ripped out of a cursed photograph of some sort of clay idol (inappropriate for emoji). approach this bird with caution. 3/10.

not even a bird. i don’t believe the designers at HTC have ever seen a bird. this is some kind of sick joke. i will not be tricked into rating this emoji.

an avian version of the HTC non-bird emoji above, but another unidentifiable bird. i would give him the benefit of the doubt, but he also looks like he’s planning something. a mischievous bird, chaotic neutral. 5/10.

a well-meaning boy burdened by his cursed form and stumpy, useless, strangely spiky wings. his kind heart shines even through his dead eyes. i hate this bird, yet somehow i can’t help but root for him. god’s favorite mistake. 7/10.

ah! already he receives a chance at redemption! but unfortunately, though most aspects of this new body are very cute and a vast improvement (except the oversized head), it lacks the heart of the previous bird. a solid effort, but it falls flat. 4/10.

a return to the pigeon style, but this boy looks far sweeter and more genuine than his cousins. he bears the thousand-yard stare of a bird who has witnessed the abominations before him and has vowed to atone for their crimes. 9/10.

this escher bird seems to be drawn in at least 2 different perspectives at once and is the concept of sin in graphic format. the longer i look at it, the more uncomfortable it makes me. 0/10.

i was beginning to believe it didn’t exist… a bird emoji that is recognizable as an actual bird! unfortunately, this bird is also far too detailed for use as an emoji. i fear that upon shrinking it down it will become a muddled, ugly mess. a bird of duality - successful as a bird, a failure as emoji. 7/10.

Before Owning a Bird I Agree to the Following Terms:

-I will do all the proper research necessary, not only on bird ownership, but on the particular species I intend to own. I will do more than just use a search engine. I will read, I will probe, I will ask questions. I will learn all the requirements. 

-I will provide the biggest cage I can afford that meets or exceeds the cage requirements for my bird’s species. 

-Within that cage I will provide proper toys, perches, and accessories. The cage will be placed in a safe, comfortable place within my home. 

-This cage will be cleaned often and not allowed to become unsanitary. 

-I will provide a proper diet for my bird. One that insures their continued health. I understand this may require food preparation, including bird-safe fruits and vegetables. I will provide fresh food and water daily. I will not allow food or water dishes to become unsanitary. 

-I will search out avian vets and provide vet care when necessary. 

-I understand that birds are long-lived. I will provide a loving, safe forever home for my bird as long as they live. I know that I may have this bird through different stages of my life and I agree to find ways to continue to care for my bird despite that.

-I will require those within my life including spouses, partners, parents, roommates, family, and guests to support me in my efforts for quality care for my bird. I will ask that they respect my bird. Those I invite into my life will understand that my bird and I are a package deal. 

-However, in the event that something unpredictable occurs that prevents me from providing proper care, (for example if I become ill) I will find my bird a new home that meets the same standards of care I have, or I will find a reputable rescue to surrender my bird to. I will not abandon my bird or leave it in unsafe care. 

-I understand that birds are smart, sensitive creatures that require enrichment in various forms. I will provide this via daily time outside of the cage, a multitude of toys both inside and out of the cage, and daily attention. I will research ways to stave off boredom for my bird. This can include force-free, positive reinforcement training.I will respect my bird and their intelligence. 

-I understand that birds communicate largely through the use of vocals. I know that birds, no matter the species, are not quiet animals. I know that an always silent bird is impossible. I know that different species have different noise levels. I will take this into consideration in my research. 

-I understand that birds are messy creatures. I know that messes will be made that I must clean, even outside the cage. This will include bird dander. This may require buying equipment like an air purifier. 

-I understand that birds can be destructive. I know that larger birds have bigger beaks capable of damaging housing and valuables. Even smaller birds may damage jewelry and clothing. I know that destruction of property left within the bird’s reach is my own fault. 

-I understand that I will get bitten. I know that my bird’s beak is one of the biggest ways they explore the world. I know that biting is also used to communicate. I will not take it personally when bitten. I will learn to read my birds body language to anticipate when a bite is likely. 

-I understand most species of birds are not truly domesticated. I will be sensitive to this fact. I will not try to correct behavioral problems with violence, yelling, or neglect. I will attempt to see things from my bird’s perspective. 

-I will unconditionally love my bird, even if they are not the perfect pet. Even if my bird never learns to talk, or perform tricks, I will love my bird. Even if my bird never takes to petting or becomes fully tame, I will love and care for my bird. My bird’s right to a good, safe home is not dependent on fulfillment of my expectations of what would make them a good pet. 

-I will not place my animals in unsafe situations for any reason. This includes placing my bird with any predators, even other pets, for any amount of time. This includes unsafely taking my bird outside without a harness or cage. I will learn of dangers to my bird, like Teflon, and I will ensure my bird is safely away from such things. 

-I will not disregard or minimize my bird’s importance due to any factor. Not even size or price. No bird is more important than another in my home. I understand that while some birds may have more lax requirements, this does not mean that quality care is sacrificed. I will not get a bird as simply a “starter bird” on my way to working up to a bigger bird. All are equally important. 

-I will always continue my education when it comes to birds and their care. I will carefully consider constructive criticisms and strive to provide the best care possible. I realize that I am all my bird has. I know that living does not mean thriving. My goal is for my bird to thrive, not merely live, and I will never stop learning when it comes to this endeavor. 

-I may make mistakes, especially as a new bird owner, but I will learn from my mistakes and I will not give up on myself or my bird. 

-I understand that this is just a list of the minimum requirements and I will do more research than simply agreeing to this list. I will not bring home a bird until I find myself able to agree to all points on this list. 

“Back in high school, around the end of my junior year I believe, it became popular to go on these adventurous endeavors to “haunted” places. Literally a group of about thirty of us would carpool to some abandoned house one weekend, or to some secluded forest the next, spending the days at school in between searching for more places like this in the area. Anyhow, we had this cavalier nature about us when it came to potential hauntings.

At some point, a friend of mine who was several years older than me told me about how he and his friends would do similar things when they were young. His childhood home backed up to a huge farm and he and his friends would spend their days fishing or hanging out on this farm, so they were quite familiar with it. The owner, apparently a very religious man (a priest or pastor maybe), had owned the farm and a small house on the property. The story went that the owner had been locked up for murder and died in prison, leaving the farm to whomever and it wasn’t kept up. 

However, upon hearing the news of this man’s demise, my friend told me that he and his friends had decided to go into this house. I guess the windows had been busted out and they opened a door and walked in. He described them fooling around and trying to scare one another. But, he had decided to walk up the stairs and upon his reaching the second floor he saw a coffin in the main, open room. The way he had explained it to me was that he didn’t know what it was immediately and sort of sauntered over to check it out only to have the sudden flash of realization that this was a coffin in an abandoned house. I suppose he and his friends made a quick retreat from the house. Of course, he told this part of the story much better, peppering in more details about the man who owned the property that gave the story that mythical, supernatural sort of feel. I remember being frightened by his delivery and sincerity, though it is quite likely he had rehearsed it before for occasions like that.

[That] story had taken place fifteen years or so previous to him telling me. I told one of my adventurous cohorts the story and we thought it would be a good idea to investigate it. I knew where this person had lived, so we assumed we could simply walk behind his house, find the farm, then find the house. We had a grand plan to bring the whole group out on the weekend, but we weren’t sure if we were being strung on a lie, or if this place was still there if it were true. 

Anyhow, after football practice one weekday, he and I drove out to the street my friend lived on. There was definitely a farm behind his and his entire streets’ homes. We decided to go ahead and sneak through someone’s yard and onto the farm to see if the house was there. Once we made it through the manicured, suburban yard and through the brush separating the farm, we were knee deep in an overgrown field. We sort of hacked our way through a bit, and sure enough as we made it to the edge of a hill the house was only a hundred or so yards away. We had made it that far so we decided to go in and investigate. 

As we approached this house, there was a huge, black bird perched on its roof. Once we were within twenty feet of the house, the bird flew away from the house and perched upon a tree adjacent to the house. Being a bit nervous, we began questioning why the bird had made such an odd move, but thought better of making a big deal about it. 

Now, this house is the prototypical haunted house. It had that quaint, historic look to it, with the broken windows, eerie shadows, and sort of ominous stature one associates with a haunted house. There was even a grave marker in the front yard. So, again, we were increasingly nervous as we approached this house. The door was jammed shut, but the window had been completely removed, so we played rock-paper-scissor for who would climb through first. I had the luxury of going in second, but did so quickly as being on the porch by myself was just as unsettling. The inside of the house had literally not been touched. Besides weather damage, most everything was intact. There were pictures, and decorations still up, with a bit of furniture remaining. 

We eventually became comfortable with being inside and began to snoop around. Of course, we were fearful of trekking upstairs, afraid to find something we didn’t want to find. Alas, we squeamishly crept up the stairs only to find an empty space. At this point, we became at ease with walking around the house, laughing off the “ghost story” mystique. 

As we looked through the main floor again, I noticed that there was a tiny door in the kitchen. It was about knee high. Undauntedly, we flung it open only to reveal a dark, stone stairwell that a person would literally have to crawl down. Its presence alone was terrifying, for some reason, but it had a landing about halfway down, with the stairs turning a different direction and out of our site. However, perched on the landing and partly concealed by the walls to the other part of the stairwell was a large, rectangular, wooden box: a coffin. Now, my friend and I weren’t exactly small people, so I would imagine the sight of us pale faced, with a cartoonish hair-on-neck shocked expression trying to both squeeze out of a window at the same time would have been quite comical. Not to mention the both of us in a dead sprint heading away from this house through waist high weeds. I still laugh thinking about both of us running like that. Anyhow, we turned to look back about halfway to the end of the farm just in time to see that massive, black bird fly back from the tree and onto the house. We probably made double-time from that point on.

Not nearly as cool as the other stories, but it’s as close as I’ve been to it. In hindsight, the whole thing was a bit odd, most especially the behavior of the bird. My friend and I attributed it to some sort of supernatural power, so at the very least we had a better reason to run like children.”

By: pajarosucio (As it’s nearly Halloween, how about we share some creepy stories? I’ll go first.)

A Royal Commission (1)

yeah another new project! Courtesy of @fleetstreetfatality ft. tattooed boys again.

Prompto is Insomnia’s renowned tattoo artist and Noctis is about the get his first ink done!AU (yeah that’s a thing now)

The doors, tall dark glass with the shop’s logo emblazoned on them, were covered in chocobo doodles in white chalk. Prompto smiled brightly at the sight and laughed to himself as he turned his key, letting himself in. Sure enough Maddy was sitting in his chair, chalk dust on her fingers.

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Like Father, Like Son

From this request: can you do one where the reader is Tony’s son but he’s a genius and is constantly hacking into shield and gets caught and gets in trouble with fury and he basically spends the whole day trying to get the other avengers to hide him cause fury is scary af



Fury had been upping the security in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s file system—made you work half an hour longer than usual. But you’d still managed to break through.

It’s not like you were looking for anything in particular. You weren’t wanting to steal information. Hell, this time, you weren’t even wanting to add information (like the program that made All I Want For Christmas Is You play every time someone flushed the toilet). No, today you were simply testing your skills, trying to keep yourself from getting rusty.

It was hard to get rusty when your dad was Tony Stark. You’d been raised on computer programs and tech intel since you were three. You were nowhere near as smart as your dad (yet), but you still had a knack for things like he did.


Apparently, Fury wasn’t only increasing security—he was increasing the amount of time he spent watching carefully to make sure it wasn’t breached.

“Where is he?! Where is Stark jr?!”

You quickly grabbed your phone from the desk and scurried down the hall.


“What are you doing?”

You looked up, finding Clint standing next to you. “Um… admiring the view?”

“Hiding from Fury? Again?”


Clint nodded. He dropped to the floor, sliding his legs over the edge of the catwalk, resting his arms on the railing, mimicking you. “Thought I was the only one who knew about this spot.”

“You were. Until about two weeks ago.”

“What happened two weeks ago?”

“I found you hiding up here on the security cameras.”

Clint looked up, noting the small red blinking happening across the room. “Is that the day you hacked in and redirected all the cameras so they were facing walls instead of hallways and rooms?”

“No, that was the day I added little animated birds to all the feeds. Anytime anyone was on screen, birds flew around them.”

“Is that some sort of joke?”

You laughed. “Only if you want it to be, birdbrain.”

At that moment, Clint’s phone rang. He answered on the second ring.

“Yeah? What? No, I haven’t seen Y/N today. Why?” Clint looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. You quickly got to your feet and fled the scene.


You crept down the hall, hoping that Fury was nowhere near.

Your heart nearly stopped when an arm grabbed you, pulling you into an empty room.

“What did you do this time?”

You looked at Natasha. “Nothing. I swear.”

“If you didn’t do anything, Fury wouldn’t be looking for you.”

“Okay, so maybe I hacked through his firewalls. But honestly, it’s his fault. If he didn’t make them so weak…”


“Hey, he should be looking at it that I’m helping him. Now that he knows they’re breachable, he should take better precautions.”

Natasha sighed. “You truly are your father’s son.”

You flashed her a smile, one that many people had told you was a winning one, just like your father’s. “Does that mean you’ll help me out, just like you help my dad out?”

Natasha stared at you for a few moments. “Go,” she finally said, nodding to the hall. “Fury will be here in two minutes. If you’re lucky, I’ll tell him you went the other way.”

“Thanks, Nat!”


You found your way to the lab where your dad and Bruce spent most of their time. True to form, they were in there, tinkering with different things. They both looked up when you entered.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” Bruce asked.

“Hiding from Fury,” JARVIS’ voice said over the speaker.

“Hush,” you said, looking up as if to find a person to scold.

“What’d you do this time?” your father asked, barely glancing up from his latest suit.

“Hacked the firewalls.”


“Can’t help it.”

“How long?”

“Forty-five minutes.”

Your father finally looked up, a slight smirk on his face. “Sounds like you’re getting rusty, champ.”

“Fury’s getting better.”

“Really?” Your father was truly surprised.

You shrugged. “Better. Not impenetrable. But it’s about damn time.”

“Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.”

“You shouldn’t encourage him so much, Tony,” Bruce said.

“How can I say ‘no’ to that face?”

Wear Your Heart on Your Skin (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #17)

For @a-moment-of-such-peace​, who requested a soulmate AU. I was given a few options for pairings, and I’m sure no one will be surprised that I went with E/R.

E/R, modern soulmate AU, soulmate tattoos. 

“Could this be any dumber?” Enjolras demanded, holding his shirt up and looking in the mirror at the tattoo that had appeared on his side at some point over the night.

Combeferre sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s a soul mark, Enjolras,” he said patiently. “It’s supposed to be a unique, identifying mark, not a work of art.”

Enjolras glared at him. “I know that,” he snapped, lowering his shirt and crossing his arms in front of his chest. “But it’s still stupid.” He switched his gaze back to the mirror, scowling at his reflection as if he could still see the tattoo. “It looks like some sort of deformed bird.”

“Who is it?” Courfeyrac practically screeched as he ran into Enjolras’s bedroom, excitement clear on his face. “Who is he? Where did you meet? When did you meet? Is he hot? I bet he’s hot!”

While Enjolras just gave him a withering look before slumping over to the bed, Combeferre shook his head slightly to try to signal to Courfeyrac that this was not going to be that kind of conversation. “He didn’t meet anyone,” he told Courfeyrac. “The tattoo just appeared during the night.”

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My family moved around a lot when I was a kid. Dad was in the Army, sure. But I think it had more to do with how he would constantly lose tetherball matches to the neighborhood kids. You see, as soon as we’d move in to a new house, the first thing dad’d do would be to take out our tetherball pole and put it in the front yard. He treated the pole the way a fisherman treats bait, if bait attracted small fish that had a 100% success rate of coming onto your boat and, I dunno, growing human arms and beating the hell out of you in a game of tetherball, I guess.

But when the human children weren’t immediately biting, he’d go out to the yard and wait. If it took longer than five minutes for someone to walk up to the pole, he’d be out there. I’m not sure why he did this. Maybe it was because for the few brief moments he was out there by himself, he knew he looked like the baddest man alive. The first time you looked at him you’d have thought, my God, now there’s a man who not only could beat children in tetherball, but probably adults too.

He’d go and stand out there with his army haircut, his army clothes, and his army scowl. He would usually forget to help us unpack, he’d be so intense. My brother and the series of wives dad had understood, though. The man was six feet four inches tall, 225 pounds, and had arms and legs big and strong enough that you could affix a truck tire to them. One time we did, and we rode him around our yard and called him Truck Dad.

Any time a kid passed on a bike, dad’d shout “HEY! KID! You. Me. Tetherball. Now. In my front lawn where the tetherball pole is, the one I’m standing next to. Or are you a chicken or some other sort of farm bird, like a, um, ah shit, I dunno, duck?” Oh, how he’d terrify that poor kid. The kid would always be smaller than dad, because dad was a full-grown adult, and the kid was a child. The kid would slowly walk to the pole, terrified of what would happen if he turned down my dad. But of course, that kid would eventually demolish him. Though sometimes old dad would have an advantage in the first couple moments of the game, just based off the intimidation factor.

But once that kid realized that dad was all bark and had no teeth and bad gums and a weak tongue, it was over. The kid would start slapping the hell out of the ball, and dad would just crumble. Sometimes he’d actually fall to the ground and the victorious child would stand on top of him as if he was something that would traditionally be stood on after being conquered, like maybe a mountain. This usually only happened when there were adults around, as some of the crueler adults would tell their kids to treat my dad this way. Eventually they’d get bored or sad and leave, and then word would then quickly spread around town about the new army dad who sucks at tetherball and for some reason is challenging people to it.

The army got wind of this and didn’t love how much he lost, but he was such a great general they couldn’t really do anything. Also they realized a lifetime of losing to children in tetherball was probably punishment enough. We’d move once dad had enough of losing. Sometimes we’d pack up and move right after he initially lost. Other times the old man would stick it out for a few days, even weeks. The longest we ever stayed in one spot was six months. Although, this was more of a technicality — we would have done what we normally did (moving to the next town over in order to stay in the same state as the base dad was stationed at), but this time around the army said “You’ve run out of towns.”

So dad stayed in the town and got beaten, day after day. Around day four the neighborhood kids started feeling bad for him, and they didn’t want to play anymore. But dad would intimidate them, or at least, that’s what he thought he was doing — what he started doing was actually closer to begging. This would make the kids feel even worse, and they’d end up playing. They didn’t feel bad enough to let him win, of course, but it was sure nice to see them care about my old man like that.

Did all this moving around affect me? Maybe. Did seeing my dad get slaughtered time after time in tetherball by kids who were my age or even younger affect me more? Oh, absolutely. For example, one way it’s affected me is that I also do what he did, except I’m a better general and the kids who kick my ass in tetherball are younger.

I can’t say for sure why dad did the things he did, specifically the tetherball one. Sure seemed like masochism at times. I do remember once him telling me “I am trying to make sure everyone in our new neighborhood knows I am not to be messed with except it never works and I’m starting to think that even if I did win it wouldn’t look good because I beat a small child.”

Dad died a few years ago. In his will he demanded to be buried with the tetherball pole. We tried to jam it in the grave but it wouldn’t fit. Eventually it was decided to put the pole on top of the grave, which is what I think he would have wanted, even if his will said something else. Sometimes I’ll visit the grave, and I’ll have to shoo away some kids who were using the pole so I can pray in silence. But once I’m done, I tell those kids to return, and I challenge them, and I lose miserably. Just the way dad would have done, all those years ago.

Angry Birds
  • Thomas: Sometimes I feel like we're trapped in some sort of video game.
  • Chuck: Like angry birds?
  • Y/N: How the Shuck is this anything like angry birds?
  • Chuck: Well you know, we're the birds.. the Grievers are the pigs, and the maze is the other constructions the pigs sit on!
  • Newt: Brilliant, so all we have to do now is fling ourselves at the maze in hopes of breaking it.
  • Y/N: Well, Alby and Gally are always angry.
  • Chuck: They can be the two red birds. Minho can be the yellow fast one!
  • Thomas: And Newt is the ticking time bomb one.
  • Chuck: Y/N can be the pink one!
  • Gally: Thomas would be the green boomerang one, he thinks hes going to achieve something but he just comes back instead, knocking himself out and possibly someone else too.
  • Thomas: I think you'd be one of the pigs Gally, you even resemble one.