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DISCLAIMER: I in NO WAY condone the shooting of birds of prey, as it is pretty much illegal (at least in the USA). I’m not a huge fan of shooting things, in general, either, unless it is for a constructive purpose, is done safely, and humanely, and the creature is treated with respect and its body used as much as possible afterward.

That aside… getting closer to what I’m shooting for aesthetically!

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Any thoughts on a Daemon AU for BnHA?


In this AU, daemons have the same quirks as their humans, but said quirks don’t manifest until they settle. That way, daemons can settle with mutant-class quirk features and whatnot. But as long as they’re in their shifting stage, they are basically quirkless. Daemons are usually the opposite gender of their human unless otherwise stated.

Most of Class 1A’s daemons are still shifting at the start. The only ones who come in with their daemons already settled are Iida (border collie, Kazeki), Bakugou (Tasmanian devil, Senkaki), Tsuyu (platypus, Kayaku) and Kirishima (male pit bull, Shouyuu).

Hagakure actually has a slight disadvantage since her daemon doesn’t share her quirk at first, and is therefore fully visible. Then one day said daemon vanishes, and that’s how they know he’s settled. No one’s actually sure what he is.

As for teachers and adults: All-Might’s daemon is an osprey (Isana), Aizawa’s is a clouded leopard (Merina), Recovery Girl has a snake, and Present Mic has a scarlet macaw. Endeavor’s daemon is a male African lion (Yuukan), Inko has a female sea otter (Tsurume), and Shouto’s mom has a snowshoe hare. Naomasa has a Belgian Malinois, and I’m not sure whether or not to give Nedzu a daemon. Either he has some kind of small monkey, or he doesn’t have one at all (much like the panserbjorn).

All For One has a tiger and Shigaraki has a jackal, because I am not subtle.

Izuku’s daemon, Haru, gets extremely nervous around daemons in the form of big predators. In fact, for the most part (at least at first) it takes her a while to get comfortable enough to engage with other daemons at all. So while Izuku is outgoing with his classmates, Haru usually keeps to herself or hides somewhere on his person in the form of an insect or small rodent. The two of them are separated; after one too many bullies tormented them by pulling them apart, Inko and Izuku talked and decided to have it done. (In my version of things, hospitals can do the procedure painlessly.) They don’t go apart from each other if they don’t have to, though, so most people don’t realize they can.

Shouto and his daemon Yuna have the opposite dynamic. While Shouto keeps to himself and doesn’t engage with his classmates (again, at first), Yuna is constantly watching other people and other daemons. She rarely speaks to them, but she’s always on the lookout. They’re also separated; part of Endeavor’s hellish training was forcing them to separate the hard way. Along with refusing to use his left side, Shouto and Yuna refuse to take advantage of their separation; partly out of spite for their father’s wishes, but mostly because they can’t stand to be apart anyway. Their worst fear is Yuna settling as a lion, and in general she tends to avoid feline forms altogether.

She does settle eventually, at the Sports Festival when Izuku and Haru remind them that their quirk belongs to them and no one else. She’s not a lion, or a cat of any kind; she’s a mid-content wolfdog. In this world, part of the reason why Izuku and Haru lose is that, by settling, Yuna gains the same quirk as Shouto, so that’s twice the fire and ice flying at them.

One of my headcanons is that when kids are around people they admire and look up to, their daemons take similar forms to those people. So whenever Izuku and Haru are around All-Might and Isana, Haru’s usually some kind of bird of prey. I’m thinking she settles when Izuku develops Shoot Style and fully commits himself to being a separate hero from All-Might, at which point she settles not as a bird of prey, but as a wolf. Not a half-wolf like Yuna; she’s all wolf.

Those are… most of my thoughts. I have a fuller list of every daemon’s settled forms that I might post later. I haven’t named all of them, though.

Murphy x Reader - Sister or Leader?

Murphy x Reader - Sister or Leader?

(Requested): “Can you write about the reader being Lexa’s sister and Lexa catches her and Murphy together, and she’s like hell no, but Murphy does something that makes her think twice Xx”

Hope this is okay for you, thanks for the request, anon.


You crossed your legs, sitting opposite him next to the creek that ran South, away from your village. From your corner, you could see his usually pale cheeks slightly tanned in the ray of the sun, which flickered across both of you, a spotlight in the autumn air.

You feared you would get caught. You had been seeing Murphy secretively for about half a month now, and, though it felt like longer, you still couldn’t let anyone find out, especially your sister. You knew for a fact that Lexa would flip out completely if she found out that you were in a relationship with a Sky Person, even if there was an alliance currently.

“Hello,” his sarcasm swerved you back into the real world, “so is day dreaming more interesting now?” You punch his arm playfully, and he laughs, and holds your hand again. You have always loved this, when he held your hand. You kissed his cheek, causing the blood to rush to his face. No one had ever made you feel that brave before, but as he curled your fingers around his-

“Y/N!” That was it. You were utterly, completely, undeniably screwed. Telling Murphy to run was easy, but he refused. Not wanting to act a coward was understandable.

Lexa marched towards you, grabbed your shoulder, and practically dragged you away, ordering the Warriors to seize Murphy, much to your protest. She looks at you, pain and disappointment stinging in her eyes.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you.”


“He’s not like them!” This, you supposed, had come out of your mouth about six times when trying to reason with Lexa that day. She had ignored every word but still allowed you into the council room. Most likely to punish you.

“You haven’t met them, Y/n,” she reminded you, “they can’t be trusted, even in this truce.”

“Are you speaking to me as a leader, or as a sister?”


“You can’t!” Your cry was desperate, “that’s not how it works. You can’t speak to me in a way that I feel guilty for what I’ve done. That’s now fair. I have nothing to be guilty for!”

“Are you sure,” she lifted herself lightly from the throne, and walked towards you, “that you have nothing to be guilty for?” You screwed up your face, pathetically trying to reach her eye level.

“Try me,” you squeaked. She thrusted you aside, basically pushing you out of the room.

“I will hear no more of this-”

“-as my sister or my leader?”

“No more,” she turned you to face her, and some people walking past stared, “I will have no more of this. You are a warrior.” She pushed you out completely, and you felt the most unpleasant feeling of rejection that you had ever felt.

“Act like one.”


“REAPERS!” This close to camp? You grabbed your machete, but then thought crushingly:


He was completely unprotected, with no weapon, and no way to get out of his cell. You grabbed a second weapon, and dashed outside, leaving nothing but dust in your wake.


You had already taken down one gnarly looking Reaper by the time you reached Murphy’s makeshift cell, and were splattered with his blood. Murphy gave you a concerned look as he stood to meet you, but you quickly shook your head, and said:

“Not mine.” Slashing open the cage door, you began to work on his bindings quickly, every so often looking behind you to check for more Reapers.

“Hey,” he said curiously, “what happened? My guard disappeared.”

“Reapers,” you finish, and give him the machete, which he holds knowingly in his hand, “looks like we are gonna have to fight our own way out of this.” You look each other deeply in the eyes, as if trying to capture a detailed picture in case you wouldn’t see them again, and you plunged into the fray.


Ducking under a Reaper’s arm, you sliced profoundly into his back, causing him to fall over. Murphy did something similar to your left, making you smirk.

“Copy cat,” you quipped, and his lip curled.

“Really the time for snide remarks?” His question seemed to trigger another wave of Reapers, and another couple of tattooed heads ran at you.

The first two you handled well, though Murphy cut into one’s shoulder at the wrong angle, and blood came splurging upwards into his face, which he spat away from his mouth that you had been kissing less that twelve hours previous. You sighed.

You had lost concentration, and whilst you managed to handle the female in front of you, you weren’t paying attention to the action behind. Murphy himself was already well occupied, with one moving in on him that very second, but he could see that you were in some degree of trouble.

But he had to protect you, even knowing that you could protect yourself. He dived for the grounder behind you, getting it right through the chest. Blood leaked gently down its torso, also touching Murphy’s ragged trouser legs.

“ it…"he strained, and you watched in horror as the one he had left ran at full speed towards him, murder in his eyes……

An arrow shot from nowhere, whistling through the trees like a bird of prey, shooting the Reaper as easily as you had kissed Murphy earlier that day. Casually, Lexa stepped down, bow in hand, and stood at your level as you got up from the ground.

"It seems….I may have misjudged you.” Was she joking? You saw no indication that she was, she looked genuinely guilty, “you have protected the one you lo -my sister, whilst risking your life. This is what a warrior does.” Murphy actually looked proud. You had never seen him like that, and somehow, it also made you feel warm inside. You also noticed that she nearly said “the one you love,” which made you giggle to yourself silently. Lexa walked up to you, looking ever more guilty.

“…I guess I owe you an apology..” You shook your head.

“You were doing what you thought was right,” you replied, “that will never need an apology.”

“Sister to sister,” she continued, still very sincere, “I’m sorry.” You embraced your sister, and watched, holding his hand, as your leader started to organise what was left.



Sorry the ending was kinda bad, but I hope it was okay for you overall, anon. Xx

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I have a really hard time understanding falconry. How does a person get any enjoyment out of using one animal to kill another? At least with hunting, the excuse is there's some skill involved.

I respect your opinion and I’m really glad you asked. I actually feel the opposite way. With traditional hunting, you just walk around with a gun and shoot animals - they don’t have a chance. It seems unfair to me and I don’t think I could ever hunt that way. But with falconry, you’re not going out to kill animals for fun, you’re going out to observe nature and watch a beautiful animal do what it was born to do - fly and hunt. Hawks hunt and kill for food every day. In falconry, you become partners with the hawk. It is not your pet or your tool, it is your partner, and it chooses willingly to be your partner. All you do as a falconer is help to flush game for it. The bird does all the work instinctively. You don’t teach it to kill like you would dogs on a fox. You don’t train it to take unnatural prey. All you do is increase its chance of success by flushing game for it, protecting it, and assisting in it quickly dispatching the game that it catches. I get no thrill from the death of any animal, but there are few things more breathtaking to me than the predator-prey relationship. Watching the crafty maneuvers that rabbits, duck, etc use to escape capture, and watching the hawk tuck and dive and exert itself to provide itself the food it needs to sustain life. Its beautiful. Its as close to raw nature as you can get.

Another reason I prefer falconry to hunting with guns, as I briefly touched on at the beginning, is fairness and natural order. Animals can’t escape a gun. Its not a fair fight. But with falconry, the prey wins the majority of the time. Deer have not evolved to escape gunfire. Ducks have not evolved to escape shot. Wolves have not evolved to outrun gunned helicopters. Foxes have not evolved to evade or escape snares. All those methods of take aren’t natural or fair, in my opinion. But the jack rabbit is perfectly evolved to escape the hawk. Their speed always amazes me. And if they can’t simply outrun the hawk, they can perform crazy zigzags and vertical leaps to evade the hawk right as it tries to grab them. Ducks have evolved perfectly to escape falcons. They wait till just the right moment to leave the pond, but if they can’t get into a high flight and the falcon is on their tail, they can turn in mid-air and dive back into the water in the blink of an eye, causing a massive splash and rendering the falcon helpless to grab them. Have you ever seen the way ducks hug the water when a bird is in the air? They know exactly what they’re doing. And pigeons! Man can those birds fly! They can perform some of the craziest mid-air maneuvers to throw off a coopers hawk. 90% of the time or even more, the prey will win. I go out with Maya almost every day and after a year, we’ve only caught 3 rabbits. Just three. Imagine how many rabbits would be killed if I went out that often with a gun! The odds are completely in their favor.

The last point you brought up was skill level. Oh man, if I had a gun I could have so many rabbits and ducks right now. I’d just walk up to the ponds or the fields, point, and shoot. Sure, I’d have to have some accuracy. It takes practice and some skill, I know that. But the amount of skill and time and dedication it takes to train a bird of prey makes shooting practice look like a breeze! First off, you have to study all about bird behavior. You have to know the proper diet for each bird, how to make safe equipment, health problems, behavior, etc. A lot of knowledge is required! Then to train a bird to follow you in the field - to trust you - isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of skill to get a well-mannered, well-trained, cooperative bird. One mistake could cause serious injury to you or harm to the bird. You also need to know how to build. Most falconry equipment is homemade, so you must learn craftsmanship - how to work with leather and wood and even metal welding. And finally, getting it all to come together perfectly in the field… its incredibly difficult and takes immense skill. Its also an every day commitment. We don’t get days off. We must go out there every day with our birds if we want them to be at their best. No breaks. 

So, to summarize, falconry is not “using one animal to kill another.” It is becoming part of nature and forming a bond with a wild raptor. Its about watching a bird of prey at its prime. Its about the thrill of the flight. It requires immense skill to have success and the odds are almost always in the prey’s favor. Its truly amazing. So thank you for asking this question and giving me a chance to explain the sport to you. Hopefully, I cleared up some of the bad taste you have towards it. If you’re not convinced or you still have questions or rebuttals to the points I brought up, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m an animal lover and I grew up completely against all forms of hunting, so I completely understand where you’re coming from on this topic. 

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What happens if a hunter or someone shoots or kills your bird? Can they get in trouble for that?

They definitely can. There’s actually a big legal case going on right now where a woman beat someone’s falcon to death when she saw it down on a duck. She wanted to save the duck. Charges are being filed, though the final charges are still being decided (this article was written when it first happened, so it doesn’t have the most recent updates) 

Another case recently occurred where a man shot someone’s Harris hawk. Luckily the hawk survived. After some time they were able to track him down and serious charges were filed.

Usually falconers are able to charge the offender for vet bills and/or compensation of the bird, the same way you could charge someone for destruction of property. In addition, they could be charged for animal abuse, poaching (killing a protected species), or some variable of that, since all raptors are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. It is very illegal to shoot or kill any bird of prey, falconry bird or not. So yes, they can get in big trouble.