birds of michigan



This budgie flew down at a little league game in (I believe) Caledonia, MI and wouldn’t leave. Since I have birds and supplies for them I got a call and went and picked it up with a spare travel cage and some random things from my other birds. It is now in Grand Rapids , MI with me.

But with 3 birds and a brand new puppy (and no real supplies for a bird quite this small) it CAN NOT stay with me long term.  

Send me a message if you’re missing your budgie or toss me an email at with photos for proof if possible and we can set up a time to meet.

best “new-to-me” films: oct 2017
  1. cure (1997, dir. kiyoshi kurosawa)
  2. benny’s video (1992, dir. michael haneke)
  3. u.s. go home (1994, dir. claire denis)
  4. the headless woman (2008, dir. lucrecia martel)
  5. wnuf halloween special (2013, dir. chris lamartina)

honorable mentions:

  • scream 3 (2000, dir. wes craven)
  • constantine (2005, dir. francis lawrence)

short films:

  • 2017 (2017, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)
  • black out 2022 (2017, dir. shinichiro watanabe)
  • possibly in michigan (1983, dir. cecelia condit)
  • dawn (2014, dir. rose mcgowan) 

favorite new releases:

(thank you, nyff!!)

  • 120 beats per minute (dir. robin campillo)
  • the killing of a sacred deer (dir. yorgos lanthimos)
  • the florida project (dir. sean baker)
  • blade runner 2049 (dir. denis villeneuve)
  • lady bird (dir. greta gerwig)
  • let the sun shine in (dir. claire denis)
  • wonderstruck (dir. todd haynes) 
  • the b-side: elsa dorfman’s portrait photography (dir. errol morris)
  • creep 2 (dir. patrick brice)
  • gerald’s game (dir. mike flanagan)
  • the meyerowitz stories (new and selected) (dir. noah baumbach)