birds necklace


The Crone Necklace

The Crone - a wise old woman, witch, the mistress of the forest and the keeper of the underworld gates. Beside the main meaning there is a wordplay: the crone, the crown (of a tree). And here it is: a lustring stone, like the moon or other celestial body, breaks through dark branches and is placed in an antique silver crown. The other element of the necklace is the claw. In many ancient beliefs birds have symbolized a guide into underworld, they carried souls from our world to another. That is the reason why the habitation of “the crone” in slavic folklore (yes, it is Baba Yaga) stands on “chicken legs” in the place were the forest ends and the realm of the dead begins.


“When Hastings and myself, we first came to the Grand Metropolitan Hotel, there was a man at the desk. He was elderly. He must walk with a stick. But when he goes to his room, which is on the first floor, he proceeds not to the lift that is waiting, no, but to the staircase. It was a performance, Monsieur, but a performance that, to Poirot, did not ring true.”