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There’s a reason why this is the #5 trending video on YouTube.


“When Hastings and myself, we first came to the Grand Metropolitan Hotel, there was a man at the desk. He was elderly. He must walk with a stick. But when he goes to his room, which is on the first floor, he proceeds not to the lift that is waiting, no, but to the staircase. It was a performance, Monsieur, but a performance that, to Poirot, did not ring true.”

Losers Club HCs part 2/7; Stan Uris!

@eddies-inhaler . I love Stan and I think he was sooo underrated in the new IT movie!!

STAN “The man” URIS;
-Knits the Losers really cute hat, scarf and gloves matching sets (Bev taught him how to knit and he taught her card tricks).
-Keeps a draw of snacks in his room cause he gets hungry around 2am.
-Loves black coffee.
-Also really likes horror movies, but gore makes him cringe.
-Really adores his family, him and his dad are really tight and they go for walks in the park on Saturday mornings and compete to name the mosr birds.
-Massive gay crush on Bill (told Bev first while they were knitting).
-Wears rings on hains as a necklace.
-Goes bird watching a lot (often turns into Bill watching if he comes).
-Has a knack for remembering dates (birthdays, daylight savings, weird national holidays etc).
-Spins pens like drumsticks (has never picked up a set of drumsticks in his life).
-Owns five different sets of the same matching pjs, won’t leave the house without matching socks.
-Buys literally the best presents! All the Losers get cool gifts from him because he knows what they like.
-Cracks his knuckles.
-Becomes a librarian at school and rearranges the whole library and everyone likes it a lot more now.
-A really good whistler.
-Gossip central (this boy knows everything about everyone and no one knows how?).
-Is a really good driver despite having to take the test twice.
-Somehow has the keys to the entire school? No one know how but no one feels the need to know…it’s just a very Stan thing to do.
-Everyone at school refers to him as ‘Stan the Man’ but he doesn’t notice it.
-Has a spare for everything e.g. Bevs smokes/lighter, Bills fav chocolate, Bens spare poetry notebook, a packet of Richies gum, Eddies anti-bacterial wipes, and mikes fav sour candy.
-Carries an always full water bottle.
-Watches Breaking Bad.
-Accidentally broke Mikes nose while tickling him on a dare.
-Gets horrific helmet hair.
-The best at hide and seek.
-Is now taller than Bill and likes to hold it over his head…literally.
-Has the nicest Instagram feed.
-Good at reading people and situations.
-Knows when people are lying.
-Remembers a password he made to an email 6 years ago.
-Owns those fairy light peg things and puts Polaroids of the Losers in the pegs, along with movie tickets, photo booth photos etc.
-Heavyweight when drinking, Mikes a bigger heavyweight but Stans not far off.
-Actual flower baby.
-#SaveTheBees is in every instagram photos tags.
-Tans really well, he also gets quite freckly in the summer and Bill melts.
-Counts his steps.
-Wears a plastic ring on his pinky that Bill won for him in an arcade.
-Cried watching the part in Titanic where Jack died but laughed when that one guy fell off and hit the propeller.
-Wears circle reflector glasses (Those pics of Wyatt ya know? yes!).
-Wears suspenders unironically.
-Watches Pretty Little Liars with Bill.
-Yes, his hair is as soft as it looks. No, you can’t touch it he will yell.
-Really adores his friends and family.


The Crone Necklace

The Crone - a wise old woman, witch, the mistress of the forest and the keeper of the underworld gates. Beside the main meaning there is a wordplay: the crone, the crown (of a tree). And here it is: a lustring stone, like the moon or other celestial body, breaks through dark branches and is placed in an antique silver crown. The other element of the necklace is the claw. In many ancient beliefs birds have symbolized a guide into underworld, they carried souls from our world to another. That is the reason why the habitation of “the crone” in slavic folklore (yes, it is Baba Yaga) stands on “chicken legs” in the place were the forest ends and the realm of the dead begins.