birds nails

Pros of long nails:

  • Makes one feel a little more dangerous when you are physically 5-feet-2 and emotionally full of knives
  • Looks damn rad
  • Add a bit of extra flair behind your hand movement and you immediately look like a calculating villain
  • More surface area for arting on
  • Easier to open shrink-wrapping and packages
  • Can scoop up bugs without accidentally squeeshing them
  • Dogs love being gently scritched w them. Especially fluffy dogs.

Cons of long nails:

  • Accidentally poking holes in clothing
  • Accidentally poking holes in friends
  • Accidentally poking holes in self
Cheer Up Post #4715 - Owl Nail Art Edition

cleaofthedarkdimension would like a post featuring owl-inspired nail designs. Here you go!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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