birds make me nervous

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MLM March prompt: Chat keeps stalking Peacock!Nino's tail

“Okay, so if we come at the akuma from behind, I think we’ll have the advantage, and-” Ladybug frowned. “Chat Noir, what are you doing?”

Chat Noir froze. “Oh, um. Nothing.”

“Because it looks like you’re about to jump on Le Paon’s tail.”

Chat Noir stood up as their newest member turned to look at him, a brow raised. “Of course not,” Chat Noir insisted. “There’s an akuma.”

Ladybug frowned. “Right, okay. So, like I was saying…”

Chat Noir struggled to pay attention to her as she strategized, still staring at the very colorful, very tempting tail trailing behind Le Paon.

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I wanted to check Leo’s temps and the dork started hunting the laser! I’d be too scared of him getting it in his eyes to do this normally so I’m not planning on messing with him on purpose again. But it was cute while it lasted!

Tag yourself: American banknote edition

George Washington
>First President
>Kinda whiny
>But also will kick your redcoat ass

Thomas Jefferson
>Really good writer
>I love my wife
>But also bang her half-sister so that’s cool

Abraham Lincoln
>Freed the slaves, yo
>I will grow beard if a little girl tells me to
>I hate the theater, Mary.

Alexander Hamilton
>I am always starting shit
>I’m smarter than Jefferson but even worse at keeping it in my pants
>My family is not very good at duels

Andrew Jackson
>Did somebody say duel?
>I will fucking end you
>Who wants a taste of the Hickory cane today?

Ulysses S. Grant
>My real name is Hiram
>Andrew Johnson can suck it
>I used to be a Democrat but bump that noise

Ben Franklin
>I really enjoy hearing myself talk
>The national bird should be a turkey, obvi
>Lightening makes me nervous