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Look who I found for #ThrowbackThursday this week! 😁 It’s my oil painting “Iguana” from 2008! 🖼✨ Here’s a fun tidbit about this piece you might not have known! 😉 She was originally titled “Veil of Green Tears” but soon after she started being referred to as “Iguana.” 🦎 Everyone gravitated towards the large iguana in the painting, so I kept the name! 😄❤ It’s funny how art can take on a life of it’s own sometimes! 😆  Since she’s special painting for me, I’ve decided to put her up on my Custom Print Shop on!😊 She’s now a brand new image available for all you lovelies to take home as whatever print type or size that you want! 💖 Just choose your options and I’ll get it made and sent to you!☺👍 Please check out the Custom Print Shop if you haven’t already!💕 There’s over fifty images to choose from! 😲 I hope you’ve been enjoying this new setup as much as I am! 😁💞 Have a wonderful day darlings! 😙💗   


@why-animals-do-the-thing Just thought you’d be interested, the world of poultry is constantly changing with the development of new breeds (whether they be recognized as true breeds or not). Ten years ago I made a goal of adding my own breed to the list and since then have been working on carefully recording and documenting two different breeding programs based off egg production, conformation, and color/appearance. 

The one program has been entirely successful and I’ll be getting my second generation of ombre-grey, clean black legged, muffed birds that lay blue eggs. At the third/fourth generation I’m going to try setting up a small hatchery and selling a few chicks. 

This is the product of the second program, and she is an absolute beauty. Ten years and she is everything I’ve been working for. She has silver lacing strictly on her head/neck/breast followed by true iridescent plumage (people actually call her green rather than black lol). The pictures don’t do her justice, she’s by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, she’s also the only one of her kind. Unlike the greys, there’s a lot more components to the desired traits I want for these birds. (Also, she doesn’t have all the traits I’d like, such as a solid beak color.)
It’s not a dead-end, but there’s a lot more work/record keeping to do before anything real comes from her! She’s just a fine reminder of why the work will eventually be worth it. 

Anyhow! Just thought I’d share some of the more interesting (I say interesting, but really it’s a sloooooOoooooow process) parts of the chicken breeding lol. 

Up A Tree

Words: 636

Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit

               “What are you doing?” Thorin asked as you clambered onto the lowest branch of a sturdy oak tree.

               “I saw a bird’s nest!” you replied excitedly. “I want to see it up close.” The dwarf king crossed his arms and shook his head as your booted feet disappeared into the leaves. He traced your movements through the rustling of branches and the occasional snap of a twig. From the racket you were making, any bird in that tree would be long gone by now.

               “You’re like an elf,” Thorin teased. “Climbing trees and watching the birds.” There was silence as the rustling of the branches ceased. It was broken by Thorin’s cry of surprise when an acorn hit him smack in the middle of his forehead with surprising force. The leaves above him burst into giggles.

               “Never compare me to an elf again,” you warned, “especially when I’m in a tree loaded with things to throw at you!”

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