birds as art

Look who I found for #ThrowbackThursday this week! 😁 It’s my oil painting “Iguana” from 2008! 🖼✨ Here’s a fun tidbit about this piece you might not have known! 😉 She was originally titled “Veil of Green Tears” but soon after she started being referred to as “Iguana.” 🦎 Everyone gravitated towards the large iguana in the painting, so I kept the name! 😄❤ It’s funny how art can take on a life of it’s own sometimes! 😆  Since she’s special painting for me, I’ve decided to put her up on my Custom Print Shop on!😊 She’s now a brand new image available for all you lovelies to take home as whatever print type or size that you want! 💖 Just choose your options and I’ll get it made and sent to you!☺👍 Please check out the Custom Print Shop if you haven’t already!💕 There’s over fifty images to choose from! 😲 I hope you’ve been enjoying this new setup as much as I am! 😁💞 Have a wonderful day darlings! 😙💗   

May 10, 2017 - Slender-billed Gull (Larus genei)

These gulls are found in parts of northern Africa and southern Eurasia. They eat fish, insects, marine invertebrates, and some plants, dipping into the water, plunge-diving, picking food from mud, and sometimes catching insects in flight. A social species, they gather in large flocks and nest in colonies. Their nests are scrapes in the mud, sometimes lined with feathers, plant material, or other objects. Chicks hatch after about three weeks of incubation and join groups called crèches. Their parents lead them to the sea. They do not breed until the age of two or three and can live as long as 23 years.


Flamingo/ Watercolor TUTORIAL/ Painting with Coco Bee