birds and hippos and that


Exploring the “Colors of Africa” through shots of the multi-colored wildlife (and ok, one shot of some people snuck in).

Some facts about Pablo Escobar

  • He made so much money, that he spent around $2,500 dollars every month on rubber bands to hold all his cash together.
  • Reportedly, a rat infestation meant that $1 Billion was ruined every year. Escobar didn’t care because that money would be replaced within days.
  • He built his own private zoo, that housed exotic birds, giraffes, hippos and herds of antelope.
  • Once when hiding out in an abandoned farm, he burned $2 Billion in a bonfire to save his daughter from freezing to death.
  • He even built his own prison. It featured a soccer field, a giant doll’s house, a bar, and a Jacuzzi.
  • At his peak, he had a personal wealth of close to $25 billion.

Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio’s Sloth decanter set (one of the tall columns is a decanter, the short columns are cups). Aparicio’s artistry is, as always, peerless (see more here, here, here, here, and here) and his materials - quartz for the pool and columns, Madagascan labradorite for the hippos, high-quality lapis lazuli for the water, and tiger’s eye and poppy jasper for the couch and pillow - are gorgeous. There are, supposedly, six more decanter sets for the other Deadly Sins; if I can find them I’ll post them here.