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The gentle flame of a candle broke through an all-encompassing darkness before her. Beyond the veil at the limit of the candle’s light, the hull’s gentle creaking permeated as it rocked in the sea. The scent of salt and wood were abundantly clear as the Raen took it in for soft moment, before she turned her gaze back to a piece of paper, held delicately in her hands. 

She was ever fond of folding paper into forms and shapes, of flowers and birds, to take her mind off any unease of the moment.

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My vision of an artist :)

For me, we are all a part of an amazing garden, each of us making a part of it And we are all a little seed falling on the ground of being an artist.

The flowers represent our passion and like in a garden, many types exists !

When we know what we love the adventure begins, we meet amazing artists that will inspire us to grow up !

Flowers needs the rain to grow up, so your passion will need some difficulties to grow as well. Après la pluie vient le beau temps- After the rain comes the sun !

And then at your turn you will inspire the young and new flowers to grow as well ! 

For the talented artists I used the colors of the flowers to show the directions they chose, many went to lots of them while some artists preferred to only chose one (like the lion and the white flowers) since, the flower on the tail is red, that means that choosing one direction can lead you to another one in the futur, who know ? You don’t see it yet :)

I hope this little reminder will help you keeping going !! Always keep it up and KEEP GOING !!

Bonne chance :) that means Good luck in French ^^

A cool color palette today.  Do you guys organize your bookshelves by color? I kind of want to, but I think having my series/authors out of order would drive me crazy!