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Now that the semester is over, I wanted to share what I’ve been working on for the past weeks. So here’s my final project for my traditional animation class.

Considering the very limited time given, the amount of classes I had and the fact that I never did, and never will (since I do 3D) do traditional animation, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Top Shot: Polar Bear Feast

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“I went to Kaktovik, Alaska to watch these amazing endangered creatures. It was a very cold & windy day. A mother polar bear and her two cubs swam in the water towards a "bone pile” of a whale carcass that was legally hunted by the locals as part of their tradition. The bears love to come and pick whatever pieces of meat that are left on the bones, and since they were incredibly hungry, any interruption, even by the tiniest seagull, was answered by pawing at the birds.“ Photograph by Yaron Schmid