Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianusby Manege Thielen

So I’m singing ‘Love Like You’ to my parakeet (as one does), and she hasn’t learned any of the song yet, but she knows the word ‘love’. So Every time I sing the word love, she says ‘I love you’ and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I’m just melting.

anonymous asked:

It took a long while but I found your voice in the depths and way back when. Would you tell us a story? One that is sound and good for sleeping. Your voice is quite like the little birds and creatures. x

Oh gosh, but have you been searching all this time? Rummaging through all these abandoned workings?  I thought I heard someone.  And I had forgotten about my voice being in there.  I have still mostly forgotten it, even though you have told me it is there.  I don’t entirely believe it.  

Perhaps I could set up a service.  Shall call people, or let them call me, and I will burble for a time until one or both of us falls asleep.  This is a nice plan.  Let me know.


Spotted Owlets (Athene bramaby Kishan Meena


A handbook of British birds, showing the distribution of the resident and migratory species in the British islands, with an index to the records of the rarer visitants

By Harting, James Edmund, 1841-1928

Publication info London,J.C. Nimmo,1901.

Contributing Library: American Museum of Natural History Library

Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

August 9, 2016 - Willow Tit (Poecile montanus)

Found across Eurasia, these birds are easy to confuse with Marsh Tits and are best distinguished by their calls. The two were considered the same species until 1900. They eat mostly invertebrates, such as flies, lacewings, and larvae, along with some berries and seeds. Nesting in hollowed out tree stumps, which they excavate themselves, they line the cavities with moss and hair. Blue Tits may sometimes chase them out of these hollows.

So the real question was: “What is she even going to do with all those birds?!”

and to that the answer is: CALENDAR! at first I wasn’t sure. After I hit about 6 digital birds I was starting to question it but then I finally decided to push onward with the idea! Since we’re already well through the halfway point of 2016 I would highly suggest ordering a 2017 version!

You can buy this calendar from me via Redbubble – HERE