my keyboard is being eight colours of fucked up since a funny conversation with logan and now my shift + 6 key is a ? and where the ? should be it`s just




  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : press refresh
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : gain 4 followers
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING ALL DAY
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : WHO TOUCHED ME
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : thespainsun did
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : poked you with the force of a great typhoon
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : of seven thousand suns
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : LOL OMFG
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : YES
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : with all the strength of a raging fire
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : and thus
  • Churrotonio [Lukas] : The poke caused Gaa to suddenly fly at superspeed, breaking through the sound barrier and the fourth wall. He flew out through his dorm window out into the sunset where he slowly fell, reaching out for the sky and to his window where his friend, thespainsun, watched on with horror through the computer screen as their finger stayed where it had touched the glorious cheek, sticking right through the computer monitor. There was no time to think about the mortified person beyond the realms of the internet machine, however, as Gaa suddenly shot straight into the air at almost mach speed, flying out through Newfoundland and over the cities of the world. The presence of the rare, thought to have been extinct Flying Gaachodactyl caused four people across the world to suddenly have the urge to look up thegaathing @ tumblr, and seeing the results of the mighty poke, immediately felt compelled to click the plus symbol at the top of the blog. And thus, TheGaaThing gained four more followers that day.
  • Kuchenbert [Gaa] : I'M SO DONE.
  • Lukasbird : There's an actual mountain called Disappointment Mountain
  • Gaa says: OMFG
  • Lukasbird : How to respond
  • Lukasbird : It's right next to
  • Lukasbird : Disappointment Lake
  • Lukasbird : Im actually really curious alskdgs
  • Gaa : about vhat?
  • Lukasbird : about
  • Lukasbird : this disappointment lake
  • Lukasbird : and disappointment mountain
  • Gaa : xDDDDD go there
  • Gaa : you'll be
  • Gaa : disappointed
  • Lukasbird : GAA...................................
  • Gaa : 8D
  • Lukasbird : SMOTHERS U

birdouche-blog  asked:

Gaa bruises easily like a peach but you know what else that means? That means under all that soft and easy bruise stuff he's got a hard core that'll break all your teeth so no you don't mess with Gaa because he's damn PEACHY


wait does that mean people have to bite me in order for me to break their teeth I just don’t know