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Kass Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

A humble accordion-playing anthropomorphic bird with big arms/wings, strong shoulders, gentle look, strong features like neck, beak and big tail, being furbait? My first ever bird-crush being furbait? If we were going to go into the technical side, this is an Avianbait character, but the furry community is mainly split in the 4 categories of animal (Furry, Avian, Scalie, and fish [I count sharks and whales with that]) and Pokemon. In short, yes, he is furrybait.


Look at these beautiful poses our wonderbird does, here in this art by Zaush. He is an exuberant character and deserves our love. He is the epitome of kindness and hotness. 

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This birdman is a birdman a birdman of love love love love love love love


Look at him. He’s bashful about his music! I love him so much. In conclusion, yes. Kass is furbait, but look at him. Each time I look at him, I fall in love all over again.

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You Are 7 Months Pregnant, You’ve Been Stressing Alot Lately, Because You Didn’t Think Chris Wouldn’t Be Helping,Because He Hasn’t, Why? Well Because He’s been Doing His Drugs. Cocaine..


‘Chris, Can You Help Me With The Baby’s Room, I Need Help With The Crib?’

'I’m Busy, C'mon Do It Yourself’

'Chris, Please’


He Gets Up, Grabs His Stuff, He Walks In With His Cocaine & Sets It On The Baby’s Dresser & Sniffs It..


'You Know Shut Up! Just Shut Up!’

'Why Should I?! I Want You To Help Me But Instead You’re Doing Your Cocaine.’

'You Know The Reason I’m Doing This It’s Because I Don’t Give A Damn About You or The Baby, As The Matter Of Fact, That Baby Isn’t Mine, You Know What? Get Out!’

'No!’ You Shouted Back..

'No, Because I’m Not Going To Get Out With My Baby, Why Can’t You Get Out?’

'Because I Shouldn’t It’s My House, So Get Out!’ He Pushes You Of The Room, & Throws His Watch At You..The Watch You Given Him For His Birthday.

You Get Your Purse, & Your Some Of Belongings, You Walk Out & Get In Your Car..

You Drive To Your Apartment, Lay In Your Bed, & Rub Your Belly, Start Talking To Your Belly.

'It’s Going To Be Okay Baby, Your Father No Longer Need Us, You Still Have Mommy..’


You Dial Shane’s Number, He’s Like A Brother To You, Picks Up.


'Hey Shane, Are You Busy?’

'No, Why?’

'Want To Hangout? I Need Someone To Hangout With.’

'Sure, Is Everything Okay?’

'No, But I Need To Get Over It.’

'Okay, Where Are You?’

'At My Apartment..’


Shane Gets You, You Two Hangout At The Mall, He’s Helping You With Choosing Baby Clothes, He’s Being Very Helpful

'So What Happened With You & Bird?’

'Well, Chris Got Back To His Drugs, & Since I’m 7 Months Pregnant, I’m Doing All The Stuff..He Hasn’t Help Me, I Asked Him Nicely He Gave Me His Bitchy Attitude, & I Asked Again, So He Helped But Yet He Was Snorting Cocaine.. I Don’t Want
That Around My Child So He Kicked Me Out.’

'Are You Serious? Bird Needs To Get His Shit Together, You Don’t Derserve That Shit I’ll Talk To Him..The Whole Team Will Go Talk To Him..’

'Thank You But I Think My Baby Will Be Okay Without Him’

'What Do You Need From Chris' ?’

'I Need The Crib & The Stroller, The Rest I Can Buy’

'Okay, After This I’ll Drop You Off, & I’ll Drive To Chris’ & Grab The Crib & Stroller..’

'Thank You Shane, Oh Look, There Are The Jerseys’

'How Cute, Grab My Jersey..’

'Oh Shut Up, I Will, LeBron’s, Dwyane’s, C.B’s & Chris”

After Shopping Shane Drops You Off & You Lay In Bed, & Take A Nap, You Smile As Your Baby Moves’

-1 Hour Later-

You Hear A Knock On The Door, You Look Through The Doorhole..It’s Shane & LeBron..You Open It..

'Hey Guys C'mon Hey LeBron’

'Hey So Where Do You Want The Crib Setup’

'Here In My Room, Right Here In This Space’

'Okay, Me & LeBron Will Set It Up’

'Thanks You Guys, So How Was Chris?’

'He Was Gone , He Didn’t Talk To Us’

'He Was High’ LeBron Said

'Of Course. Seriously I Wished He Didn’t Do His Drugs Again..’


You Made Dinner For Them..They Finished Setting Up The Crib & The Stroller, Your Daughter Will Be Having The Best Life..

'Dinner’s Ready!’

'So Decided A Name Yet?’ LeBron Asked.

'Yeah, Collette Marie’

'How Cute, She Even Bought Jerseys With Our Numbers’

’ Did You?’


-2 Months Later-

You Call Mike..


'Mike, Mike, I Need To Get To The Hospital, My Waterbroke!’

'Oh Shit, We Have To Call Chris!’

'No, No I Don’t Want Him’

'Hey Look We Each Help Him Get Out Of It’

'Look Michael I Need To Get The…Ouch!

’ Oh Fuck I Get There’


Mike Takes You To The Hospital, You Two Get There, He Carries You Out..

'Please Mike, Please, Don’t Leave My Side’



Mike Goes Into The Labor Room, He Puts On His Scrub, & Holds Your Hand..


You Hear the Door Open, Mike Looks Who It Is..He Gives A Poker Face..He Leaves..

'Hey’ It Was Him, Chris He Looks Sober, Clean, But You See Tears Running His Cheeks, You Held Out Your Hand, & Smile Even Though You’re In Pain. You Grab His Hand, Kissing It Gently…

'I’m So Sorry..’

'Shh..Chris, Please, Don’t Ruin This Moment, This Is Your Best Moment, I’m Bringing Our Daughter To The World, Baby, Please Don’t Cry..I Won’t Leave Your Side, Neither Is Baby Collette..’

’ I Know, I Know. I Just Don’t Want This To Happened Again, I Quit The Drugs, I Want To Be There For My Old Woman & My Princess..I Love You, Just Let Me Be Part Of Your Life..’

'You Don’t Need To Ask Me, To Be Part Of Your Daughter’s or My Life, You Know Why? Because You Always Been Part Of It, I Love You To Christopher.’

You Winced..

'Doc! She’s In Pain..

'Oh Geez, She’s Dilated, Okay ______, Til I Count To Three You Push Okay? 1, 2, 3 Push!’

You Are Pushing, Squeezing Chris’ Hand..

'Take A Deep Breathe..Okay 1…2…3 Push, Push, Push!’

You Keep On Pushing, Until You Hear A Baby Cry..

'Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Andersen It’s A Baby Girl, Mr. Andersen Would You Like To Cut The Umbilical Cord?’

He Looks Down At You, You Smile & Give Him A Nod.. He Cuts The Cord, The Nurses Clean Baby Collette Up & Weighed Her..

'Here She Is..’ The Nurse Said As She Hands You Baby Coco, She’s Beautiful, Dark Blonde Hair, & Eyes Like Her Dad, & The Rest Like You..

'She’s So Perfect, Just Like Her Perfect Mother..’

’ & Her Father, Want To Carry Her Babe?’

'Yes..’ You Hand Baby Coco To Chris, He Looks Adorable Holding Your Newborn Daughter, Brings You A Big Smile On Your Face..’

'Uncle Mike Is In The House’ Mike Said As He Hugged You..

'Congrats To Both Of Ya..’

'Thank You’

'She’s Beautiful, Like Her Uncle’ You Giggled..

'Oh Mike.,’

'So Are You Two Good?’

'Yes..We Are. I Love You Chris..’

'I Love You Too My Two Princesses..’ He Pecks You A Kiss..On Your Lips & Baby Coc’s Forehead.

-The End-

You’re Best Friends With Shane, He Just Invited You To Go Camping..He Said His Friend Were Going, Which Means His Teammates Are Coming Along..You Were Excited You Got Along With Every Teammate Except For One Teammate..Now This Teammate Hated You For Some Reason, Shane Knew He Hated You, But He Didn’t Knew About You Falling In Love With This Teammate, & This Teammate Was Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen, You Just Want To Know What Have You Done Wrong That Made Him Hate You..


You’re Packing Up For Camp, You’re Excited But Scared Because Of Chris..But You Wanted To Hang Around With The Guys..

Your Phone Starts To Ring, You Look At The Caller ID It Was Shane..

’_______, We’re Out Here.’

'Okay, Coming!’

You Walk Out The Door With Some Things You Need..

'Hey There!’ Shane Greeted.

'Hey Everyone Is There?’


You Walk In Inside The Bus, You See Every Player..Though Chris Walks To The Back Of The Bus & Sits There Chilling..


Once All Of You Get There, Shane Puts You Guys In Pairs..Hoping He Doesn’t Put You With Chris But Guess What? He Did..

'Okay, Bird & _______, You Two Have This Cabin’

'Yo’, Can I Switch?’ Chris Asked As He Gives You An Angry Contact..As You’re Looking Down..

'Nope..Sorry Bro..’


You Start Unpacking, But You Can Feel Chris Staring At You With Hatred…

'I Really Don’t Know Why Am I Staying With You, I Shouldn’t Be Around With A Crazy Psycho Whore Like You, I Always Hated You, I’ll Always Hate You, If I Were I’d Better Be Careful With That Bed, It Won’t Resist Your Weight’ He Said, It Broke Your Heart, That Really Hurt, You’re Trying To Hold Back Tears..

'Are You Going To Cry? Gosh, You’re Such A Sensitive Whiny Bitch..’

'You Know What I’ll Just Leave’ You Grab Your Stuff..

’ I’m Sorry If I Done Something Wrong For You To Hate Me..’ You Walk To Door, But He Quickly Shuts It..

'You’re Not Going Anywhere..’

'Why The Fuck Not? What? So You Can Fucking Hurt My Feelings? Why Should I? You Know What, Fuck You! Fuck You! Now Move Please’ You Yelled At Him, He Doesn’t Move..

'Please Move, Move Please’ You Hit His Chest & Sob Quietly..

'Please, Move..’

'No..’ He Whispered..

'Chris Seriously I Don’t Want To Bother You & Make You Hate Me More, You Hate Me So Much Already!’

'Look I’m Sorry..’

'Oh Bullshit, You Just Want Me To Stay So You Can Tell Me Your Hate Towards Me, When I’m In Love With You? Now Please Let Me Go.’ You Shouted

He Still Doesn’t Move, You Sit On The Ground, Curl Yourself, As You Cry..

’_______, Look At Me, Please Look At Me..’ He Raises Your Head Up..

'Don’t Touch Me’

'Listen To Me, Look I’m So Sorry, Yeah, I Know I Made Mistakes Towards You, I’m Sorry For Calling You Those Names’

’ Chris..’

'No, Please Let Me Talk!’

'Look, If You Want To Switch Cabins, I’ll Switch, But Before I Go, I Have To Ask You..Y-You Love Me?’

'Yes Chris, But I Couldn’t Tell You Because You Had So Much Hate Towards -’ You’re Interrupted By Him Kissing You Passionately..You’re Trying Your Best Not To Kiss Him Back, But Yet You Kissed Him Back. You Pulled Away & He Sits On His Bed, You Sit On His Lap, Look Deeply In His Eyes..

'I’m So Sorry Bug..’ He Said, He Removed His Shoes & You Removed Yours..

'Shut Up & Kiss Me..’ You Take Off His Shirt, He Kisses Your Neck..

'Oh…’ You Moan Softly, He Gets Up, Lifting You Up, Lays You Down Without Letting You Go..He Lays On Top Of You, He Unbottons Your Blouse, Kisses Your Chest Softy, Sniffing Your Soft Scented Skin..

'May I?’ He Asked, You Nodded Your Head Yes..So He Unclips, Exposing Your Breasts, He Massages Them Quickly With His Strong Hands, Leans Down, Sucks Your Swollen Hard Nipples..

'Chris..’ You Whisperely Moaned, He Removes Your Jeans, He Removes His, He Continues Kissing You, He Starts Grinding On You, You Can Feel His Erection On Your Wetness..You Roll Over, You Start To Grind On Him, Still Kissing Him, You Feel His Hands On Your Ass Squeezing Them Cheeks, & Spanked You..

He Grabs The Hem Of Your Panties, Pulls Them Down, You Help Him..He Flips You Over, He Removes His Boxers, He Takes Out A Condom Out Of His Bag, Rolls The Condom Down His Manhood..

'You Ready Baby?’ He Seductively Asked You. You Nodded, You Open Your Legs Wide Enough, He Pushes Himself Into You, He Grabs The Bed Header, Thrusting Inside You Slowly & Passionate..

'Ah..Oh, Yeah..Fuck..’

'making You Feel Good Baby?’

'Real Good, Yeah..Mmm.’

He Pulls Out Of You, Gesturing You To Get On Fours, You Obeyed, He Again Pushes Himself Into You..

'Chris..Baby, Fuck Me Faster..’

He Started Fucking You Faster, You Grab The Sheets..

'Oh Yeah…Chris..Mmm..Baby!’

'Ride On Me’ He Whispered In Your Ear..

You Nodded, He Laid Down, You Sit On Top Of Him, Grab His Manhood, Push It In You, & Start Riding Him, Your Hands On His Chest..His Hands On your Hips, Gripping You..

'Baby You Feel So Good, Ride Me Faster!’

You Did What He Asked You..

'That’s It, Oh Fuck..’

'Chris, I Can’t Hold It’

'Let Go Baby..’

You Let Your Juice Squirt Out, He Removes His Condom, You Sit On Him..

'Fill Me In Baby’ You Whispered, He Let His Load Get Inside You, You Leaned In & Kissed Him, He Kissed You Back..You Two Laid By Each Other..

'That Was Amazing Baby’

'Yeah, I Love You Chris..’

’& I Love You My Princess.’

'Bird, You Sure Know How To Make A Girl Scream’ You Were So Embarassed When You Heard Shane..

'Hey, Don’t Worry, They Know You Are Mine..’

'Hmm..I Love You Baby’

’& I Love You Too..

You Two Were Kissing Until Both Of You Fell Fitfully Asleep, In Each Others’ Arms..

-The End-

You Had A Stressful Day At Work, You Came To Work Late, Your Boss Yelled At You, You Had To Finished A Project At Work, So You Decided To Quit.

It’s Raining & Dark, You Live In Florida So Obviously It Is Going To Rain, You Get Inside Your Car, You Want To Punch Someone In The Face, You Just Sit There Tweeting..

‘Can’t This Day Get Any Worse’ You Thought To Yourself.

You Start The Car, Start Driving.

'At Least A Little Bit Of Music Won’t Hurt..’ You Said.

-Hours Later-

You Are Driving Until You Car Slows Down, You’re Battery Died..

'Are You Fucking Serious? Fuck!’ You Shout To Yourself, You Opened The Hood, & Look At Battery, Yup It’s Dead..

You Try To Call For Help, Until You Find Out That Your Phone Is Dead Too..

'Great Just Fucking Great! Fuck My Life!’

Hours Later, You See A Black Escalade Pullover, The Windows Roll Down, You See A Man With A TapOut Sweater & It Seemed He Had Tattoos All Over..

'You Need A Ride?’ He Asked Nicely..

'Well I Need A Jump My Battery Died’

'Well I Don’t Have A Jump Cord, Get In I’ll Give You A Ride’

You Grab Your Purse, You Get Inside The Vehicle, He Sees Shaking, He Takes Off His Sweater, Hands It To You..



'I’m Nice, You’re Freezing So Here’ You Take The Sweater..

'May I Borrow Your Phone? Mine Died.’

'Sure’ He Hands You His Phone, You Call For A Tow Truck.

You Done Calling, You Hand The Phone To Him..

'So What’s Your Name Young Lady?’


’________, Hi My Name Is Chris, Nice To Meet You’

'Nice To Meet You Too, Chris’

‘Where Are You Coming From?’

'From My Job, Well Actually I Quit, I Couldn’t Take It Anymore..’

'Bad Day?’

'Pretty Much.’

'My House Is Close, So I Think You Should Stay For The Night, I Have A Guest Room You Can Sleep In’

'That’ll Be Nice Thank You’

'No Problem’

Minutes Later, You Two Get To His House, Its Huge, He Grabs An Umbrella & Opens It, He Puts The Umbrella Over You. He Opens The Door..

'Come In’

'Thank You, You Have A Beautiful Home’

'Thank You, I’ll Be I’ll Prepare Some Coffee But First Let Me Get You Some Clothes, Make Yourself A Home, You Can Have A Shower In My Bathroom.’

'Thank You, But-’

'I Know, No Worries My Ex Left Her Clothes Here, They’re New..No Worries..’

'Thank You..’

You Undress, Yourself & You Get In The Shower, You Feel Relaxed. You Walk Out The Bathroom, You See Bra & Panties With Tags, Luckily You See That They’re Your Size, Also He Left A Robe, You Untangle Your Hair, Sit On His Bed, You Hear A Knock..

’_______? Are You Dressed?’


'Here, I Made You Some Coffee’

'Thank You, Mmm, You Make Good Coffee..’

'Thank You’

You Keep Drinking His Coffee, You Feel Two Bare Strong Hands On Your Shoulders, He’s Starts Massaging Your Back..


He Lifts Up Your Hair, Starts Kissing Your Neck Softly, You Put Your Hand On His Head, He Unties Your Robe, Unclasps Your Bra, You Let The Bra Slide Off, He Squeezes Your Breast..

'Chris..’ You Whispered, He Gets Up Take Off His Shirt, Shoes, & Jeans, Gestures You Too Get Up, You Do, You Get On Your Knees, Pull Down His Boxers, Take Him Inside Your Mouth & Suck & Lick His Shaft..


He Gets You Up, Lifts You Up, Wraps Your Legs Around His Waist, You Keep On Kissing Him Passionately, He Walks Back To Lay On Bed, Without Letting You Go, You Get Up & Remove Your Panties Go Back On Off Him, Insert His Shaft Inside You, Grind Your Hips Against His..

'Fuck Baby You’re So Tight..’

'Oh Gosh, Mmm..Yes..Oh Baby..’

He Flips You Over, Spreads Your Legs Wider, So He Can Go Deeper..

'How Does That Feel Baby?’

'So Good..Mmm’

Chris Felt His Tighten, He Tried So Hard Not To Cum..

'Fuck _____, I’m So Close’

'Shit So Am I, Chris..Ahh..’ You Let Go He Pulls Out Of But You Stop..

'Cum In Me Baby..’ He Pushes Himself In Again & Fills Your With His Seed..

'That Was…’

'Amazing’ He Finished You Off…

’_______, Will Be The Honor To Be My Girlfriend?’

'Yes, Baby, I’d Look To Be Your Girlfriend..’

'I Love You My Princess’

’ I Love You Too My Prince’