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Please check out this link! Calling out to all my empathic fellow human beings. So I didn’t plan on falling in love with this little guy, but I did and I’m so determined to take him off the shelf and create an amazing,loving bond with him! Unfortunately our little buddy comes with a big price that with your help I can reach! With all assests to take care of him ready, all that’s missing is HIM! PLEASE HELP A FELLOW BIRD LOVER!

New Birdwatching patch is now available by @alexriegertwaters. A white finch, this patch is $6 and is available at the link in his bio. Limited to 100 each.

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Pretty sure I have a future wrestler on my hands! Bully’s recently taken up trying to do suicide dives off the top of his cage down to the floor! When I take him to my dads place, we’ve had to set the cage up on a lower table so that he’s not falling from a greater height. I think he’s just still learning that he can’t fly at all anymore, whereas in the past even with his wings clipped he was able to get some kind of flight going.