Boo and the baby Moluccan cockatoo pt1. He is usually an asshole with other birds. #cockatoos #goffins #moluccancockatoo #boobird #babybird #goffinscockatoo #goffinsofinstagram #cockatoosofinstagram #makingmemories #makingfriends #birdlover #boobird

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Gemma has this new habit of flying on top of the blinds and staying there. I’m about a thousand percent certain she flies up there the second I leave the house and stays there all day until I get home and shoo her down, she gets so grumpy when I shoo her down and tries to bite. She loves it up there for some reason.

Smashing, My Dear Poppet

A look into my flock: Introducing baby Nigel!

Species: Moustached Parakeet (Psittacula alexandri)

Born: March 28, 2016

Likes: Chewing, learning new phrases, bathing, going out in the rain, FOOD, kisses, treats, only being loud when daddy is trying to sleep, pushing his brother off the cage, staring blankly, pooping, autumn weather, watching TV, car rides, scaring people out the window, laughing.

Hates: Petting, large shadows, not getting any of your food, the thermostat, sudden movements.

Named after the one and only Nigel Thornberry, this little guy is spunky and unpredictable (in a good way). He’s a thinker, constantly studying his surroundings and learning new things. Although he generally stays silent most of the day, this little guy has some booming vocals when he uses them, and can even say a few phrases. He’s a very sweet bird with an interesting personality balance between calm and anxious.