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Sam Wilson x reader 


Beginners post. 

You sit on the couch with some popcorn and Tony’s good rum and continue to watch the SPN series. 

“Dean you are one fine piece of ass.” You mumble under your breath.
“Oh sure you admire his ass but what about mine.” The familiar voice sends shiver through you, Sam Wilson give you a toothy grin.
“I give yours a 9 but Dean, Dean is a 10… thousand.” You laugh at his expression of defeat. He sits close to you, and you can smell the Giorgio Armani cologne coming off of him. You try to look at the TV but you can’t help it. You wanted to be cuddled, you wanted to be touched, you wanted to be loved… but Sam never saw you that way. You knew that but it didn’t stop you from reaching and caressing his face. He grabs your hand out of reflex and he holds it in his. He keeps his eyes on the screen and he pulls you into his embrace.
You feel warm and comfortable, you feel safe.
“So his brothers name is Sam too?”
“Yes, and he is gunning for the 10 thousand crew too.” You smirk at the screen.
“They has to be a superpower dying and living again the next seasons and Cas, he’s badass. I’d give him a 12… million.” He looks down at you and you are in shock.
“I keep up with the Winchesters too. They are an interesting trio.”
“And Crowley?”
“That asshole? What about him?” Sam raises an eyebrow at the screen.
“What do you rate him?” You ask wrapping your arm around his chiseled stomach. You swore he was flexing just for you.
“I give him a 5…”
“You’re cruel.” You giggle as his arm around you tightens. Your breathing hitches as his hand caresses your legs.
“Sammy?” You move away and turn your body to face him. He stops looking at the screen and faces you.
“Yes y/n?”
“On a scale of 1-10 rate me?” You ask the impossible of him. He doesn’t know how to answer but the pause made you feel awkward. You nod and give him time you get up and begin to clean up the area. When he doesn’t answer you feel a bit uncomfortable, you force yourself to laugh and turn off the TV.
“I’m just kidding. Relax Sam.” You walk away to the kitchen washing the bowl, tossing out the trash, and just try to ignore the stinging feeling in your chest.
“Y/N…” Sam walks into the kitchen almost whispering your name, you can barely hear him over your own heart beat.
“It’s alright Sam, I was kidding around. I just remembered I had to do something for Tony. I’ll see you later.”
You leave the kitchen and make a beeline for the elevator.
Sam stands there confused at what just happened. She wouldn’t look at him, it was like he was a disease to her.
“You know, she was giving you a hint there buddy.” Tony says grabbing his near half empty bottle of Rum off the counter.
“What?” Sam’s trying to collect his thoughts.
“She likes you Sam, she always has and still does. Thought I don’t know what for, you always keep her in the friend zone and yet you treat her like a girlfriend… I don’t maybe you’re kind of leading her on?” Tony pulls out a cup and fills it and hands Sam another cup filling it as well.
“I never put her in the friend zone… and I am not leading her on.” Sam gets defensive. Tony raises his hands, palms out.
“It’s just what I’m reading. You have to be blunt with Y/N otherwise she will move on…” Tony grabs his bottle and heads out of the kitchen waving as he walked away to the stairs.

“I’m an idiot… why did I think he would ever be into me?” You cry out to Wanda who just lets you lie on her lap as she strokes your head.
“No you’re not, maybe Sam does like you, did you even ask him?”
“No… I can’t. I’d rather us just be friends than ruin it with asking him that question.” She sits up trying not to cry.
“Hun don’t do this to yourself, I’m sure he doesn’t even know you like him like that… if fact, do you know for sure that he doesn’t like you?”
You go silent and listen to her.
“Just talk to him and if he doesn’t like you, there is always Bucky, Steve, Coulson, Happy, hey and maybe even the King of Wakanda.”
You throw a pillow so hard at Wanda she falls off the bed to the floor. She is laughing and sends it flying back at you as you laugh.
“I as, Queen of Wakanda, banish you Wanda Maximoff.” You joke and shake your head.
“I am sorry my Queen…” They both go into a laughing fit.
“So the Queen of Wakanda… huh?” Sam’s voice interrupts your laughing as you sit up quickly and highly embarrassed. Sam gives you a side ways glance, you get off the bed and walk toward him.
“Sam.…how long have you been standing there?” You ask.
“Long enough… Sorry I’m not the right black guy.” He walks off in a huff.
At this point your run after him completely angry with him.
“What the hell does that mean?” You practically shove him into a corner. He glares at you but there wasn’t anger tinting his eyes but pain.
“I mean, I guess you’re into the rich suave guys huh?” His voice cold.
“Sammy, you don’t get to say that to me. As long as we have been friends, since when have I ever looked at a man for his riches or his status?”
He doesn’t answer but looks over your head out the window. You grab his chin and direct his focus on to you.
“Sammy, I love YOU. Not the King of Wakanda! You’re such an idiot.” You storm away from him leaving him dumbfounded.
“You let him have it!” Wanda laughs walking out of your quarters to give you two some space. You sit fuming playing some old school R&B to soothe your angry heart.
He finally comes fumbling into your room, he can’t get himself to look at you. You find something to fiddle with in your room.
“So, I may not be a King, but I would love to take you out.” He says with a sly smile. You narrow your eyes at him not even cracking so much as a grin.
“Y/N… I’m sorry, I just can’t believe someone so damn amazing, so sexy, so talented, and so unique could love someone like me… I never knew that the one I’ve been looking for this whole time has been in front of me.” He pauses and caresses your face, sending shivers through you heating your core. “y/n, please…" He leans in, looking into your eyes then down to your lips, you bite your lip instinctively. He runs his thumb over your soft lips and he kisses you. You drop the item you had in your hands, you feel your stomach tighten as he pulls away. You both smile and without another word you straddle him and look into his beautiful brown eyes and ask, 

"Sammy, so what from a scale of 1-10, what do you rate me?”
“None, the limit does not exists.” He says smugly giving you a boyish grin.
“Smart man.…now what were we doing again?” You says coyly.
“This…” He flips you onto the bed, pinning you as he envelopes you into a deep passionate kiss. If you were standing your knees would have buckled.

“So… did he take the bait?” Tony asks handing Wanda a glass of rum.
“Oh yeah. He took it.” Wanda laughs, downing her shot, she turns to leave to find Vision. She wanted to know what he would rate her as.


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So many people are underestimating them but I have that hunch that says otherwise.