Making my list of the people that will be in my ceremony and reception. I can not wait! I also started deciding on my brides maid and man it’s hard because I don’t have friend.. :( but of course family members but i have a few that are actually my age.. I also have to find a new maid of honor because the person I asked decided to just cut me off. Oh well, no skin off my bones. But picking and choosing is difficult. 


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Going to shul today for the first time in months was really awesome.

My friend’s chatan was also there and I guess he doesn’t speak a lot of English since he was raised in Israel and went to NY for Yeshiva, but he has this cute red beard and it kind of really adorable.

I wish I could go to shul next week, but I’m getting my wisdom teeth out Friday morning but at least I get to go to the bridal shower and got an invite to the wedding! Now I just have to find a fancy tznius dress when I have less than $200 in the bank. I’m still trying to find a tznius birdesmaids dress for my other friends wedding so I can maybe wear that but I’m still have a hard time finding something tznius, the right color, and within my budget. I’m going to go shopping tomorrow and probably end up spending my food money but I’ll figure something out.

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I’ve had so many orders this week through my little facebook page. Making lots of cat bow tie collars, a couple of birthday bow bundles and a lady asking for hair bows and little bow ties for the birdesmaids and page boys at her vow renewal. Feeling so happy and proud of myself :D if you want to check it out :) x