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Interview with Costume Designer Justine Seymour

Costume Designer Justine Seymour at The Sessions premier.

Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, The Sessions, Mission Impossible II.. all blockbuster    movies with creative elements from the fascinating mind of designer Justine Seymour.  Justine is a Critic’s Circle award winning international costume designer.  Her original creations have been seen on Helen Hunt, John Hawks, William H. Macy, Michelle Monaghan, Adam Arkin & more.  Her recent movie, Dear Eleanor (produced by Leo DiCaprio & directed by Kevin Connolly) is a flashback to 1962 starring Luke Wilson, Jessica Alba, Isabelle Fuhrman, Joel Courtney & Liana Liberato.  
I was honored to catch up with Justine during her busy shooting schedule to learn more about her creative process & the FUN that keeps her one of the most sought after costume designers in the industry.

5 Quick Stats with Costume Designer Justine Seymour

1. Australians do __FUN_____ better!

2. If I had not become a Costume Designer I would surely have been Production Designer, Interior Designer, just some sort of design.

3. Wallflower on the dance floor or TURN IT UP LOUD I wanna boogie!! 
I wanna Boogie!!

4. The one person I have yet to costume, but would LOVE to is 
Meryl Streep

5. You are stranded on a desert can only have three items in your Costume Kit. What are they??!  Sewing machine, scissors and thread.

Justine on Set..

You have accomplished so many amazing things in your career! Designing originals for Major Motion Pictures, Short Films as well as Television Series. Which projects do you enjoy working on the most?

Feature films but really they are all fun as it is all story telling through character and that is my passion.

I am beyond excited to see the wardrobe you are creating for DEAR ELEANOR. I am a huge fan of fashion in the 1960’s. Where are you seeking your inspiration for the film ?

I have looked at iconic 1960’s fashion especially Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn but as we are shooting country town USA, I am looking at Sears catalogs, Simplicity patterns and newspapers from that time and a little before to late 50’s.
There is only one character that is up to date with her fashion and that is the Jessica Alba character; Daisy.

Isabelle Fuhrman & Joel Courtney from Dear Eleanor
(photo from Just Jared)

How much of the costuming actually derives from an actor’s personality? Or is it 100% character driven?
 The Characters come from the script, I bring them into the physical world through my designs and then present my ideas to the Director and then finally to the actor and if I have done my job well, they usually find the character easily, there is always a little tweaking and I love to include actors ideas and wishes. I try and have a chat with the cast well before I start sourcing my wardrobe and drawing my designs.

Do you have a favorite costume from cinema ( past or present) & who are your personal fashion icons?

 I do not have a favorite outfit but my two favorite 
costume designers are Eiko Ishioka and Colleen Atwood.

Design is a fluid and organic process that captures moods, emotions and personalities on a subliminal level. I find it fascinating and stimulating.

Thank YOU lovely Justine.
Carry on the fabulosity!