birdeating spider

Bird-eating Spider || Jim and Sherlock

Sherlock slowly awoke slowly, completely dazed and engulfed in darkness, head spinning as he gave himself a moment to adjust to his surroundings. With a grumble, he assumed he had worked himself to exhaustion again and passed out, moving to sit up. A tug at his wrist stopped him, barely allowing any movement at all. He let out a breath, trying to think of what it could be before he confirmed his fears. Rope. He was bound down, trapped.

Tugging at the binds with a futile effort, his wings ruffled underneath him, alerting him that they were also loose, another damning factor in the situation. Stilling, he decided that movement would do him more harm than good, wrists already slightly raw. A shuffled movement echoed from behind him, someone getting to their feet. “Let me go..” He growled, an unsurpassed anger and annoyance in his voice as he struggled to catch a glimpse of his attacker.