Jess and I avec Fred! The gig was really, really great. Bar the proper ladsy types that weren’t exactly moshing, more violently shoving themselves into other people and generally making it unpleasant for most people. No Adventure was brilliant, as they had the crowd sing part of the chorus with them, as demonstrated by the guitar player of Swim Deep (the lead singer of which, Austin, is really actually rather quite hot.) Getting to talk to some friends I knew who were going to the gig was also rather dandy, especially as one got Fred to have a picture with us. We’d met before… a few hours prior to the gig at the train station; he was looking a bit lost, so me and my friends went over to say hi and it was suitably awkward but nice. He remembered me, which was sweet. I’d have loved to talk to him for a bit and let him know how much I adore his music, but I fear my words would have failed and I’d have miscommunicated and he had to go anyway. All in all, it was fantastic, Fred’s very polite and sweet and the night’s not long enough (we’re not strong enough) WOAHH OOWWOAAHH OOWOAHH!