birdcage charm

Tonight I was thinking through the betrothal of a certain couple on CR, and in the process of wondering how it might have come about, I came around to the Winter’s Crest ball that happened during the year-long timeskip. My original idea there was fairly simple, rather fairy-tale like, and was entirely about Percy and Vex. Then I started writing it, other characters showed up, and banter happened. So this is going to turn out somewhat longer than planned. :) Since I’m enjoying how things are proceeding so far, though, have a sample of the WIP. More to come later.

Spoilers (minor, since the ball happened off-camera) through Episode 95, and will eventually allude to certain things in 104.

The masquerade was a game as much as a dance, and it had always been so. Tonight, however, on this Winter’s Crest, it felt especially momentous. Percy knew he was on the cusp of discovering just how significant the night might become.

In the halls of Castle Whitestone were dozens of masked figures, some of them more anonymous than others. All of them, of course, had been carefully vetted at the gates, so if Percy wanted he could identify everyone with ease. A few observant glances here, a whispered question to the guards there, and he could unravel every disguise in an instant. But this masquerade ball—the first proper one Whitestone had held in years—had its charms tied up in pretense, and in the occasional true flash of art. So Percy avoided picking at the threads. He observed the costumes with only detached interest, caring to find one thing and one thing alone.

He was searching for one singular dancer, not yet obvious in the crowd.

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