dinner date

jen had a long day at work she just wanted to relax and unwind. she got an idea to give clint a call to go out for dinner. the 3 days being fake married he wasn’t that bad and in the end he was sweet. she called him and left a message for him to meet her at the restaurant down the street. she changed into a nice cocktail dress and matching heels.

Office Work

Maria sat in her office, shuffling papers. She’d been in the office for 30 hours straight, and the pile of papers never seemed to get smaller. Maria needed to get out, but this was her job and the job that Fury assigned her for the next two weeks.

movie night

when jen got home from the restaurant she took off her dress and put some jeans and a t-shirt on. then she cleaned her apartment a little bit before clint came over. she cleaned up the kitchen a bit and threw some trash away. then she picked up some cloths that were on the floor and put them in her hamper. then she sat down on the couch and waited for the door to knock.