birdbaths for your garden

EXO Demigod AU: [a visit from sehun]

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genre: oneshot (pg)

summary: in which sehun comes to see you.

word count: 867

a/n: the summary isn’t very specific, i’m sorry :/ i just wasn’t sure how to summarize it. anyway, my requests are open!

“What, no stone throwing this time?” You quipped jokingly, sticking your head out the window to get a better look at Sehun, “You’re getting lazy, I see.”

He had a lazy smile pasted onto his face, the same smile he always wore when he saw you.

“After how your dad screamed at me last time, I decided to pass, so just let me up,” he called up to you from the ground below after quickly sticking out his tongue. Though you couldn’t hear it, you watched him mutter, “You’re too old to be living with your parents, anyhow.”

“The ladder’s right there,” you shouted back, gesturing to the metal ladder propped up against the side of your house. Conveniently, it was positioned so he could travel upward with ease.

“I walked here and you’re still making me work to see you?” He visibly huffed as he started climbing, “I’m about ready to resign, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“You wouldn’t dare,” you called his bluff so easily, retracting your torso from where it hung out the window. As he came closer, you reached out and pulled him into the room, “You love me too much for that.”

Now that he was successfully in your bedroom, you both sat comfortably on the end of your bed.

“Yeah, tell me ‘bout it.”

The way he pressed his slender fingers to your cheeks felt light and airy; almost nonexistent in the moment leading up to his lips crashing onto yours.

A light gust of wind poured into the room through the still-opened window, your sheer curtains fluttering in the sudden breeze. Even your hair was pushed back by the zephyr your lover had conjured up with his birth given talents.

It set the perfect mood for the lingering moment — lighthearted and innocent, reminiscent of your first kiss atop the roof of his own home.

“Show off,” you muttered teasingly against his lips.

“I may not be able to make the sunflowers bloom for you or the birds sing that melody you like so much, but I can do that.”

He pulled his touch from your skin to point out the window. Long, thick tree branches swayed in the cool air currents, along with the flowers in your mothers garden. The small birdbath had ripples dancing across the water like a ballet dancer on stage; light and pretty, something your eyes were drawn to like a magnet.

“If you’re not careful, you could cause a hurricane somewhere else in the world,” you looked up for a second while scanning over every memory in your arsenal, “I think my father called it “the butterfly effect” or something like that when I was younger.“

He scoffed dramatically, but the flecks of amusement in his deep brown — nearly black — eyes showed his true feelings. Sehun was a very prideful young man who would never ghost this to anyone, but he secretly didn’t mind your light chastising so much.

“When did this turn into a lecture?”

“Ages ago, when you started letting that demigod nonsense get to your head,” you reached over to your side table and grabbed a pack of cigarettes, as well as a lighter, “It’s made you into a real cocky asshole, Oh Sehun.”

His judging gaze was glued to you as you took one of the long white, orange tipped sticks from the pack and brought it up to your lips.

Now was his chance to do a bit of scolding.

“That isn’t healthy for you,” he made a grab for the cigarette hanging from your lips, but failed as you blocked his movements with your hand, “Fine. I doubt you’ll be able to get a good light right now anyway.”

He fell back onto the bed and sighed. Your smoking habit was something he’d been nagging you to quit for ages now.

“I’ve been with your windy ass for nearly a year and nothing you’ve done thus far has stopped me from reaching for any of my vices.”

“Wow,” he said, his words exuding sarcasm, “Thanks for making me feel like such a great boyfriend.”

The moment you got a flame to burst from the bright blue lighter, the wind picked up considerably, knocking down the small fire. You waited for it to die down a bit before trying again, just to get the same result. And a third time as well.

“Stop that, Sehun,” you commanded lightly, “It’s fine, I swear.”

“It won’t be fine when you get lung cancer,” he propped his head up on his hand while smirking smugly, “but please, continue. It’s cute watching you fail.”

You scoffed in defeat and threw the lighter and the cigarette onto the bed, “Don’t get used to winning. Your head gets too big for me to handle sometimes.”

“After the lengths I went through today, I deserve a win, don’t you think?”

He raised a dark eyebrow at you.

Though you rolled your eyes, you smiled. Yes, he only walked a mile and climbed one ladder, but you still loved the gesture like he had crossed oceans just to see you.

“Oh, bite me,” you responded, trying to conceal your adoration for him.

“That can definitely be arranged, babydoll.”