Still new with bone work...

I posted a couple days ago that I had buried a bird I found in my yard, but I didn’t think about the placement of the body. When I told my husband about it, he pointed out that I had buried it under our oleander tree… which is highly poisonous… and we realized, I’m accidentally preparing a set of bones for cursing.

He suggested cleansing the bones before I use them, but I find when something happens on accident, it’s for a reason… at least in my life. So I’ll keep them this way just in case.

I do plan on keeping the bones in a special container though, to keep their energy from seeping into my home. Anyone have any suggestions?

ronjaarts  asked:

Do you guys think that there is surface life in the underground? Like deer, rabbits, fish, birds, and such? Besides sans stating "birds are singing" could that be a metaphor or not?

(undertale spoilers)

It’s possible that animals from the surface end up in the underground. After all, “anything can enter through the seal, but only beings with a powerful SOUL can leave.” In the case of “birds are singing,” this quote is literal. Upon entering Asgore’s throne room, one can hear birds chirping. The singing birds can be heard until Asgore finally turns around and sees Frisk.

Birds can also be heard singing at the very start of Sans’ battle, when he says the quote himself.

Perhaps the birds can be heard because Asgore’s castle is right next to the barrier. Or as you suggested, birds found there way inside and simply hang around Asgore’s castle. Furthermore, there may be symbolism in this phrase. The birds’ singing can represent hope for freedom.

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