Mockingjay Manor - Ch 4

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Last week, you voted 21 to 13 for Katniss and Peeta to risk their friends’ ridicule and tell them about the creepy unexplained noises they heard while exploring. This week, our delightful friend @peetamymuse is continuing the adventure. What happens next in Mockingjay Manor? Let’s find out…

A word of warning to our sensitive readers, the creep factor is steadily climbing in this story. For now, we’re still firmly in the T category, but that could change. Caveat emptor…

As always, you have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 21st.

“What?” Johanna asks. “Did you two hear a spooky noise? See someone floating around in a white sheet?”

She holds her arms up and makes ghostly moaning sounds. “I’m coming for you.” Outside, the thunder and lightning punctuate her words. With her dark hair and sharp features, Johanna looks especially witchy in the flickering light.

​"We heard bird noises,“ Peeta says. "And something that sounded like knocking.”

“And it couldn’t have been Finnick,” I add. “He was too far away.”

Finnick and Johanna share a look and something passes between them that I don’t catch.  There is a long pause and then, the two of them burst out laughing.

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Here are my experiences with working with Aphrodite (specifically, although these can likely be applied to most, if not all deity) These are exclusively my own individual experiences and by no means the rules or structure.

✩ Your altar to her should reflect the type of beauty you wish to radiate, On my altar I have a statue of her sitting on a platform to help raise her as the focal point, surrounded with dried roses, honeysuckle, jasmine and hibiscus flowers. fresh flowers are fantastic but not always financially permitting, unless you grow them or have access to them I don’t believe it is essential to always have fresh flowers, however I will touch base on this later on. My altar also includes rose quartz chunks and various sea shells.

✩ I began my relationship with her the same as I would an acquaintance, I don’t believe you would ever approach someone in reality and immediately ask them for a favor without knowing them, the same goes for deity. You should build a relationship, shes an intelligent entity, she knows you want something from her so by making it clear from the get go, you will likely see better results (you scratch my back I scratch yours kind of logic)

✩ Sitting down in front of her altar and talking to her as if she was your friend really helps improve the relationship, sure it sounds crazy sitting in your room chatting to a statue or a photo of her, but this helps immensely. I would come home from a long day and chat for about 20 minutes - “I hope your day was well, I did this and that…” 

✩ if you see a pretty flower or crystal whilst you are out and about, bring it home and set it out as an offering, stating that this is a gift for her. The same goes for lighting a candle, I would make an effort to at least twice a week set a candle on her altar and as I lit it, would announce “I light this candle in your honor”. The goal is to make her apart of your life as much as you can, within reason.

✩ Look for any signs, for example, recently I went for a walk up to the forest, which is known for its dense bush, with ferns and tall trees and lots of greenery, upon meditating I asked if she could send me a blessing, as I walked off I was inclined to leave the beaten path and explore the woods, I followed the deer tracks through the dense woods, and found, to my surprise 3-4 large pink rose bushes! (the birds must’ve carried the seeds) The love that was radiating from them made me feel incredible!  This was my definite sign she was listening, as she is commonly associated with roses and they are never found in the wild where I live.

✩ If you notice things starting to go well in your life, in regards to feeling better about yourself, having more people look you over, improved relationships with loved ones or even more messages on the dating app you use, as opposed to normal. take it upon yourself to purchase fresh flowers, place in a vase on her altar as an offering of thanks, of course this can be costly, but I have noticed that if you practice the art of giving, especially with Aphrodite, you continue to gain her favor and hopefully a life long working relationship with her.

Aphrodite is an incredibly loving and forgiving energy, she is easy to work with so long as you show your thanks and trust her.

I hope this helps some people in where to start, there is no right or wrong way, and often just offering what you have will be enough. I wish you all the best of luck! 

The Witch Talks: The Spring Equinox

An Equinox is the moment in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun. This occurs twice a year, in March (Vernal) and in September (Autumnal). On an Equinox, the duration of night and day are equal. This post refers to the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

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Most Spring holidays that occur around this time incorporate symbols of fertility and new life into their celebrations. These symbols include, but are not limited to, eggs, seeds and flowers, rabbits and sweets.

Date: March 20th

Themes: Fertility, rebirth and renewal, balance, harmony, creativity, growth, cleansing.

Lunar Phase Association: New Moon

Colors: Pastels, pink, yellow, green, purple

Herbs: Lily, Daffodil, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Violet, Olive, Ginger, Lavender, Thyme,

Stones: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Clear Quartz

Scents: Floral scents, strawberry, jasmine, fresh grass, cool dew

Foods: Eggs, seeds, green vegetables, chocolate, milk and honey, sweet cakes, rabbit, lamb, sunflower seeds, nuts, sprouts, dairy foods, sweet wine or mead.

Offerings: Dyed eggs, milk and honey, bird seed, chocolate coins and eggs, flowers and fresh fruits.


- Dying Eggs
- Planting flowers or starting gardens
- Gather flowers or herbs
- Press flowers or herbs
- Take a walk and observe the changing season
Ostara Serpent Tarot Spread by @lepuslunamgrimoire


- Ostara Tea by @honeycoyote
- Ostara Buns by @liberumbrarum
- Ostara Honey Cake by @prickingofthumbs

Is it me or do a lot of people think that girls cant do do heavy lifting jobs?

So this happend a while ago. I was on the floor and this lady asks if there us a man that can help her now that day it was all girls so i asked her what she needed help with she said she needed help getting a 50lb bag of bird seed so i say ok go over there and lift myself. Now i am a 23 year old girl working at my store u get a work out 50lb is no big deal for me, but the look on her face as she saw me lift up the bag was of complete shock like what just because i am a girl does that mean i cant pick up heavy items? When i get up to the regs i asked if she needs help getting it in to her car she says no looking embarresed. Like i am not trying embaress u lady i am sorry that u think only guys can do heavy lifting jobs but working in retail u can get a workout. 

Sparrows and Penguins

(or, An Anonymous Guest Blogger Stops By)

Imagine that you’re a sparrow, living in a family of sparrows in a town of sparrows in a world of sparrows.

But you’re kind of a shitty sparrow. Kind of the worst sparrow, actually.

You can’t fly. You’ve been to doctors who have prescribed medicine to help with flying. But you still can’t. You try every day, and every day you fail and this thing which all the other sparrows tell you is critical.

For a while, you stop trying. Failing every day just wore you down and you couldn’t do it anymore, so you stopped trying to fly. It was nice in some ways, but you felt guilty because you weren’t raised to give up. It made a rift with your family. Flying is an important activity that sparrow families do together. Isn’t your family important to you? Don’t they deserve for you to at least make the effort?

So since it’s nothing medically wrong with you, you go to a therapist, who diagnoses you with a phobia of flying. You work on overcoming your fear. You’re lucky, your family is very accepting of mental illness (other sparrows are not so lucky, and it hurts your heart to think about that). They appreciate and admire how hard you’re working. They try to include you, so instead of getting together and flying, sometimes they get together and all sit in their nests. That sort of sucks too, but it’s a definite improvement.

You continue to try, and fail, to fly. You try harder. You try as hard as you can. Sometimes you can’t even make yourself flap your wings, it’s just such pointless bullshit and you feel like you’ll never succeed. Sometimes you go up on a chair and jump off and flap real hard and go splat anyway.

Sometimes mean birds make fun of you because you’re a terrible screw-up.

For 26 years, this is what your life is.

One day, almost out of nowhere, as an afterthought, an aside, something barely worth mentioning because it is so obvious, a doctor says, “by the way, you’re a penguin.”

Holy shit. You’re not a failure. You’re a penguin. You’re not lazy or stupid or weak. You don’t have messed up values. You’re a penguin. You have always been a penguin.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re a beautiful penguin. The most perfect penguin. But it’s just a fact, penguins can’t fly.

Now when you’re with you’re sparrow friends and they’re all sitting in nests, you sit in a bucket of ice. Mostly you bring your own. Some bird restaurants are really accommodating and will bring you a bucket of ice to sit in. Sometimes mean birds give you shit about your bucket, but it doesn’t hurt as much as it did before, because you know you’re a penguin and you’re just exactly what a penguin is meant to be.

You give yourself permission to stop trying to fly. Not failing all the time improves your mood and overall function. You finally feel confident declining when invited to flying outings. You don’t waste the energy feeling guilty about it.

You love your family of sparrows, but you also find a whole community of penguins to love too. Things you thought were just you, like preferring fish to bird seed, things you thought you were totally alone in and wrong for, are common and accepted. Some are even admired. Your new penguin friends think your flippers and chubby penguin belly are lovely. You bond over how and when you discovered you loved swimming.

Knowing you’re a penguin means knowing where you fit in a world you never felt like you fit into. It means all the things penguins can’t do, it’s not a personal failing when you can’t do them. You’re not supposed to be able to. You can do other things instead. Sparrows are actually quite poor swimmers. You feel good about the things you excel at.

This is why I think labels are important. This is why I think “we’re all birds, let’s focus on our similarities instead of our differences” is harmful. This is how my autism diagnosis was like breathing, after holding my breath for 26 years.

Picture by @unfortunatelytheartblog.

Often when I take Rex with me places, folks seem to think this is for their benefit, that I take her with for them to see and touch. They’re offended when I say “please do not touch her” and walk away when they insist, how dare I not let them touch her- “she’s friendly! You’re touching her! How unfair! Rude!”

Although on one occasion when Rex came with me to therapy, while I was waiting an elderly woman approached me. She said how beautiful Rex was, she even recognized her to be a fancy pigeon. The woman told me about a cockatiel she used to have when she was just a girl, she had heard him singing in a house that had recently been vacated, the owners just left him behind after they moved. So she broke in and took him home, tamed him, and they became inseparable. She brought him everywhere, she marveled at Rex’s diaper and said she wish she’d have one because she was always covered in bird poop (oh do I know the feeling). She became known in her small town as the “bird girl” and all the local stores started keeping bird seed at the counters to give her bird.

The woman told me that she brought her bird to college and that she had to keep him secret. She taught him to fly into the trees while she was at class (this is dangerous, I know) and he would fly back to her when she came out. After she graduated she worked as a bank teller and was allowed to keep him with her, customers that were usuals would bring him gifts and loved when he’d sing at his reflection in the glass.

I got called in before I could hear what happened to him, she wished me luck and commented on how beautiful Rex was again, said how seeing Rex just made her day. Her story was so sweet, and it made me really happy to meet another soul in person who understood the connection we can form with birds…they’re not just dumb animals that are afraid of people, they’re not something mysterious and untouchable. They can be friends, like any dog or cat, and it really makes me think about that post on mammal bias. People who haven’t kept birds don’t seem to realize that they’re anything more than something pretty to look at…

Baptizing bird seed in the name of the bullshit problems other people try to heap on you and feeding it to pigeons to “carry back to whom it belongs” is self care. 


Hey. There’s a rumor that’s been going around FOR YEARS that it’s dangerous to feed uncooked/cooked rice to birds. It’s a myth. There are many scientific articles online that debunk the sayings that rice makes birds “sick” or “explode.” Rice is not as bad for pigeons as people think. Before you use fowl language in comments to others, please do your research, and be kind.

  • jungkook: namjoon hyung what's 4x3
  • jimin: jin hyung i don't know what to wear
  • taehyung: oh no i just set the kitchen on fire:(
  • jungkook: what is a blender
  • taehyung: what is a microwave
  • jimin: what's the number for 911