The relationship of bowerbirds to other bird families is still a mystery.  For a long time, it was believed that they were very closely related to the birds of paradise, but recent genetic studies have shown that this is not the case except that they are both descended from ancient crows.  Other studies have shown that they are likely closer to the lyrebirds, but this is controversial due to their extreme physical differences.  Their true classification remains a mystery.


etsyfindoftheday | valentine’s day treats | 2.6.17

hand-painted sugar cookies by sogishoneybakeshop

a longtime favorite of mine, sogishoneybakeshop is a go-to for unique and BEAUTIFUL hand-painted sugar cookies. i love the tropical vibes of the top one, and a favorite flower of mine is the viola or pansy, featured at the bottom. the flavor of these classic sugar cookies is enhanced by a touch of orange zest. nom.