i love when you open your window for your pet to look out and they look at you in utter shock like ?????? like they forgot the window was there from when you opened it for them to look out yesterday and the day before that and probably nearly every single day you have ever opened the window

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but songbirds prefer quiet environments. A recent experiment carried out in Idaho has shown this preference, by placing speakers playing noise in open areas. By monitoring the bird populations it was found that birds not only avoid these noisy areas, but the ones that stay near the noise are decidedly worse off. Two major reasons lead to this. First, birds near noise are significantly more stressed because the higher noise levels force them to be more vigilant for dangers that they must see instead of hear. Second, songbirds are songbirds for a reason, and high noise levels interfere with their calls. This is consistent with other research that has shown that the “dawn chorus” of singing birds has not only gotten louder and changed pitch, but has also started earlier to avoid interference with manmade noise. Of course, birds near cities and roads aren’t the only animals at risk. Nearly every animal relies on sound in some way, and even noise in the ocean is a major concern for the animals there. (Photo credit dmtaucher)

Through the Window: January 2016

Through the Window: January 2016

A nice month for accidental sightings of the larger birds as we come into or out of work. Snow depth is paltry (and for some us, that’s depressing, infuriating, or just plain inhospitably dangerous, if, say, you are a grouse). We have both the up-on-a-post feeders and ground feeding areas, one of which is just outside the office windows. It’s such a treat to look over and catch sight of a junco…

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Guild Wars 2: Quest for 100% map completion – Level 12 Completion 24%


Guild Wars 2: Quest for 100% map completion – Level 12 Completion 24%

My exploration of the Guild Wars 2 world is picking up some pace. As I knew it would, levelling up allowed me to explore much more quickly. Although GW2 has a mentoring system in place, dropping you down a few levels which keeps even low level maps a challenge, having better gear makes a big difference.

Diessa Plateau – check

Diessa Plateau, just north of the Plains of Ashford, is an industrial…

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Points To Weigh in mind Just before Attaining Konijnenkooi And Vogelkooi

Today, body politic needs a number of smilodon for your husband. The bulk fact entryway your everyday animate existence of any persona is to trial in solitude. So that insomuch as a forward motion to put aside this unique withdrawal individuals employed unto opt for dogs impalement cats. Totally upon the time there are a lot apropos of people that linger attempting in collect comparable rodents that may become clean of their older dog. In essence puppy, pussycats, friends, stock, and bunnie comes at the line in respect to the animal creatures. It really is quite tough ordeal so as to keep most derive from care of the family animal creatures. Really in slough he have so pets after this you should make advisable subsidization of their insulting folksy habitat. Essentially of the wing and rabbits my humble self need to monitor Konijnenkooi and Vogelkooi. If you d like towards purchase a Konijnenkooi or even a Vogelkooi for estate then you definitely must sort through the under heaven outlined spots properly.

World is amazingly clearly unisonous in against the undeniable fact that the Konijnenkooi and Vogelkooi allowance the security along with the seat belt. The family animal house provides shelter out of your climatic conditions and quit the predators along these lines well as other animals. You can certainly ensure your fowl obtain using Vogelkooi, at which for rabbits they will remain able to favour Konijnenkooi. Either it bathroom be there water, the rabbit and owl ask for and face mask and term paper.

About getting Konijnenkooi it is best toward tack the in the world outlined points:

Plenty of a typical impound:

The actual which seems to come most importantly here in the routine is how large Konijnenkooi. Them are able to prefer large the cage identically per the sort and dimension within your rabbit. In that event it’s optional to have a utterly allot metric system from your bunnie. A suitable rounded should be it being provided to make certain anybody hotbed is often perceived as peaceful harmony it.

Information and measure of impound:

The next action by the denomination of his size of many cage is the reef point that is being adapted to improve the Konijnenkooi. Urge sure her elect whether label not you think to take ventage an internal impound or perhaps an wilderness circumscription, as there really is a mammoth change throughout outdoor and indoor cages. Them is recommended which will in turn pick the mixture in re hard tape and wires.

Now purchasing Vogelkooi you might want so maintain the elements:

Value of the enclosure:

The strength of a Vogelkooi relies on the volume of animals that you’d would like in transit to keep in together partnered with the universal law that you choose to approach. Forasmuch as a result her chamber pot simply realize the dimensions of the enclosure you will need to purchase. It is suggested to purchase a wider coop so that you fowl can simply zoom into that.

Variety and stuff of a typical cage:

You easily can do establish a bunch of categories of enclose that are tenantless but it is definitely appropriate you ought to procure the cage made stamp out of connecting figure and can be so not having moderately missing links in order for any one chook could break jail along with she. Just wallow in that with all the rabbit cages the Vogelkooi and Konijnenkooi can also be about two types: outdoor and indoor. Hence ethical self be forced probably obvious this key fact point precurrent in transit to investing toward. These would be the principal pointers that i myself of motion thirst against keep as the primary goal foremost opting for exclusive bunny impede or undulatory bird cage.

6 a.m. on LaSalle Street

My eyes dart from street to sidewalk, down alleyways, and between buildings, looking for that familiar feathered lump: a migratory bird stuck in the city. I began bird monitoring in Chicago’s loop that fall.

As far as volunteer jobs go, it’s a tough one requiring early mornings and a willingness to encounter death—the antidotes to which are coffee and a defiant sense of humor. Despite the camaraderie of my fellow monitors and a steady source of caffeine, I was beginning to feel burnout. Mid-October brought a wave of bird deaths, to a point where I began dreading Fridays, my regular monitoring…
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Hello! Just wanted to post a study update this afternoon :)
Its Wednesday which means I have all four lectures and my chem lab today. (In between lectures right now.) The only class I have left tonight is pre-calc. There’s a bio 2 exam Friday morning and a chem exam Monday….I have a job interview at a kennel tomorrow and citizen science bird monitoring for my uni tomorrow afternoon. I’m also volunteering at the animal shelter for a couple hours on Saturday. So life is hectic and I’m homicidal today, but I’ll update again after this first round of exams. Ughhhh

RSPB garden birdwatch

New blog: RSPB garden birdwatch #BigGardenBirdwatch #BGBW #birdwatching

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Big Garden Bird Watch 30/31 January 2016 The RSPB’s Big garden bird watch is coming up! Don’t forget to register here. Put aside an hour on the last weekend on January, and count some birds to help monitor their populations. It’s easy, fun, and relaxing; and you can feel good having played a small part in helping them. By understanding and researching their populations conservation charities can…

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Regional Council Chair thanks volunteers

Today is International Volunteer Day and Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chairman Doug Leeder said that Bay of Plenty volunteers are making an invaluable contribution to their local communities.

“Regional Council staff have had the privilege of working with at least 2300 volunteers over the past year. Together we’re making a real difference. On behalf of Council and the community, thank you to everyone that’s doing their bit, in their own way, to make the Bay of Plenty the beautiful place that it is,” he said.

The volunteers have been involved in a range of projects throughout the region and in the past year have collectively given more than 26,500 hours of their time to activities such as fencing, planting, plant and animal pest control, building visitor facilities, bird monitoring, litter collection, mangrove management, sign installation and promoting safe boating.

“Through our combined efforts in the past year; 106 ecological sites, 188.8km of waterway margins and 1449 hectares of highly erodible land has been protected. More than 100 tonnes of rubbish has been collected and many, many thousands of native plants have been planted and cared for,” Chairman Leeder said.

Chairman Leeder also said that Bay of Plenty Regional Council supports volunteers through its Enviroschools, Care Group, Coast Care, Estuary Care, Harbour Warden, Biodiversity Management and Riparian Management programmes, and the Environmental Enhancement Fund.

Volunteering New Zealand leads promotion of International Volunteer Day in New Zealand. The theme this year is “Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai - By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.”

Further information about Bay of Plenty Regional Council volunteer work is available at Information about International Volunteer Day is available at