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Could you give me a list of the most horror/gore animes you know

I love Horror Anime so Sure!

Vampire Hunter D (OVA/Bloodlust)

Wicked City

Demon City Shinjuku

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Battle Royal High School


(apparently no gifs exist of this anime! might need to change that soon)


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Devilman (The Birth/ Demon Bird/ Amon)

The Curse of Kazuo Umezu

3x3 Eyes

Violence Jack

Lily C.A.T.

Guy: Double Target

Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma

Legend of the Overfiend

Doomed Megalopolis

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Ogre Slayer

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Twilight of the Dark Master 

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I hope you like these!

Wing Ask Meme

A - How many did you have?
B - What shape did they have?
C - Describe their material (feathers, dirt, silk, scales, etc)
D - Did you have different types of wings at different times?
E - Your favorite thing about your wings
F - Your least favorite thing about your wings
G - Do you experience shifts?
H - Did you lose them in your life or did you keep them?
I - What’s your best memory about them?
J - What’s your least favorite memory about them?
K - Describe their coloration! (I bet they’re beautiful!!)
L - What was your way of travel? (Flight, swimming, hopping, etc)
M - Were there any intimate experiences with your wings that you feel like sharing? (Mainly for divinekin + sensitive wings)
N - Best shift experience?
O - Worst shift experience?
P - How did you use your wings to your advantage?
Q - Rate your wings 1-10 (10 being the best, pssst, they’re all 10s!!!)
R - Do you remember anyone else’s wings significantly?
S - Who had the most beautiful wings you’d seen?
T - Did you ever hit anyone with them?
U - ^^ On purpose????
V - Give your wings a compliment
W - Any embarrassing experiences in public with them?
X - Three words that describe your wings
Y - Do you miss flight?
Z - Do you regret your wings?

The SNOLIGOSTER is an amphibious creature reportedly dwelling in swamps in the American South. It kind of looks like a really big alligator with no legs and a massive spike on its back, which it used to impale its prey. The spike is probably more of a defense mechanism, but it comes in handy when the beast is in the mood for kebabs. It is often described with a “mane”, which is probably just made of moss and other vegetation that complete it’s awesome log disguise. According to legend, it also swims and beats stuff up with its weird propeller-shaped tail-adornment. It isn’t a very strong swimmer. It doesn’t have to be.

The SNALLYGASTER a completely unrelated cryptid/ dubious bird-dragon that probably originated from some Lovecraftian other-realm, and stubbornly refuses to make any sense as an animal at all. It was originally spotted in 1909 in various east-coast states. Probably the most consistent thing about its description is how much it likes to scream (a lot). Do not be fooled by its bird-like “head”, which is actually a clawed proboscis that it uses to grab things and feed into its tentacle adorned mouth. Some believe they actually suck blood but who the hell can be sure. They also lay REALLY big eggs, yet somehow nobody has ever been able to confirm one. Afraid? If you live in Maryland, Don’t worry! A sort of Werewolf-Bigfoot called the DEWAYO hangs out around there and /really/ hates those pesky flying demon-birds, resulting in “vicious encounters” whenever they meet. Perhaps we have them to thank for stopping the otherwise inevitable snallygaster invasion.

OHSHC English Dub Bloopers Sentence Meme

❝ We welcome you poor man to our world of craaaaaap~! ❞
❝ I can’t read, really. ❞
❝ I order you to master doing the hustle in one week! ❞
❝ I order you to master doing the funky chicken in one week! ❞
It will commemorate your graduation from being a total whore. 
All blooty is bootiful. 
Why do you sound Irish? 
Listen up shorty, you realize how much taller I am than you right now. So listen up, biatch. 
 I’m not here to carry tea sets I’m here to learn how to make it with the ladies! 
Mmm, ___ like seashells. 
Maybe he’s right…maybe I should learn how to read.
Guys, I’m really sorry..that I’m about to puke all over you.
Your armpits smell, senpai. 
Let me just finish crushing this child, your mom here told me to. 
Look! That guy there is weird! 
But that’s ridiculous, you’re not the droid she’s looking for! 
Your family sure does love fat ass cats. 
I hate your face. 
We’re out of money 
Ouran, for men. 
And uh..and I bought a copy…in fact I bought five, and they’re in my pocket right now. 
Ow in the head.
This is the first time I’ve ever used a screwdriver. 
I’m a normaler. 
Bad idea, honey. 
Could it be? VIC? MIGNOGNA?!
And have a good day at work today! Today, good day, and have a good day today. When you work at work today I hope that it is a good day. 
It’s not great actually cause my friends are scared of me and I’m all alone and that’s not great. It’s like sometimes they forget how great I am and then they say ‘Hey he’s great’ and like that’s just not great. 
But there is one definitive thing that you are lacking. And that is, a lovely package! 
Alright demon bird, don’t think you’ve won. I will keep you in that box until you tell me where the princess is! 
Get my gun. 
 IE Disrobing? IE getting naked? Nude? In the buff? Au naturale? Posing for a picture?  
This is my year. I’m just gonna be myself and show this whole crazy world what I have to offer. 
Oh hell she’s onto us. 
Oh, sorry I’m taken tonight. You may have heard of him, he’s my brother. 
I’ve never danced with an idiot before. 


STORYTIME: A few months ago, when I decided to add DEITIES artwork to my eternally-WIP portfolio site, I realized that the best way to save gallery space, was to combine the pairs of colors tests onto a single canvas. Doing so helped condense the image count for that portion of my gallery and even tidy up some layouts, and I ended up liking the results!  

However, I debated for the longest time whether or not the updated color tests were worth posting again since… I’m essentially sharing fairly old artwork in a different format >> But then I figured ehh, why not. At least for this version, everyone can view their deity- and animal forms side by side, and this one can be directly linked to the blog from the start o)7

With that said, I did cut out a few details from some of them to make them fit, so anyone can view the original deity forms HERE and the animal forms HERE.

Additionally, all the character designs are being gradually “updated” as I practice drawing them. Their respective tags, along with a larger supporting cast of deities, can be found on the Characters page of the project blog.

At some point, I hope to revisit these and draw updated references and/or model sheet for the main cast. But until then feel free to view and share these early color tests, and thanks again for everyone’s continued support!

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