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While running for errands a bird with its beak filled with various herbs gets rather tired fast Being so small, it had a rather tiresome time collecting far to reach herbs. Much to their luck and surprise they spot a small abandoned house on a tree and take that opportunity carefully landing and nesting besides the window

Flaire was sitting on her couch and read a book when she heard wings flapping close to her window. She carefully moved her head - and there. A tiny, cute little bird was resting on the window sill. Her eyes sparkled. A bird was visiting her!! She placed the book on the couch, got up and walked to the window slowly.

“Hey, little guy… do you need help? You look tired, do you need some water? Or food? Aww you´re so floofy….!” Flaire really tried not to scare the bird and kept her voice down, but the last few words were a small squealing.

“Please, don´t be scared. I wanna help.” She smiled at him.