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Could you give me a list of the most horror/gore animes you know

I love Horror Anime so Sure!

Vampire Hunter D (OVA/Bloodlust)

Wicked City

Demon City Shinjuku

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Battle Royal High School


(apparently no gifs exist of this anime! might need to change that soon)


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Devilman (The Birth/ Demon Bird/ Amon)

The Curse of Kazuo Umezu

3x3 Eyes

Violence Jack

Lily C.A.T.

Guy: Double Target

Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma

Legend of the Overfiend

Doomed Megalopolis

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Ogre Slayer

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Twilight of the Dark Master 

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I hope you like these!


Parvus’ older brother, Revin. Similar to his younger sister Revin can form wings at will, though painful. However since she is still young Parry can’t lend her magic to human warlocks like Revin can. Revin has several human contractors, what he asks for in return varies.
Revin enjoys playing the piano and violin as well as playing chess and the occasional gambling.

Wing Ask Meme

A - How many did you have?
B - What shape did they have?
C - Describe their material (feathers, dirt, silk, scales, etc)
D - Did you have different types of wings at different times?
E - Your favorite thing about your wings
F - Your least favorite thing about your wings
G - Do you experience shifts?
H - Did you lose them in your life or did you keep them?
I - What’s your best memory about them?
J - What’s your least favorite memory about them?
K - Describe their coloration! (I bet they’re beautiful!!)
L - What was your way of travel? (Flight, swimming, hopping, etc)
M - Were there any intimate experiences with your wings that you feel like sharing? (Mainly for divinekin + sensitive wings)
N - Best shift experience?
O - Worst shift experience?
P - How did you use your wings to your advantage?
Q - Rate your wings 1-10 (10 being the best, pssst, they’re all 10s!!!)
R - Do you remember anyone else’s wings significantly?
S - Who had the most beautiful wings you’d seen?
T - Did you ever hit anyone with them?
U - ^^ On purpose????
V - Give your wings a compliment
W - Any embarrassing experiences in public with them?
X - Three words that describe your wings
Y - Do you miss flight?
Z - Do you regret your wings?

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Can you confirm any Canadian stereotypes?

we say sorry too much. Yeah honestly that’s pretty accurate

We have long cold winters. Yep, a lot of places do get pretty cold, I’m from a place where the average temperature over winter is -20-30º (celsius) and yet, lots of snow usually

we do have polar bears, beavers and moose, canada geese are demon birds

we do have igloos, but only way up north in some territories, we don’t all live in those, it’s a Inuit thing

I’ve never heard anyone say a-boot. All the funny talkers come from the maritimes\newfoundland area

I’ve never seen bagged milk in my life, I think it might be an ontario thing?

I’ve never tried the scratch and sniff plastic money we have, apparently it smells like maple syrup? I dunno

we have one and two dollar coins called loonies and toonies

folks don’t say Eh that often..doesn’t mean it never gets heard though