bird oc

here’s something i’ve been wanting to work on for a long time, have been working on for a while & finally got around to finishing, my fursona Cooper off to a lovely picnic date with his bird boyfriend, my friend @wildclaw62‘s Cristabelle ^U^ they are very excited! also i kinda wanted to draw them holding hands so i was sure to make that a priority :3 I hope y’all, & especially my friend, enjoy <3

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late Valentine’s Day thing featuring Cooper & his boyfriend Cristabelle by my friend @wildclaw62​ :3

i started this pretty late so i’m posting it pretty late as a result, but hey it’s still February so that’s a new record for me

i had something planned with Sofia & Moria but unfortunately because i started so late the idea i have will take longer so it’ll probably be more “year of the dog” centric rather than “valentine’s day”

but hey i’m all for drawing these super duper cutie patooties that i lov so v v v v much flasdkfjlsejfosiefjselfkjse

i hope y’all enjoy and i hope y’all had a safe/fun/relaxing Valentine’s Day!

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Zootopia oc and fursona blog!

Because of the influx of Zootopia ocs and fursonas, I’ve created a blog to display as many as I can on.

Not only is this blog to simply showcase these characters for anyone who wants to view them, but I hope to help artists and writers gain some popularity through this.

Submissions are allowed and encouraged! You can also send a message with a link to your post if I missed it in the tags.
Help on submitting is on the submit page.

I’ll be checking various tags as often as I can to reblog characters from.

Thanks, and feel free to reblog this post to get the word out! I’d appreciate it.