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Genji having a s/o who has a tendency of adopting stray animals

Sure thing, here you are! enjoy! ♥

♛ so here we are again, a familiar situation facing the couple

♛ once again, Genji’s s/o has brought a stray animal into their home, their eyes pleading with the man

♛ this time, it’s the sweetest looking bird, its eyes just screaming “please keep me!”

♛ “look what I saved today! We have to keep it!” his s/o shouts

♛ Genji chuckles, and strokes the bird gently, his feathery touch causing the bird to coo contently

♛ he’s a sucker for a cute face

♛ his s/o’s, that is

Bonus: Genji has a big problem saying no to his s/o, so you can imagine the kinds of animals in the house