Bird Emoji Review

My dude @zaplayden​ and I couldn’t find a review of the Bird emoji so let’s do this

Pure evil.  Excessive gradients only intensify his evil intentions. There is no sweetness in this child of darkness. 0/5

This is a pure, sweet boy. Absolutely perfect bird child. 5/5

Ancient bird friend of legend. A little stiff and out of touch, but a very reliable friend.  4/5 I would trust this fellow. 

A lumpy bean friend. Kinda smells funny. Vacant stare. He’s a good boy, but needs some vacation time.  3/5

Pure intentions, but this boy looks confused. Where is he? Let him go home. Also kind of looks like he’s made of marshmallows??? 4/5 

Imposter. 0/5  This is a blue fire with yellow lipstick. Stop this. He’s smug about about it too, wtf.

I have high hopes for his future. He is a good boy with good intentions. I would trust this young man. 5/5

A clumsy boy. Something is a little weird about this bird, but he still tries his best. A good friend. 4/5

An eager boy. He wants to fly but needs more practice. I support his dreams and I hope he achieves great things. 4/5

Paranoid fellow. Blames everyone else for his bullshit. Will never find love. 0/5

Eager to impress.  Might be a double agent. A handsome boy, but I do not trust him. 3/5 

The world does not deserve this kind of purity. 5/5  

Rather than acknowledge any current events that might be happening today, let’s get a thread going

Reblog this post and add a picture of a dinosaur. Any dinosaur will do. Is it a descendant of the most recent common ancestor of Megalosaurus and Iguanodon? Then great! Add it to the post. Birds, raptors, ceratopsians, hadrosaurs, even titanosaurs - just add a dinosaur. A good, friendly terrible lizard (because truly, they are terrible at being lizards. Good at being birds, though.) 

I’ll start

The plot is Pleasant with new Pheasants (by @ryuukibart)


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, January 25, 1909

Before the fight he had stripped to the buff…

It did not look advisable to try to put Casazza’s clothes on him so the policeman wrapped him in an American flag found in the feather-filled room…

He explained to the physicians that he had fought a tremendous battle with a pink dill pickle and had been covered with oyster shells when the grape fruit exploded.