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Hello!! This may be a weird question but I too am heavily interested in birds but unlike you, I cannot draw them as well. :,^( If it's not too much work (if it is just ignore this, i don't mind), do you know of any good references or sources to learn more about birds from facts to anatomy? I know this is a pretty wide range so again, I totally understand if you can't! I just thought it was worth an ask. Thank you so much!!

i don’t really have any specific reference places but here’s some things i do. 

 drawing birds is arguably one of the hardest animals because of their feathers. unlike fat and fur that folds to the body in a way that’s usually readable to whats underneath, feathers sort of create a ‘bubble’ around the body which makes a lot of body parts indistinguishable to where one ends and another begins. so its important to always think in terms of skeletal anatomy:

birds are dinosaurs and therefore reptiles. looking at birds this way, it’s a lot easier to see their evolution.

with that in mind, say we wanna draw this dude. owls are pretty tough because their outward appearances are so deceiving.

we’ve got a neutral pose, feathers are generously surrounding most of the body so its no sweat, we don’t really know whats going on. but we can hide it. but now we want to make him move and look cool. without really knowing whats going on we might get stuck on something like this:

its always kind of stiff and frustratingly unrealistic. mostly this is because we just don’t have enough knowledge of the skeletal structure to work with. eyeballing anatomy on our first drawing might get something like the left, more than anything people aren’t generous enough with leginess of birds:

 owls do indeed have regular proportioned necks with the rest of their bodies. and their skulls are like that of any other stereotypical raptor under their mask of feathers (minus their freaky eye sockets and ears)) they can open their mouths wide just like a hawk or eagle can. it’s important to remember that birds with large wingspans do not magically lose their length when hidden. they are just conveniently folded in against their bodies.

knowing this we can try again. suddenly things seem to click in place more and have a believable-ness to them.

the rule of thumb for most birds is they have less body mass and more leg/neck than one thinks. they are lanky dinosaurs.

when we are looking at this:

we are seeing this:

with that rule, drawing birds becomes a lot less confusing. with practice you might just eyeball their feathered appearances but if not, going back to skeletal/muscle structure gives the base you need to draw convincing birds.

when it comes to specific body parts, the most challenging part for me personally have always been feet. birds with super twiggy feet are easier because one line per toe is easy to get away with. but when you get to birds with meatier feet, especially raptors, it gets difficult. my way of getting around this is to think of the actual ‘feet’ last. drawing each separate toe first gets confusing because you just find yourself trying to get them to each fit evenly together at the base of the foot. one always seems kind of skinnier or fatter than the others in my experiences, and by the time you correct it the gesture gets muddled and lost.

so i just skip that part until later, i draw talon first.

perhaps this is very unorthodox, but just like artists might square in the hands first on a human before working out the arms, i square in the talons to know where i want them before worrying how they go on exactly.

that way we have a clear gesture captured, and in my experience it is much more readable.

thats’ really all i can think of now in terms of my techniques, i hope this helps :V

Talmudic source of the original “I am forcibly removed meme”!

Here’s the mishnah: מתני’ ניפול הנמצא בתוך חמשים אמה הרי הוא של בעל השובך חוץ מחמשים אמה הרי הוא של מוצאו נמצא בין שני שובכות קרוב לזה שלו קרוב לזה שלו מחצה על מחצה שניהם יחלוקו:

If a bird is found inside of 50 cubits from a dove cote, it belongs to the owner of the dove cote. If it is outside of 50 cubits, it belongs to whoever finds it. If it is found between 2 dove cotes, whoever is closer is the owner, and if they are equal, they divide the value.

בעי ר’ ירמיה רגלו אחת בתוך נ’ אמה ורגלו אחת חוץ מחמשים אמה מהו ועל דא אפקוהו לרבי ירמיה מבי מדרשא 

“Rebbi Yirmiyah asked ’ if one leg of the bird is within 50 cubits [from a dovecote and therefore should belong to the owner of the dove cote] and one foot outside of 50 cubits [and therefore would be is ownerless]… What is the ruling?(who does this bird belong to?) And because of this, they forcibly removed Rebbi Yirmiyah from the Beis Midrash.

(Bava Basra 23b)

The best part is that The talmud didn’t think that Rebbi Yirmiyah’s question was as ridiculous has his friends did, and even though they kicked him out, the talmud proceeds to examine his question. Of course, later on his friends had a question they couldn’t answer, and so they sent a message to him, and he said “how can I answer a question if I have been banned from the Beis Midrash?” and then they brought him back in.

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R’ Yirmiyah is forcibly evicted from the Beit Midrash

To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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@dangerscully found this rare photo of Duchovny as a young lad

Hey, remember this?

Well, I did it again, without the shitty legs and mind-meltingly annoying hair in the corner!

What are you scared of?

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  • Reader x Ethan ft Teamiplier
  • Summary: Teamiplier goes to Disney! The reader finds amusement in Ethan’s fear of a ride, but the reader has fears of their own too…
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns
  • Warnings: Cursing, Fear, Mentions of heights/animals

The tower of terror.

You took your seats. You fastened the seatbelts. You noticed Ethan tugging on his worryingly.

“Is this really enough?! One strap to stop you from flying out your seat?” He wriggled in his seat unsettled.
“It’s fine Ethan. I’ll grab on if I see you flying off.” You joke to him, he doesn’t laugh, but shoots you a concerned look.
“You aren’t going to like, do the sensible thing and hold on?” He questions and you giggle.
“Why would I? I Want my hands floating around for that feeling of weightlessness! And it looks awesome for the video they take at the top.” You smile with excitement but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

You look over to Amy and Mark. It was clear they were a little nervous by how they gripped the handles so tightly, but it was clear excitement was winning by the grins on their faces.
The ride started moving along the corridor and Ethan’s eyes darted around the cart as if he were looking for an escape, and his hands searched for something to hold to feel a little safer. You tried not to laugh but couldn’t help but be amused by the strong muscular man afraid of a ride.

As it got into position for the drop, on the thirteenth floor, and the Windows open to show just how high you were and…

Ethan lost it. He ducked into your side gripping onto you with force as you laughed and put an arm around him and the other cradling his head as he tried to hide it in your shirt.
The ride dropped as you plunged down, you heard Amy and Marks screams as Ethan tightened his arms around your torso, digging his nails in. You were laughing uncontrollably as you enjoyed the rides rises and falls whilst holding the quivering boy in your arms.

With the ride over and Ethan trying to walk it off and gain a bit of dignity you couldn’t help but giggle at him as you walked to the next attraction. Mark and Tyler were also taking the time to tease and joke with him.

As you climbed onto the big off road vehicle and got your camera ready for the safari you turned to Ethan with a smirk.

“I’m gonna be getting videos of the animals on this ride so I’d appreciate if you didn’t tackle me, it’ll make the footage shaky.” You laughed as Ethan shoved your shoulders.

The safari was going smoothly, you got some up close footage of giraffes and monkeys, Ethan spent 10 minutes trying to call a tiger over as if it was a domestic cat, but it didn’t seem interested. Everyone was having the best time, until you saw it.

Ethan noticed you not taking video, the camera resting next to you on the bench as you pinged the band around your wrist.

“Are…you okay?” He asked puzzled.
“Yeah! Fine.” You smiled and looked over to the left for animals despite the tour guide clearly stating to look to the right.

As you got closer and closer to the animals on the right you found yourself shuffling the opposite direction. Mid conversation with Kathryn, Ethan felt your legs slide against his. He turned his head round at the touch.

“Whoa Y/N! There’s a flamingo right up against the truck!” Ethan was amazed, your hands gripping your legs. “It’s almost close enough to touch!” Said Ethan as he took his phone out for a photo. Tyler turned around from the row in front of you and you saw the corners of his lips turn up.

“Y/N are you scared of flamingos?” He asked as you shot him a look and remained silent. He failed at holding back a laugh.

“After teasing me earlier and you’re scared of a pink bird?” Ethan spoke in between giggles. The team were all smirking, Amy and Mark found it kind of cute.

The jeep moved along slowly but the bird seemed to follow it, it never left the gap at the side of the truck where the bench you were sat on was.

“I might have teased you after but I actually comforted you when you clung to me so you can’t say I was a douche…” you mumbled as you sat with your back turned to the bird, your eyes to the floor.

“Come here then…” he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“You’re still a fucking hypocrite though, Y/N” he laughed and rubbed your back as the jeep drove away from the bird.

“Yeah I gotta be on Ethan’s side here for once. Falling 13 floors is a reasonable fear. A pink fluffy bird that likes to stand on one leg is not exactly a reasonable fear.” Mark giggled to himself and you glared at him.

“At least I’m not afraid of mannequins.”

“Adam heard a knock at his church apartment door. When he answered it,  he was first surprised that the person on the other side was real, and then he was surprised that the person was Gansey and not Ronan.”–Blue Lily, Lily Blue, 96

As I’m reading through Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I’m struck by how Ronan & Adam’s friendship has been developing off-screen. Like, we knew in Book I that they weren’t friends/actively frenemies. But Stiefvater has been dropping these great subtle hints that they’ve been hanging out more and more. Like Ronan saying he sleeps on Adam’s floor, or Adam being surprised that Gansey is at his door instead of Ronan. I’m sure there are more examples but those are the only ones I can think of…..but like regardless it’s such a smart way to develop their friendship without forcing it front and center. 

Anyways. I imagine some very early mornings/uber late nights (depending on your perspective) have happened in St. Agnes with the two of them. One studying, and the other feeding hot dogs to a bird. Also I imagine Adam sits with one leg out from his table/desk. Just in case he needs to make a quick getaway. Also, yes the background is shit and Ronan’s shirt has unflattering wrinkles. I know these things. 

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70 with bullymagnet and possibly something that accidentally catches on fire

Nobody caught on fire and for that, I sincerely apollo-gize.

“You’re warm”

“You’re warm,” Max paused, rethinking his word choices, “Well, warmer than normal, anyway.”

There was a quiet, delirious laugh, “So you’re saying I’m hot?” Johnny asked, a stupid grin on his face.

Max rolled his eyes and pulled his hand off of Johnny’s sweaty forehead, trying to ignore the way it tried to stick. “Don’t go putting those kinds of lies in my mouth,” he said, moving back to sit on the ground next to the red head. Johnny wasn’t lying too far from him, though there wasn’t a lot of space in this place to begin with. Dirt and mud stuck to both of them like a second, itchy skin. Their clothes dripped excess water.

Johnny was bleeding.

The air outside the cave they’d hidden in hissed with rain.

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