bird with berries

All the small fragile things / Summer

I was running a few days ago and the birds swooping overhead, the greenery around me, the smells on the breeze, all of it made me think of when I was a child and picking blackberries.  Pricking a finger and taking the berries home to eat with milk and honey, and the chirps sharp in the air beneath the burnt bright light of the sun.

Dresden/ark "blank character" moments.

Alright so.. this is a series of quotes from a mini campaign me and 2 friends were doing. I found the idea of “blank characters” and our DM and another player decided to give it a shot. We were doing Dresden with an Ark theme, and neither of us players knew anything about our characters other than the fact mine was female and player 2 was male. Dashes will indicate different quotes. Here’s the series of quotes:

DM: P1 (me) you find yourself on a beach, p2 your in a field
Me: alrighty nothing like waking up with sand in my face and the smell of the sea.
DM: roll alertness
Me: 2
DM: which is a 3.
Me: sweet
DM: in the water you see something absolutely massive! It’s pouncing up and down in the water and with its huge forearms it grabs a fish and eats it with its long jaws.
P2ooc: did you seriously put her next to a spino.
*p2 currently trying to tame a dodo bird with some berries*
DM: p2 the dodo eats the berries and simultaneously sh*ts uncontrollably and passes out
P2: imma stare at it in utter shock and then go gather more berries.
*im currently still being chased by spins and have been backed into a cliff wall*
Me OOC: I’m debating between climbing the wall, screaming for help, or trying to find a way to escape
DM: your instinct is telling you to climb
Me: gonna climb the wall then
DM: roll athletics, also you have a stunt called human spider, take a +2 when climbing
Me: 7
DM: awesome! You scramble up that cliff face like it was nothing.
*i got picked up by a giant eagle and after failing a discipline roll have started growing fur*
Me OOC: wait am I a werewolf or something?
DM: you’ll find out
*less than half an hr later*

There weren’t any other interesting quotes that I could remember, and we ended soon after werebear comment as it was nearly 2:30 in the morning. (Hope this isn’t too long, I also plan to maybe do this again when next we play this.)