bird with berries

Common Prefixes for each clan


Adder, Apple, Ash, Alder, Badger, Black, Bramble, Bracken, Briar, Copper, Dapple, Doe, Dove, Dust, Elk, Ember, Fern, Frost, Fire, Flame, Fox, Golden, Holly, Honey, Juniper, Lark, Leaf, Lion, Maple, Moss, Mouse, Oak, Owl, Pine, Poppy, Robin, Shrew, Squirrel, Sparrow, Stag, Storm, Sun, Thistle, Thorn, Thrush, Tiger, Vine, Wren


Aspen, Beetle, Blossom, Birch, Blue, Boulder, Brook, Clover, Creek, Dew, Duck, Eel, Feather, Fern, Fog, Flood, Flower, Frog, Goose, Gray, Ice, Lake, Lilac, Lily, Marsh, Mist, Minnow, Mint, Moss, Mud, Olive, Otter, Pebble, Petal, Pike, Reed, Shell, Silver, Splash, Stone, Storm, Stream, Trout, Turtle, Vole, Willow, Wet, Yellow


Bee, Berry, Bird, Breeze, Bright, Brindle, Buzzard, Crow, Dawn, Dew, Dusk, Eagle, Falcon, Fawn, Fennel, Ferret, Ginger, Gorse, Grass, Hare, Hawk, Heather, Jay, Kestrel, Morning, Mole, Mouse, Mud, Oat, Pebble, Pigeon, Quail, Rabbit, Rain, Rock, Running, Rush, Rye, Sand, Seed, Sedge, Speckle, Stoat, Swift, Tansy, Thistle, Wasp, Wild, Weasel, Wheat, Yellow


Ant, Apple, Ash, Bark, Bear, Beetle, Black, Bracken, Cedar, Cinder, Coal, Dapple, Dark, Dust, Dusk, Ember, Fern, Fire, Flame, Fly, Frog, Fox, Golden, Holly, Ivy, Lichen, Lizard, Log, Maple, Marsh, Moss, Moth, Nettle, Night, Owl, Poppy, Rat, Raven, Rowan, Russet, Shade, Sloe, Smoke, Snake, Soot, Speckle, Spider, Toad, Timber, Vine, Viper, Vole, Wolf, Yew


Acorn, Alder, Bark, Bay, Birch, Blossom, Briar, Bird, Buzzard, Boulder, Cedar, Cherry, Crow, Dapple, Dove, Elm, Falcon, Feather, Fly, Golden, Hawk, Hazel, Jay, Kestrel, Leaf, Maple, Moss, Nettle, Oak, Owl, Petal, Pine, Rowan, Sand, Seed, Sparrow, Spider, Squirrel, Starling, Tawny, Timber, Twig, Vine, Walnut, Yew, 

Merck as Pokemon Gym Leaders

Submitted by PyroGothNerd

(There are magically 9 gyms)

  1. Medic: Flying type. All his birds know Roost, hold berries, and keep healing themselves. Uses a full restore.
  2. Spy: Dark Types. Lurks in the shadows. Has a Zoroark. Loves it.
  3. Scout: Normal types. Picks small, fast Pokemon.
  4. Engie: Steel Types. Has Klinklang
  5. Heavy: Ice Types or Rock Types. If Ice, has a Beartic. If Rock, has a Tyrannitar.
  6. Pyro: Fire type. No doubt. Has a Rapidash and a Ponyta. Loves them both. They look like rainbow ponies and unicorns through Pyrovision.
  7. Sniper: Either Fairy or Grass. If Fairy, he literally only picked this type to have an advantage over Spy. If Grass, Bullet Seed. Also, wilderness and stuff.
  8. Demo: Electric Type, has an Electrode that knows self-destruct.
  9. Soldier: Fighting Types.

Elite Four

  1. Merasmus: Ghost Type. Has a Spiritomb.
  2. Ms. Pauling: Water Type. I don’t know why, I just felt drawn to it while deciding.
  3. Grey Mann: Electric Types. Has a Magnezone. Was also the leader of the villain team.
  4. The Administrator: Poison types. Has a Rosarade


Saxton Hale.

Any Muslim who plants a tree gains the reward of giving in charity. What is eaten from it is charity, what is stolen from it, what the animals eat and what the birds eat is all charity…
—  Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Reported by Muslim, vol.3, p.818, No.3764.