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Sup Jane. Have you ever considered hunting Borealosuchus before?

Oh believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s far easier said than done.

They’re very good at disguising themselves as logs and rocks, and the amount of time I’ve wasted stalking logs is criminal. 

But I know their tricks, and not to brag, but I think I’ve gotten pretty darn good at narrowing down the real ones from the fakes. They’re hiding right in plain sight…

…yes sirree, right under my nose.

Sarah J. Maas Villains by Evilness
  • Tamlin: it's hard to call someone evil when they're a punk bitch, but he's not a good dude and frankly deserves to be shaded at every opportunity including this one. EVIL: 2/10
  • Arobynn Hamel: okay this guy right here.. this guy right here.. u don't have to have magic to be an evil snake. and he is an evil snake. screw that guy and his greasy ass hair. EVIL: 9/10
  • Amarantha: basically the riddler. literally built an evil city based on an evil city like okay thats some kind of twisted design show shit?? much curse. much sexual abuse. much BITCH. EVIL: 9.2/10
  • King of Hybern: racist af. just wants power, that's it. like will do anything for power. stupid shit. that's his whole motive, which is kinda lame tbh? like dude hit me up when you get a juicy backstory. EVIL: 9.3/10.
  • The Matron Witch: infanticide is not chill. neither is everything else this bitch had did. also her teeth are grody af (dentists hate her and so do i). EVIL: 9.4/10
  • King of Adarlan/That One Valg King: super evil, broke his precious bby son, but ultimately only exists because when the king was a dumbass teenager he tried to mess with magic shit.. he gets bonus evil points because genocide. EVIL: 9.5/10
  • Maeve: yo.. maximum snake. enslaves beautiful bird/wolf/lion men. tricks bitches....... like real intricate, long term trickery too. terrible aunt. what that bitch did and is still doin... :////////..... nah fam. nah. she the worst lady. EVIL: 10/10
  • Erawan: i mean yeah he's evil? but he kinda lacks substance like "why are you evil?" "because I AM THE BANE OF EVIL!!!!" like.. okay. that said, without him, the throne of glass universe would be pretty chill. he's only l'il more evil than maeve because he's older and crankier and is set on total destruction rather than power. so yeah. EVIL: 10.1/10
Advice for anyone who wants to get into birding!
  • You don’t have to travel far or go to super remote places to see good birds. That’s one of the great things about them! Birds are very accessible (too accessible) wildlife. You can see cool species doing cool things at your local park, wooded lot, retention pond, or landfill.
  • Don’t feel like you have to shell out for super expensive binoculars/scopes/cameras/etc, especially when you’re just starting out. 
  • NEVER make eye contact with a wild bird
  • Your local Audubon chapter or other bird club can be a great resource for learning local hotspots, and building up your ID skills. These clubs are usually happy (desperate) for new blood
  • Wear body armor no less than 4 inches thick. Kevlar highly recommended
  • A good field guide is a must have. Even experienced birders keep one on hand for reference. There are also great bird ID apps. I use Merlin myself
  • If a bird’s shadow passes over you, you must burn all your clothes and purify your body immediately.
  • I always recommend visiting bodies of water for novice birders. First, they’re great places to see wildlife in general. But mostly it’s that wading birds and waterfowl are big, easier to ID, conspicuous, usually stationary, and the nearby water is convenient for emergency purification rituals.
  • Yes, they are watching you too.
  • Remember, birds are wildlife and can easily become stressed out. Please give them their space, especially in the spring and summer breeding season.
  • Birds do not have teeth. If you see one grinning at you do not trust it, it is a trick!
Pittsburgh penguins - Marc Andre Fleury

Requested by anon: Can I get a Flower imagine? Whatever you want it to be about.

A/N: Okay, i have a few things to apologize for. First, I’m so sorry if this sucks a lot; I know that this probably isn’t what you wanted. Second, I’m sorry it took so long, I’m a mess. Third, I know it is super short, I’m sorry. Fourth, this is probably my last imagine with Flower as a Penguin and I got emotional.

Word count: 888

Warnings: none.

Master list

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“C’mon Eliza, go with daddy.” You push your two years old toddler softly, trying to get her to let go of your sweatshirt and walk towards her father.

Your normally cheery and overly excited daughter is now shy out by all the cameras that are following you across the zoo, making her hide behind your legs or being fuzzy so her dad would pick her up.

“Come to papa.” Marc Andre says, leaning forward and opening his arms for her.

Eliza looks at the cameras, then at you, then at Marc Andre, then at the cameras again, seizing the risks before running straight into her dad’s arms, making everybody laugh. Today is the annual Pittsburgh Penguins zoo visit and this year the Letang’s and the Fleury’s are the ones visiting the actual penguins, who are named after the players.

“She is adorable.” Catherine says, looking at how Kris and Andre walk around with Eliza and Alex.

Alex is used to the cameras, so he just runs around not paying too much attention to them, but Eliza is having a harder time trying to ignore them.

“She is like her mamma.” You say, smiling. “She doesn’t like the spotlight that much.”

Alex takes his role as ‘older brother’ really seriously as he holds Eliza’s hand and points at the animals, from the lions to the giraffes to the gorillas to the flamingos.

“What’s your favorite animal?” Kris asks Alex, who puffs his chest and answers.

“Tigeeeeeers.” He says proudly, roaring at the end of the sentence to give it more emphasis.

“What’s your favorite animal, mon petit papillon? (my little butterfly.)” Marc Andre asks his daughter, who is looking at the monkeys from the comfort of his dad’s arms.

“Judy Hoops.” Your daughter answers, making you all laugh again. Of course Eliza’s favorite animal is a character from her favorite movie, Zootopia.

“You like bunnies then?” You coo, leaning on your husband so you can kiss your daughter’s head.

“Judy Hoops.” Eliza says again, not taking her eyes off a small monkey who is hanging off a tree holded by his mom.

By the time all of you get to the penguins exhibit, both Alex and Eliza are tired of walking and need to be carried. Marc Andre and Kris have to go inside the penguins exhibit to take some pictures with the animals, so they hand you the kids and the four of you sit behind the glass and look at the animals.

“Look Eliza, that little guy is named Conor, like your boyfriend.” You say, pointing at the small animal who dives from the ice coated ground into the water. Conor has taken Eliza as his little princess and he never passes a chance to hang out with your little girl or help her skate around or just making funny faces to her from the ice.

All players have their own penguin, even the players that no longer play for the team, and you, Catherine and the children entertain yourselves trying to figure out who is who, using the help of a small pamphlet with photos and descriptions of each animal. By the time the guys come inside the penguins area you have identify everyone and are keeping track of both little Letang and little Fleury as they run around the place.

“They are terrified.” You say and Catherine nods, laughing.

It is not hard to tell that both Kris and Marc Andre are trying really hard not to get too close to the animals, hiding behind the zoo worker as she tries to trick the birds to come over for pictures using fresh fish. After a few tries, they take a few good shots of the players with the animals, getting some really funny moments like Little Geno slapping Kris on the leg or Little Murray and Little Jake cuddling up to Marc Andre, who was both terrified and excited about having two penguins so close to him.

“Eliza, come here.” Marc Andre says as soon as they come in the room, followed by two penguins and the zoo employee.

Eliza and Alex turn out to be way braver than their fathers, petting the animals as soon as they get close to them and even giving them kisses while you and Catherine record everything on your phones.

The day comes soon to an end and, after goodbyes, you and Marc Andre get a very tired Eliza secured on her carseat before jumping in and driving away towards your home.

“That was fun.” He says, reaching over the console to grab your hand and give it a little squeeze. “It was fun to come one last time.”

“You don’t know that.” You frown, looking out the window.

“I don’t want to, Pittsburgh is home –” Marc Andre hesitates before continuing. “– but you and I know that sometimes that doesn’t matter.”

“Whatever you go we are going to be with you.” You squeeze his hand now and he brings yours to his lips to kiss the back of it.

“That’s everything I need.” He smiles, driving through one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges.

“Aaaaand, there will still be a Marc Andre Fleury in Pittsburgh, even if he is in the zoo and not the ice.” You say, earning a glare from your husband before he breaks and laughs.


My smarty pants is just doing her thing. Which is basically desperately doing all she can to get treats.

5 + 1 - Leverage/Flash&Legends

Fic: Five Times Mick and Len Met the Leverage Team (Plus One Time They Hung Out) - Ao3 Link
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Flash, Leverage
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, but mostly gen
Series: Part 3 of Leveraged Interference - Ao3 Link

Summary: “Len,” Mick says.

He has that long-suffering ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’ tone of voice.

A/N: Quasi-prequel to the other two parts. Inspired by a conversation with @daughterofscotland. Most of these incidents are later forgotten by all the characters involved before the start of ‘The One Where They Steal an Arsonist’.


1 – The Cup

“Len,” Mick says.

He has that long-suffering ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’ tone of voice.

“Yeah?” Len says, looking up from his plans.

He did not look up for his plans for nothing, but Mick’s ‘nope’ voice was one of them. Mostly because Mick’s expressions in the conversations that followed were usually priceless.

“I’m admiring your new laundry basket, s’all,” Mick says.

Len blinks. That’s strange. Laundry basket?

“Is this some way of saying I don’t put my clothing away?” he asks suspiciously. That seemed like a Mick thing – Mick was so weird about eating vegetables and shit like that – but Mick usually tossed his shirt any which way too, so it didn’t seem like…

“No,” Mick says, and points.

Len looks. It’s a pile of clothing hanging over…

“Oh, that,” he says, and looks down at the plans hastily to hide his grin.

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