bird trick


Happy Halloween Everyone! Remember that your birds can have some treats too! (Just double check to make sure they’re birb-safe treats!!)
Make sure you keep them safe during trick or treating season, too! Wear harnesses and make sure nothing spooks them!

Teach an old bird new tricks

“Birdy wanna cracker?”

“Cracker!” The parrot on Victor’s arm squawked loudly and was promptly rewarded with said cracker. She crunched away, holding the treat in one claw as she chipped off pieces with her beak.

“She’s learned it, Yuuri, look!” Victor said excitedly. The siren giggled behind his hand.


Victor held out another, only to have it snatched away by one of the other birds swooping down to settle on his shoulder, the third landing on a nearby perch. 




Victor clasped his hands over his ears as the parrots declared their request.


The repeated squawks were deafening.

Yuuri stopped laughing. Victor’s heart-shaped smile dropped off his face entirely, twisting into horror.


“For the love of everyone’s hearing, please teach your children another word,” Chris said, entirely unhelpful as he walked by and shoved more crackers into the parrots’ beaks to shut them up for all of thirty seconds.

Only thirty seconds.

anonymous asked:

Sup Jane. Have you ever considered hunting Borealosuchus before?

Oh believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s far easier said than done.

They’re very good at disguising themselves as logs and rocks, and the amount of time I’ve wasted stalking logs is criminal. 

But I know their tricks, and not to brag, but I think I’ve gotten pretty darn good at narrowing down the real ones from the fakes. They’re hiding right in plain sight…

…yes sirree, right under my nose.

Sarah J. Maas Villains by Evilness
  • Tamlin: it's hard to call someone evil when they're a punk bitch, but he's not a good dude and frankly deserves to be shaded at every opportunity including this one. EVIL: 2/10
  • Arobynn Hamel: okay this guy right here.. this guy right here.. u don't have to have magic to be an evil snake. and he is an evil snake. screw that guy and his greasy ass hair. EVIL: 9/10
  • Amarantha: basically the riddler. literally built an evil city based on an evil city like okay thats some kind of twisted design show shit?? much curse. much sexual abuse. much BITCH. EVIL: 9.2/10
  • King of Hybern: racist af. just wants power, that's it. like will do anything for power. stupid shit. that's his whole motive, which is kinda lame tbh? like dude hit me up when you get a juicy backstory. EVIL: 9.3/10.
  • The Matron Witch: infanticide is not chill. neither is everything else this bitch had did. also her teeth are grody af (dentists hate her and so do i). EVIL: 9.4/10
  • King of Adarlan/That One Valg King: super evil, broke his precious bby son, but ultimately only exists because when the king was a dumbass teenager he tried to mess with magic shit.. he gets bonus evil points because genocide. EVIL: 9.5/10
  • Maeve: yo.. maximum snake. enslaves beautiful bird/wolf/lion men. tricks bitches....... like real intricate, long term trickery too. terrible aunt. what that bitch did and is still doin... :////////..... nah fam. nah. she the worst lady. EVIL: 10/10
  • Erawan: i mean yeah he's evil? but he kinda lacks substance like "why are you evil?" "because I AM THE BANE OF EVIL!!!!" like.. okay. that said, without him, the throne of glass universe would be pretty chill. he's only l'il more evil than maeve because he's older and crankier and is set on total destruction rather than power. so yeah. EVIL: 10.1/10