bird trick

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Sup Jane. Have you ever considered hunting Borealosuchus before?

Oh believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s far easier said than done.

They’re very good at disguising themselves as logs and rocks, and the amount of time I’ve wasted stalking logs is criminal. 

But I know their tricks, and not to brag, but I think I’ve gotten pretty darn good at narrowing down the real ones from the fakes. They’re hiding right in plain sight…

…yes sirree, right under my nose.

“small birds are dumb”

“small birds have no personality”

“small birds don’t like human interaction”

“small birds aren’t fun to play with”

“small birds can’t be taught fun tricks”

Small birds do not have time for your generalizations.


I wasn’t planning on doing anything with the budgies.  I just enjoyed watching them fly around and get into trouble.  Seems that they have started trusting me.

In happy news, Shun’s progress on “flippy bird” trick is going well!! Now he’ll let me flip him (gently) onto his back, which makes doing his nails and checking his beak a lot easier!! He’ll also lay there and let me pet his head, too, so he’s come a long way! (He used to do the trick a lot when he was a baby, but went through that difficult phase, so I’m just now getting him back on track. TwT)

He also learned the new, ultimate technique: DANCE PARTY

Where you just say “DANCE PARTY” real loud. And then he just. Starts dancing. It’s fantastic. I think he’ll be able to face any opponent with the mastery of this technique!!


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