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Super excited about my latest creation! I love over the garden wall and was disappointed to find that there is very little merch out there. So of course I had to fix that! Be sure to check out my etsy store for more cartoon/Disney inspired necklaces. As this thing takes off, if I ever make back the money I spent on supplies, I’ll be able to buy more supplies and make more necklaces inspired by more cartoons I love. Also, don’t forget to reblog my giveaway post for your chance to win anything from my store! I’ll be announcing winners on April 25th! Have a magical day, everyone!


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  • Flower viewing (2 post cards 1 set) - 2USD
  • Sweet nest (3 postcards 1set) - 3USD
  • OPP Fancy tape - 5USD

+ International Shipping fee : 5~10 USD (EMS fee : 15~25USD)

(Shipping fee can be changed depending on the weight & country / Delivery from Korea)

Payment Method : paypal

Arrival will take 14~21days. (EMS : 2~6 days)

If you are interested, feel free to contact me on twitter or email.

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the signs as drunk grunt phrases
  • Aries: salarians have wiggly arms
  • Taurus: are you a wizard?
  • Gemini: damn your lettuce!
  • Cancer: i'm a pretty bird
  • Leo: duct tape
  • Virgo: who's a space cowboy? me!
  • Libra: sharks!!!
  • Scorpio: it was broken when i got here
  • Sagittarius: i'm sad hanar can't wear sweaters
  • Capricorn: what are clowns hiding?
  • Aquarius: gimme more gimme more fishdog food shack
  • Pisces: i am the law!

• 30/06/15 || 7:42pm •

Last day of June, meaning that I took some time to decorate my bullet journal for July!

Going with a theme for a month to see how I like it - this month is a beach theme!

I must say I’m rather proud of how it has turned out :3

~Luthien x

daphne - bees buzzing, heels on a pavement, red lights. corsets, hair slick with water. lemons, ravens, dramatic declarations, alarm clocks. the colour of a bruise, riding a bicycle for the first time, dancing on the edge between the sand and the sea.

pansy - cassette tapes, the revving of an engine, starless night skies. police sirens, lipstick stains, skinny dipping, high heels. silver and black, cigarettes held limply, bird cages. caution tape, skulls, unmade beds, fireworks at night.

astoria - driftwood, quartz, bird feathers, fog. electric guitars, dark reds, the rumble of thunder. whispers at midnight, a collection of mirrors, a voice echoing. dried flowers, skinned knees, driving around the countryside. running breathless.

—  the girls of harry potter, part four 1 2 3 5

Over The Garden Wall is one of the most absorbing things I’ve seen in a long time - a wonderful love letter to classic animation, folklore and young adventure. Go watch it! 

Stuff available at Society6:  Greg  &  Wirt