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niles the butler + one scene per episode [78/145]:

The Bird’s Nest

Sharkey's Day
Laurie Anderson
Sharkey's Day

Artist: Laurie Anderson
Track: Sharkey’s Day
Album: Mister Heartbreak
Label: Warner Bros.
Year: 1984

If you had been hanging around with my friends and I, in the early 1980’s; driving around in Pete’s Chevy Beauville van and working our way through a hundred lot of Gooney Bird… chances are that you would have heard the following tapes playing on the ghetto blaster.

  • Laurie Anderson - Mister Heartbreak
  • Nash the Slash - Children of the Night
  • The Stranglers - V
  • Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
  • That C-90 tape we had recorded of a skip in a Beethoven song

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anonymous asked:

A relative of mine sends me those cute animal comp videos on facebook and your little green birdy was in one of them and i was like. oh fuck its the scotch tape bird

i miss him tell her to send me that video

anonymous asked:

Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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the signs as drunk grunt phrases
  • Aries: salarians have wiggly arms
  • Taurus: are you a wizard?
  • Gemini: damn your lettuce!
  • Cancer: i'm a pretty bird
  • Leo: duct tape
  • Virgo: who's a space cowboy? me!
  • Libra: sharks!!!
  • Scorpio: it was broken when i got here
  • Sagittarius: i'm sad hanar can't wear sweaters
  • Capricorn: what are clowns hiding?
  • Aquarius: gimme more gimme more fishdog food shack
  • Pisces: i am the law!

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“Hello, My Name Is Jenny” by Sketchman

A long-awaited art trade for @melabrook-art. Here’s her character Jenny in an image that shows off a little bit about herself. I had a hard time trying to come up with an idea on what to do on my end. So, I decided to go a simple route and drew this.

“2017” - Character (Melabrook/Melaine) Artwork and Design (Jarod Marchand/Sketchmen Studio) All Rights Reserved

anonymous asked:

this may sound terribly creepy and I'm really sorry about my brain but last night I had a dream and u we're in it (not so much your face but you walked in and I immediately went 'Ashlee from tumblr') and you wore a pretty Snow White dress and had a plastic bird taped to your arm (im not quite sure either)

oh my gosh when i was 17 i went to a dress up party as snow white and i just went looking for pictures because i was like ‘aww i loved that costume i’ll attach a pic to this ask!!’ but ooohhnoo yikes that was embarrassing

but anyway i love this!!! i totally would tape a plastic bird to my arm to complete the snow white look!!! thank you so much for telling me about your dream, it has brightened up my whole afternoon

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