bird spoons

will solace headcanons

• super friendly!! the friendly little sun ever!! could make friends with a plant (he has once or twice)
• potty mouth. literally swears every three seconds.
• does not cry easily, very stoney when it comes to any emotions that aren’t passion or happiness
• golden blonde hair, during the summer his highlights get white blonde
• eyes to die for, sky blue with dark bluish-violet flecks & little bits of yellow if you look hard enough
• freckles!! play connect the dots on them shits (nico has made three dogs, a bird, a spoon, a flower, & a dick or two)
• he always makes eye contact, almost uncomfortably, he just stares right at you as soon as you start to speak
• if he wasn’t a son of apollo he would want to be a son of poseidon
• contrary to his looks, he hates surfing??
• super clumsy, he heals himself more than anyone else, broke his arm in the shower once, very tragic
• tall as a tree that boy is, he was always tall for his age & finally stopped growing at 6'2ish 6'3ish
• he hates shoes!! nico gets mad because he swears will is going to get tetanus
• his face is very round, a button nose, full cheeks, full lips, round wide eyes, a very child like face
• perfect, bright, white teeth he looks a goddamn colgate commercial smh
• he rarely gets angry like seriously angry, but when he does it’s actually very frightening. light drags towards him & he somehow illuminates light & his voice sounds rough like broken glass & he will hurt you just as bad as you hurt him with no qualms
• good singing voice, not the best, but rough & soothing
• wants 3 kids fuckin loves the little munchkins
• overall just a happy cinnamon roll (:

Hogwarts House Aesthetics

Gryffindor: Chimney smoke mixing with the clouds as a storm begins to brew. A roaring fireplace on a cold January night. Inkblots on a crumpled sheet of paper. Autumn leaves dancing around each other as they fall to the ground. Plaid blankets. The song the wind sings when no one is listening. Loosely braided hair. A handful of copper coins. Skinned knees and untied shoelaces. The crease between eyebrows as lips pucker to blow out a candle. Laughter at six in the morning. Hands moving so fast that they look like fluttering birds. Broken tree branches. Songs sung off-key, out of tune, and together.

Ravenclaw: Rain pounding on the windows when everyone is asleep. A closed book on a dusty desk. Feathers. An emptied water glass, alone on the table. Wire-rimmed glasses. The leather bound cover of an overused journal. Handwriting so quick and swirled that it can hardly be counted as legible. The draft of air from an open window. Unnamed constellations. A cat with its claws stuck in the curtains. Perfectly buttoned shirts. Nights spent without sleep. A chessboard where the first player has yet to make a move. Lips pursed in thought. Bottle caps hidden in a box beneath a bed. A pen without ink. The feeling of falling asleep.

Hufflepuff: A flower unfurling its petals to greet the dawn. Freckles dotting blushing cheeks. Soup beginning to boil. Dust drifting through a lonely ray of sunlight. Tapping fingers that speed with every minute. Friends calling to each other from down the hall. Boots with broken zippers. A sunset just before it turns blue. A single bumblebee. A pair of socks with the toes worn away. The smell of something baking two rooms away. Birds singing an hour too early. The reflection of a face in a spoon. Birds flying in vee formation. Pinkies linked together. Eyes widened in realization. The call of a trumpet into an empty room. Hands stained with flour. The lingering of breath after a question. An owl carrying a letter. Papercuts. A face caught in standstill as it shifts from confusion to a smile.

Slytherin: Staying up too late and waking up too early. A river as it emerges from hibernation. Silver coins. Coats with three shiny buttons that swirl around the ankles. The moon on a cloudless night. Confessions spilled into the open air. Ivy creeping up the side of an old building. Falling into a familiar pair of arms. Blankets tangled helplessly. Bells. Footprints in freshly-fallen snow. Sentences without punctuation. A slightly breathless voice. A dream that doesn’t make sense but doesn’t seem entirely fictional. Hoarse whispers. Unused parchment. The flicker of a lightbulb on a windy day. Yawning. Overgrown grass in a forgotten field. Ears stained pink from embarrassment and cold weather. A handwritten letter sealed with wax. Boiling water. Standing off to the side and watching the world go by.

Other Aesthetics: The Marauders / Lily Evans / Jily and Wolfstar

help if you can??? im sorry

im so embarrassed about this.

Gofundme removed my post and is refunding the money to everyone. So I’m just going to be taking paypal donations to keep my mentally/verbally abusive ex away from me. Because if he goes homeless the only place he can live is here and I can’t deal with being abused anymore I finally got him out of my life after 4 long years. He would scream at me call me names cuss me out even push me (physically) he would threaten to kill me and himself and kill my animals. He would also throw things at me and my two pet birds like spoons/forks/remote. He is also very manipulative and will do anything to make you feel guilty and horrible. I wasn’t even allowed to use my computer at certain times or have any real life friends.The only problem is his family left him and hes stranded and had a stroke and has no job and has to pay for electricity and rent and so im doing it (BUT NOT OUT OF MY OWN POCKET) and i know that sounds fucked up but im not a cruel uncaring monster even though hes abused me PLUS its the only way i can keep him away from me and not in my house. I’m human too and would hate to see him have to live on a street as he can barely even walk and is actually back in the hospital again. but his bills need to be paid by SOMEONE.  so please if you have any change, even just a dollar consider sending it to my paypal. id appreciate it and it would mean the world to me.

my paypal is

I appreciate any help at all. Thank you. And I’m so sorry for begging, but please understand I’ve done all i can and I have worked myself to death paying his rent last month and i can’t do this by myself and his family WILL NOT HELP ME. its actually really sad that they dont even care really.

Thank you again  sorry for long post i feel so weak even making this post. i feel ashamed.

Sleeping with a 2P!

2P! Italy:
- will cling onto you until you can no longer breathe
- he sleep talks
- makes sure he wakes up before you bc he doesn’t want you to see him in a vulnerable state

2P! Germany:
- sleeps like a friggin’ rock and will not wake up even if you practically wrestle him
- snores like the devil
- he’s like a giant teddy bear and he’s v warm 10/10 would recommend

2P! Japan:
- sleeps at like 3 am
- he doesn’t move at all like kuro are you even alive
- little spoon™

2P! Romano:
- there’s like a pillow barrier between the both of you so you won’t disturb his beauty sleep
- but he’s actually the one disturbing you lmao
- will unconsciously slap and kick you

2P! Prussia:
- curls up into a little ball
- his snores are adorable
- he really likes it when you hug him in his sleep but is too shy to say it to you

2P! Austria:
- he’s nocturnal™
- but he likes watching you sleep and would play with your hair
- always asks you how was your sleep when you wake up

2P! America:
- he’s like a fucking clock he doesn’t stop moving
- that is unless he’s hugging you then he won’t let go
- usually sleeps naked but when you’re there he only wears boxers (unless you’re chill with him being naked)

2P! England:
- latches onto you
- v light v adorable snoring
- wakes up very early and would prepare breakfast in bed for you

2P! Canada:
- see 2P! Germany
- but he usually hugs you from behind
- he’s like lumberjack Cinderella don’t be surprised if he gets awaken by birds

2P! France:
- unconsciously spoons you
- his grip is like really tight buy not tight enough to murder your ribcage
- mumbles in his sleep

2P! Russia:
- he doesn’t move as well and sleeps on his fucking back
- I recommend you hugging his arm he’s soft af
- but he’s like really cold ion are you a vampire

2P! China:
- treats you like a goddamn teddy bear
- will accidentally (not) grope you
- he’s good with any position at all but he refuses to let you go

2P! South Korea:
- is also a fucking clock
- he once punched your face and was awoken by your screams of pain
- his weird ass curl poked your eye once (yonsu is dangerous when sleeping smh)

Pantless { Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshot}

“29 & 33 with bucky barnes? already established relationship if that’s okay💕💕”- Anonymous {xoxoxo}

“ doll, not that I mind , but where are your pants ?” Bucky questions when you walk into the communal kitchen in just his shirt and panties .

It’s 6 am, and your day off but buckys alarm clock woke you up and you couldn’t fall back asleep. “ well you see, I’m suppose to be sleeping in, but after waking up to an annoying ass alarm clock at 530 am, I have been able to go back to sleep . Sooooo…”

  You notice Sams eyes trailing up your bare legs , and Steve has a deep blush going on and he won’t even look at you . Bucky makes his way to you , standing so he has you caged between him and the counter so your body is covered from Sams eyes .you send him an innocent smile as you sip your coffee.

“ as much as I love seeing you in just my shirt, I don’t appreciate Wilson getting a free show at my girl. ” You lean step forward, leaving a tiny bit of space between the two of you. Buckys eyes go to your chest, when his baggy v neck youre currently wearing is leaving little to his imagination . You know he can see enough of you chest that it’s making him flustered. You lean up for a quick kiss before ducking under his arms to leave .

As you walk out of the kitchen you call over your shoulder

  “ you’re totally picturing me naked right now aren’t you Barnes ?”

Instead of your boyfriend answering Sam does “ i think we all are picturing you naked at this point y/n!”

 You hear a  smacking noise then Sam howling in pain ,“ damn robocop! Can you blame us!”

“ I will poke your eyes out with a spoon bird balls.” You can’t help but laugh, there isn’t a day that you don’t think about how lucky you are to be here with your gorgeous boyfriend and his incredibly idiotic friends.

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An unexpected love

Based on “Imagine being married to Bilbo and when he comes home one day he brings two dwarven children he found home saying they were orphans and asking if you felt up to giving them a home” from ImaginexHobbit



He’s an odd one, that Bilbo Baggins.

That’s what everyone had told you when you’d taken on the job of going to Bag End to help with the cleaning and do a bit of cooking while Bilbo rolled up his sleeves to set about restoring his home to its former comfort after his long absence.

Never been quite right since he came back from gallivanting about with those Dwarves, went the whispers, and in some ways, they were right.

Bilbo generally shunned socializing – strange indeed in the close-knit bustle of the Shire – and seemed sometimes to share the common opinion that his travels had made him a misfit, and you had observed him in unguarded moments to stare aimlessly out of the window, his hands wandering distractedly to the pockets of his waistcoat, looking so restless and lost that it broke your heart to see it.

For all that he avoided company, you’d found Bilbo Baggins unexpectedly welcoming, a well-mannered, kindly soul who thanked you for your every effort, who made certain to keep the flowers you liked best in the house after an offhand comment about the loveliness of their scent, and when he smiled at you – and he’d begun to smile at you more each day – you found that, suddenly, all seemed right with the world.

It began with an invitation to supper, extended shyly and almost apologetically.

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