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I’m sorry, but Mercy’s “Combat Medic” skin is bullshit.

That outfit is impractical and unsuited to any battlefield. Blizzard made the worst combat medic ever just because they couldn’t resist feminizing it. “yeah, we could make it something you would actually wear into battle, but BOOBS.”

If you want to know what a practical, sensible,  videogame combat medic outfit that could be worn by any sex would look like:

th3mstrmind-deactivated20170607  asked:

Hey there. I was at the pet store today and saw a beautifully colored albino cornsnake; fall colors of reds+orange and a little yellow, with some white. It made me wonder, why are they called albino's if they come in such vibrant colors?

GOOD QUESTION! So basically, albinism is a condition that knocks out a pigment called melanin. This is the primary pigment in many animals, including mammals and birds. It colors skin, hair, scales, feathers, and eyes. There’s different types of melanin that produce colors on a spectrum ranging from deep black to sandy blonde. But while melanin is the primary pigment in mammals, it’s not the only pigment in reptiles! Reptiles actually have two types of pigment-producing cells. The first, melanocytes, produce melanin. In an albino animal, those are basically turned off and the skin is white or pinkish from the blood circulating beneath it. But reptiles also have what’s called chromatophores. Chromatophores produce many other pigments. Two of these are xanthophores (yellow) and erythrophores (a range of red to purplish, depending on the species). Some reptiles have iridiophores (which produce iridescent colors) and there’s two other common pigments known as guanophores and leucophores (two different versions of white). Each of these pigments is affected by different mutations! So for example, my Kenyan sand boa is anerythristic, which means that the genes that control red pigment (the erythrophores) have been turned off- giving me a black and white snake instead of a black and orange snake like a normal KSB. My ball pythons are both axanthic, which means that the genes that control yellow pigment (xanthophores) have been turned off. These snakes don’t produce these pigments, and so that changes their color!

So that snake you saw was an albino in that they don’t produce melanin! But their other pigments are unaffected by the mutation, so they can still exhibit gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange! 

In which Harry is a stripper…

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The boy who delivered our drinks was only wearing a flimsy, black apron, which was tied carefully around his waist. With the tray perfectly balanced upon the palm of his hand, he began to pass our drinks out, a huge grin on his face, and his cock just inches from my face.
I turned to the rest of the girls with wide eyes.

“Special occasion?” He asked, a thick Irish accent.

“I’m getting married!” The bride to be piped up, as smug as ever.

“Congratulations!” He beamed. “Sad to see you off the market, Gorgeous.”

All the girls sat around our table let out almighty giggles, swooning and fanning themselves, whereas I was too busy trying not to turn back in his direction and stare at his groin. I figured he was used to it in his line of work, but it still felt a little intrusive.

“What’s your name?” Katie barked at him.

“Niall.” He replied. “I’ll be your waiter for the evening. You need anything, just give me a shout.”

“What about your number?”

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Self-Titled songs as things

Implicit Demand for Proof - black coffee on freezing cold nights. Stinging, hot tears and vinyl records

Fall Away -  staring at stars from rooftops. long car trips and voice cracks

The Pantaloon - crowded spaces and wilting flowers. Candle smoke after you have blown it out, the sound of a ukulele.

Addict With a Pen -  laying on wet grass and paper cuts. The smell of a rainy day and lavender

Friend, Please -  tea that is  too hot and cold feet. the taste of blood after you’ve accidentally bitten your lip, the feeling of cuddling up to somebody

March to the Sea -  sun shining through pine trees in the woods. the smell of a bookstore and soft kisses

Johnny Boy - dry coughs and small headaches. The smell of black licorice.

Oh Ms. Believer - Iced over roads and cold, sunny mornings. Soft cotton socks and honeysuckle

Air Catcher - broken glass in your hands and flickering street lamps. Ivy plants and static television

Trapdoor - bitter cough syrup, hand cramps and the sound of crickets.

A Car, A Torch, a Death - the crunch of snow under your feet, the smell of rubbing alcohol, trembling legs

Taxi Cab  -  sunrises and the feeling of silk. holding hands and the color black

Before you Start your Day  -  rosy cheeks and the feeling you get before school. soft hair and a growling stomach

Isle of Flightless Birds  -  skinned knees and chapped lips. ringing in your ears, Christmas lights