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Hi :) since I love your blog and the way you deal with and interpret things, I wanted to ask you what you think about the song being named Kiwi. I don't believe Harry would just choose a random name for any of his songs so I believe it is supposed to give some additional information. I haven't heard the song yet but from what I've gathered from the lyrics it really doesn’t seem to make sense to connect it to the fruit, so I looked up the bird and found that it's a very unusual species (1)

It’s very shy and only active at night and therefore humans only ever hear their chirps, it’s endangered because it’s been hunted a lot, can’t fly and mates for life. So maybe just maybe Harry is supposed to be like a Kiwi in his metaphor? I would really appreciate your thoughts about this idea! (2)

Harry as a shy bird… I kind of like that! I’ll keep this interpretation in mind when I listen to the song. Thank you so much for suggesting it.


BIRD BEAAAKS. This one doesn’t teach how to draw but it0s the introduction to that. Quite a lot of people I give classes to have this idea that the beak is an apendix of the bird’s skull and not a part of the skull that doesn’t have feathers covering it. And because of that wrong notion beaks are drawn poorly and with no sense of weight or even being part of the bird’s head.

So this art tip of the week is just the very introduction to the concept of drawing beaks. Just explaining what the beak actually is.


  - Tutorial 4

 Tutorial 3

Tutorial 2

Hope you like it, even though its a simpler one. 

CHEERS and tons of love

INTP/INTP Relationship
  • <p> <b></b> *sitting in the park on a bench, holding hands while A reads a Wikipedia article about the Higgs-Boson while B is mostly daydreaming about concepts*<p/><b>B:</b> Look at that old lady over there<p/><b>A:</b> *glances up* Which one?<p/><b>B:</b> *nods in general direction* right there. Feeding the squirrel<p/><b>A:</b> She looks crazy<p/><b>B:</b> She looks... Interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> But she's mostly crazy.<p/><b>B:</b> I guess.<p/><b>A:</b> She obviously has no regard for her safety. Who knows whether or not that squirrel has rabies? And besides, it's unsafe for the squirrel too.<p/><b>B:</b> And causes the squirrel to have decreased fear of humans. Oh! What if eventually all squirrels stopped being afraid of humans and then rose up to take over the world?<p/><b>A:</b> *opens a new tab to Google squirrels* I don't know. There would probably have to be some sort of - Oh yeah! The food the humans give them could have chemicals that cause them to mutate to become more intelligent and able to take over the world!<p/><b>B:</b> A squirrel apocalypse!<p/><b>A:</b> Yep. That lady's probably a psychopath. She's plotting world domination by squirrel. She's feeding it chemicals.<p/><b>B:</b> And trying to acclimate it to humans so it won't fear us. I bet she's teaching it our ways.<p/><b>A:</b> She's definitely teaching it our ways.<p/><b></b> *woman's grandchild runs up to her*<p/><b>B:</b> She's going to pass on her plans to him.<p/><b>A:</b> Or turn him into a squirrel-human hybrid<p/><b>B:</b> She doesn't look the type. What would a human-squirrel even do?<p/><b>A:</b> I dunno. Be able to climb trees.<p/><b>B:</b> Would storing nuts in their cheeks be useful?<p/><b>A:</b> Maybe. How about a flying squirrel?<p/><b>B:</b> Makes more sense. But that would probably get in the way a lot.<p/><b>A:</b> That's actually kind of gross when you think about it.<p/><b>B:</b> Oh shit, yeah. Wingsuits all the way.<p/><b>A:</b> I wonder if it's possible to imitate a bird's flight.<p/><b>B:</b> I don't know. Birds move their wings weird. Kind of like - *lets go of A's hand to awkwardly flap arms, twisting them around*<p/><b>A:</b> *giggles a little bit*<p/><b>B:</b> *takes A's hand again* You know, they sort of have to bend or something. So the air force when the move their wings up doesn't push them back down.<p/><b>A:</b> How could you replicate that with technology lightweight enough to allow human flight?<p/><b>B:</b> Damn that would be interesting.<p/><b>A:</b> Crazy squirrel lady probably has a prototype.<p/><b>B:</b> Her daughter built the prototype and is testing it on the kid.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably.<p/><b>B:</b> Definitely.<p/><b>A:</b> Probably in her garage somewhere.<p/><b>B:</b> She probably has a lair.<p/><b>A:</b> Hidden behind a bookshelf full of books about squirrels.<p/><b>B:</b> Yep.<p/><b>A:</b> Mhm.<p/><b></b> *they both smile to themselves, glance at each other momentarily, then squeeze the other person's hand, falling silent as A goes on reading articles and B stares at squirrels suspiciously, plotting a cure for their theoretical mutation*<p/></p>
A Gay Angel? by Annie Dillard

In 1792, Annie Dillard, the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Pilgrim At Tinker Creek wrote the essay, “A Gay Angel?”, a work which she considered to be her magnum opus– describing it as “hilarious,” “a real study of the human character,” and “soap.” However, unfortunately the manuscript was lost and until this day has yet to be published. However, after a concerted effort involving “bribery, intimidation, and raw sexual power,” the manuscript has been recovered and it presented here in its entirety. So without further ado, “A Gay Angel?” by Annie Dillard.

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The Gem Bird from Giant Woman

Something’s odd about that bird. It’s not featured in Pearl’s montage of corrupted gems in Ocean Gem, and perhaps more tellingly? It has no visible gem on its outside. We never see it bubbled. Instead of one gem, it has a huge repository of gems inside of its belly.

But Opal rips Steven out of its stomach- and it falls apart, only to reform into a bunch of smaller units to keep up the attack. What we know about Gems says that can’t possibly work- at best, only one of the beaks would be attached to its gem, and the rest would fall apart, but they don’t. And what happens to the gems that were stored in its stomach?

Right before the beaks form, we see what looks like gem shards. The gems in its belly went flying in all directions when it separated- and reformed into the flying beaks. Suggesting that’s not simply a treasure horde the bird is guarding, but part of its body.

What if the gem bird is some kind of corrupted fusion? If you think about it, corrupted gems are driven primarily by an overwhelming fear or sense of stress, and their individuality and personality is mostly inaccessible. In that sense, it seems likely that a group of corrupted gems close together could sort of absorb into each other- maybe even cracked gems or gem shards that aren’t able to project a full body on their own. It’d also be thematically fitting if we’re introduced to a fusion monster in the same episode that introduces fusion to us as a concept.

It’d obviously be not as strong as a non-corrupted fusion, because the gem bird has at least fifty gems in there, and is easily defeated by a two-gem fusion (Opal).

The bird’s main motivation seems to be eating other gems. It tries to gobble Amethyst and Pearl, eats Steven, and had consumed the Heaven Beetle before Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl got there. It could be that it’s trying to assimilate more gems into itself to become stronger.

In that case, it would suggest that while Steven and the Heaven Beetle had been eaten, they weren’t assimilated by the fusion- because they weren’t stuck to its sides in bubbles like the other gems were. This also explains why various inanimate junk is strewn around, including some skeletons- the gem bird seems to respond to everything it sees by trying to eat it, so things that aren’t gems just fall to the bottom of its stomach. (Somewhat nastily, this suggests that rather than being digested, the sources of those bones may have just been trapped in its belly and starved to death. The fact that there are swords stuck in the walls of its belly might suggest the humans at least might’ve tried to cut their way out unsuccessfully)

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A few episodes ago someone got a text saying "its time for the caged bird to sing". I havent watched last night's episode yet, but I saw someone holding a music sheet that said something like "nice to hear you singing, last time you were all choked up". maybe THAT is the caged bird? and there was that clue "only ONE animal holds the clue" or something like that, maybe this BIRD is the said "animal"?

WOAH!! That makes sense, Ali was the one to pick up the music sheet therefore, she was the caged bird. Perhaps the singing part is referring to her lying again and what Mona told her in 5.05 in the church “You used to be a better liar.”

Omg, you are a genius Anon!!

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//slams into your inbox: Kaneki's hair is incredibly soft around the roots and wispier towards the tips. It's heaven to give him head massages and to just touch his head/face in general (he has soft skin due to regeneration too so), maybe do something with that? I hope that isn't a vague enough idea to drabble off of ;;;

//slames hands onto the keyboard immediately because I love vague ideas that let me play around// 

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