bird robin

The Batman comic book creators: okay we’re gonna change some stuff. Dick Grayson won’t be Robin anymore, he’ll be a new character called Nightwing™. We’ll give him his own comics and city it’ll be cool.

The fans: aw this is awesome! And the best part is that we don’t have to worry about those scaley green panti-

The fans: what in the hell is that?

The creators: that is… *cue dramatic music* the Nightwing™!

The fans: …

*time skip*

The creators: okay we know we made some mistakes with Nightwing. He’s cool but his suit is NOT. Give us a break it was the 80s. We’re gonna change up the suit and make him cool again.

The fans: oh this is great! We’ll finally be able to see nightwing in his full glor-

The fans: what is that?!

The creators: what’s wrong?

The fans: the hair? What is that hair?!

The creators: it’s not hip?

The fans: …no…it’s not

*time skip*

The creators: okay okay okay. We’ve heard the complaints and we totally understand. We’ll keep the suit cool as we did before. We’ll take away the mullet. We’ll make him just as cool looking as any other super hero. And we’ll keep him that way.

The fans: We don’t trust you but okay. As long as you get rid of the hair all should be-

The fans: …

The fans: Why? Is? He? Red?!

The creators: you don’t like the red?

The fans: no!!!

The creators: well now you’re just being picky

The fans: … *give up all sense of hope*