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If I get a birb will I regret it


birds are loud. they never shut up unless they want to and can be heard through the whole house.

birds are mean. they have tempers. they are too clever to be obedient because you told them to be. they bite. even when theyre playing they bite. it hurts.

birds live a long time. theyre expensive. bird food is expensive. bird toys are expensive. cages are expensive. vet bills are expensive. theyre smelly. theyre messy.

birds are not domestic. they are unlike any animal we keep around as pets. theyre frustrating and have a will of their own.

if you still want to get a bird, do research. go get experience handling birds, go to a shelter or a friend or a pet store if you have to. know what kind of bird you want. know what they need. what kind of temperament they have. how to read their body language. visit bird blogs (they will tell you how hard it is) @flock-talk @poifish-animals @wordsonbirds

if you feel like youre ready for a bird, DONT buy from a pet store. dont support breeding. give your home to a bird that needs one, not one that is bred for one. adopt if you can. if you must, look through craigslist. make sure you are willing to put down a lot of money for the bird. you not only need to get the bird but you need to buy the best cage you can and the best food you can and give it the best environment you can. dont you dare skimp out on your bird’s life. 

a bird is a very big responsibility. theyre loud, clever, mean, smelly, messy, and expensive. they arent pretty little living decorations you can just keep locked up in a cage and take care of when you want to. theyre living creatures with needs that wont be convenient for you.

Kick off Earth Day by tuning in to our “March of the Penguins for Science” livestream tomorrow morning at 9:10 a.m. PDT! As our African penguins take an enrichment walk through the Kelp Forest gallery, we’ll share facts about these endangered birds and explore how researchers working to save them aren’t just winging it—they’re using science!


Female mountain lion feeding a pair of cubs, then the remnants being fought over by a pair of birds.

ronan 100% teaches chainsaw how to say “hi” or mimic a car racing or, even more likely, to shout “fuck!” whenever something mildly displeasing happens and gansey definitely tries to chide both of them but there’s not much you can do to discipline a raven (or ronan tbh)

  • kerrimurph A penguin video to get through the middle of the week. One of my favorite days shooting was near Port Lockroy, an old British station/post office that has been turned into a historical site and museum. We hung out with thousands of Gentoo penguins for several hours. The summer staff at Port Lockroy not only maintains the site, but they also study the affects of tourism on the penguin colony (as this site is one of the most visited in Antarctica). Later in the evening, the clouds over the mountains in the back of this video opened up for sunset. A few of us who weren’t frozen solid hiked up the glacier and sat in awe (more like took a ton a photos in awe) at the beauty of the changing light through almost midnight. We kept saying ‘amazing’, 'breathtaking’, etc. etc. I’d say this was the best photographic day I’ve ever had (photos to come).

Bandit, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (5 m/o), AKC Meet The Breeds 2017, New York, NY • “When you say, ‘I have a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje’, they say, 'Do you take medicine for that?’ They’re new to the sporting group this year. They were bred to walk down the side of Dutch canals and ponds and have birds follow them, like a Toller. Their tails are attention getters. The decoyman leaves food for the birds, the dog shows up, and the birds associate the dog with food. The dog then lures the ducks into a net trap, where they’re brought to market for food. It’s a 700-year-old trick. There are still four traps being used in Holland, though they now just band the birds for flight research.”


his name shall be Sunset Butt (credit to @needsmorebirds there).

Sunset Butt lives next to a lovely lakeside campground. He enjoys storing acorns and chasing female woodpeckers around. He also apparently spends less time preening than other males of his species, since he bears a hefty load of flat-flies.

If you see Sunset Butt, make sure to remind him to wash. Nobody likes a flea-ridden bird!

Things that Make the Sun Signs Feel Alive☀️

*Aries*: screaming, vibrant light(natural especially), the unexpected

*Taurus*: time to soak in their surroundings, things that *last*, physical gestures of support

*Gemini*: killing 2 birds with one stone, research just for the sake of it, chatting with anyone who crosses their path

*Cancer*: reassurance, connection to their past/ancestry, good food

*Leo*: a close-knit group, projecting a lively image, big plans

*Virgo*: witty conversation, simplifying their surroundings, taking careful care of themselves

*Libra*: uniting people through similarities, music to fit the mood, a night out on the town

*Scorpio*: keeping secrets, belly laughter, prolonged silence

*Sagittarius*: pushing boundaries, sharing pure excitement, changes that can never be undone

*Capricorn*: feeling stable and on top of things, angular or vintage decor, recognition

*Aquarius*: not knowing what would possibly happen next, belonging to dynamic and loving groups, being cryptic

*Pisces*: losing themselves, artful expression of feelings, giving themselves space and time to unwind

let’s all just take a moment to imagine a universe where, instead of Jason pulling all that Under the Red Hood stuff, he instead started hanging signs all over Gotham that read “unattended Robins will be given a free puppy and expresso” and then follows through. Tim starts showing up at the cave tied to a golden retriever and a triple shot from Starbucks. he is so confused. Bruce has to find homes for six puppies in one week. Tim hasn’t slept for four days and has heartburn

Photo of the sunrise my coworker took on the way to work. The power lines somehow added to the photo, when they normally would take away in my opinion so I thought I’d share. It’s the same sunrise I posted recently, also fun to see how two shots of the same sunrise can be so different.

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so, in the future I plan on getting a bird! but I'm kind of torn between what species. I've narrowed it down between pigeon, or green cheek conure. I was wondering if you can give me a lil insight to what Rex's behaviors are like?like uh, for example, does she play and do goofy things like a lot of parrot videos you see online? or does she play in a different manor? does she sing along to music? does she enjoy eating some of your snacks with you? give us the deets! ☺️

I had a green cheek named Groot (his tag is #groot). I loved him a lot however I ended up regretting getting him, perhaps if I had gotten an adult psittacine I would’ve felt differently but his hormones were just too much for my family and I, especially with my mental illness and my dad’s drinking, so I had to rehome him.

Before I answer let me tell you DO NOT TRUST THE CUTE VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET. They only show 10% of life with birds, the other 90% is a lot less cute, especially with parrots. Parrots scream, bite, chew, shit, make immense messes, scream more, and are literally like living with a hyper intelligent toddler for the next 30-100 years (smaller parrots don’t live as long but that’s still a huge chunk out of your life). You can have a rewarding relationship with your parrot, but it comes with a ton of work and even when you put everything into it that you can it still may fall apart. Parrots are WILD animals, they may have been raised in captivity and are tame, but they aren’t domesticated and you need to be prepared for that. It takes a skilled and dedicated individual to care for these birds and keep them as happy as possible.

This applies to pigeons but not in the same extreme. Pigeons are pets, they are designed to be pets whereas parrots are only in the very earliest stages of domestication. She doesn’t scream or bite, but she shits- people find that this doesn’t bug them as much as they expect it to since there’s much more to any animal than their poop. She wreaks havoc, sends papers flying, steps all over keyboards, knocks things over, and is constantly forgetting that she’s a prey animal in a house of predators. But like I said, she isn’t nearly as extreme as any psittacines as far as the ratio of cute:havocdemon.

As for your ask, all of the cute playing behavior Groot did I’ve seen Rex do, excluding the biting/wrestling (if you want a pigeon to do that get a cock and not a hen). She picks up random objects and wanders around with them, she throws things off of the table, likes to shake balls with bells in them, she likes to land on the phone in the kitchen to hear the buttons beep, and she brings me presents like dried up flowers she finds in hay or bits of corn. She doesn’t really steal food, but she’ll stand on my plate and insist on helping me eat, Groot would steal anything he saw you put in your mouth. You don’t want them eating a lot of people food, they need a balanced diet of grains. Parrots definitely shouldn’t be getting a lot of people food unless it’s fresh fruit, unsalted or buttered eggs, etc.. Chickens are great if you want an eating pal and most foods are safe excluding overly greasy or citrus (research bird safe food).

Besides being playful, Rex is very cuddly with me, but only me and that applies to all pigeons. They bond closest with their mate. Rex is plenty social with my housemates though, she just doesn’t want them to touch her, she happily sits on them and preens.

To sum it up: pigeons are pets and parrots are projects. I don’t recommend ever keeping a parrot, not even budgies, until you have worked with them at a rescue or sanctuary. Pigeons and chickens are your best bet for a fun and easy going pet.


This is a “Penguin rover” used to study Emperor penguins in Antarctica.

It’s equipped with a spy cam to assist in studying these shy animals. Researchers found that approaching these emperor penguins normally would result in their heart rates rising, producing unreliable data.

This rover works very well, enough to even entice communication from the penguins. According to researchers the penguins were “very disappointed” when the rover didn’t respond, prompting the researchers to plan to have the rover playing penguin songs on it’s next trip.

(Via Cnet, Nature)

When you find yourself, as I did, in the center of a large vulture’s nest,
roughly hectagonally shaped, and moreso,
If you are surrounded by three excessively enormous juvenile buzzards,
quite politely and expectantly staring at you
As they would at a filet mignon or otherwise a respectable roadkill,
Attention! Please keep in the forefront of your mind:
The Laws and Customs of Vulture Society.
Governed by no one, and guided by the desert fires,
Harking back to the olden days of windstorm, and
the scream of volcano ash across the sky, and
the first crawling breaths of life, and
the first feeble steps of humanity.
Do not intrude upon the age old customs of temperance, and
Do not become so veiled with narcissism that
you fail to notice the plucking of your own eyes, and
Do not cling to what has passed.
Most crucially, take note:
That which the vultures are very particular about, involves
the cycle of life and death.
Tread lightly here, traveler.
Respect this pillar commandment:
The dead are dead. The living are living.
Never confuse the two.
And, as a general practice, avoid smelling like roadkill.
—  Vulture Law: A Traveler’s Guide

you know what’d be nice?

if artists and animators and creators of all kinds of media would collectively stop depicting people keeping aquatic creatures in bowls.

i guarantee you that like at least half the reason people keep their fish in unfiltered bowls irl is because of this pervasive image of the goldfish bowl in fiction. the sheer ubiquity of this image normalizes cruel conditions for fish and other aquatic animals, who invariably need filtration, space, and temperature regulation that a bowl can’t provide.

i see it literally everywhere, even in fanworks i otherwise enjoy, and it makes me so upset to see this kind of implicit encouragement of animal neglect.

so please, anyone who sees this, please don’t draw your fish in bowls. our aquatic friends deserve better from us.