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Thinkin about Goro Akechi again like usual.

I love the art and content this fandom has made but I feel like aspects of his personality are sometimes left out (perhaps due to preference of what people like to create about, which is fair).

Mostly - his rage. His spite, yes, but on the other hand his determination and willpower, his burning angry desire to succeed and survive. I’ve seen some ‘yandere’-ish content (not my personal cup of tea but, yknow) but I rarely see him truly, genuinely enraged.

Goro can be kind and pleasant, he can be sad and melancholy and lost in his thoughts, he can be upset and despair at his situation, and he can be smugly sly - but he also is fucking PISSED

Any time his convictions are laid bare, he doesn’t hesitate to be angry. He explains his “selfish motivations” with fire and vitriol, and when he confronts the party later he’s angry and fired up to SUCCEED, even if he’s had his thoughts and emotions twisted, he’s full of a raw anger and energy that he MUST win, full of anger about what he is in comparison to others, full of rage towards his father and his own emotions. It seems that his anger boils up with his energy - once he’s beaten he calms down, even if he’s still hoarsely shouting about his situation. But he has this immense rage and conviction towards whatever stands in his way - Shido, the Thieves, Joker, even himself, and the cognitive double that threatens him and everyone. (And it’s not to say he can’t filter his rage into a more controlled form, like his resolve against his clone in the rank 10 scene.)

He is full of fire and rage and willpower. His personas should express that - a symbol of rebellious justice that the angry poor saw as a hero against the corrupt rich, a god of chaos and rebel against the gods who dared to oppose his kin (and whose ultimate fate is to tear free of his painful, poisonous binds and battle the gods at the end of the world.)

I love seeing the other kinds of content - happy, sad, remorseful, guilty, peaceful, sly. But I hope to see more of his rage and rebellion, which while it may have ended terribly for him, he still held tightly within him. Though his situation was warped and his sense of how to best utilize his rebellion was twisted by Shido’s manipulation, he still had his burning rebellion within him until the very end.

Flatmate- Sherlock x Reader

“Um, yeah thanks. I’ll check back with you.”

Cross that off the list.

Nope, definitely not that one. The apartment was small and reeked of left over alcohol and blood. The bathroom was in an even worse state, it looked like someone died in there because someone tried cleaning blood off the tiled floor, but not all of it got off. It’s a wonder why the landlord wanted it off his hands.
Y/n steps out onto the busy street, taking a deep breath of fresh air. Enjoying the sights and smells of London, it’s all so nice here. All new, it almost makes her forget the reason she moved away from (hometown).
She couldn’t stay there, she just couldn’t bear with being in the same country as him. Since she started dating (ex’s name) two years ago, her life went down hill. Everything started off just fine, he was sweet and loving, he painted the picture of a perfect boyfriend. Until, six months into their relationship, (ex’s name) showed her exactly who he is and what he’s capable of. And her world came crashing down around her when the abuse started. He started drinking, he became (or already was) an alcoholic, and took his frustrations out on her.
Why didn’t she get help?
She loved him too much to leave, she didn’t have anyone else, and on that note alone, she stayed, despite the abuse. It was two months ago she decided she wanted out of the relationship, but she couldn’t exactly tell him that. So she wrote a goodbye note, and left on the earliest flight to London. She could imagine him furious and still looking for her, though she left no clues to where she was going, she can’t help but feel uneasy. Like he could pop out of any corner, and any given second and drag her away kicking and screaming.
Since then, she had been working her ass off so she could have enough money to get her own flat. She just lives in a shabby motel, it isn’t much, but it’s home, and it would be for a while. Working in a tea shop isn’t a really a good source of income, especially when you work for a small amount for the week. But, it pays the bills and keeps food on the table, so she’s not complaining.
Its not far from where she lives, taking the tube saves money, it’s convenient, since getting to work on time and getting back home at a decent hour is the key. She’s been saving money since before she left (ex name) so that combined with what she’s gotten from her cheques  she was able to save up enough to get herself a place.
She was still on the hunt for a decent price to pay, so that she could be comfortable and make a living for herself. “Taxi!”
The car pulls over, and Y/n slips in, but before she could close the door, a man with a dark coat rushes in behind her. He slams the door shut, “Drive.” he says to the driver.
The Hell?
Y/n shakes her head, leaning back into the car seat. She have met some decent people in London, most of them are the people she works with, or just strangers who have manners. And this man, whoever he was, definitely is not one of the decent folk.
She turns her head to look out of the window, enjoying the scenery that whirls by. Until, the hair on the back of her neck stands up and she’s well aware of someone watching her. At first, her first instinct was to ignore it, but the feeling just got worst. Someone was watching her very closely.
She slowly turns her head, and looks into the cerulean eyes of her cab mate. He was in fact watching her, and apparently had no problem getting caught doing the deed. “Is there a problem?” Y/n asks wanting to know exactly why this man is watching her so closely. Maybe there’s something in my hair? Or on my face….or perhaps the scent of that apartment got stuck on me somehow–God I hope not.
“Yes. You definitely have a problem.” the deep tone of his voice catches her off guard for a bit, as well as his reply to her question.
After a minute of staring at him dumbly, she opens her mouth,


“You moved here not long ago, and you’re currently looking for a flat. Judging by your accent you’re from (hometown), but you didn’t move here for a holiday or a job offer, so you could be visiting family. But the fact that you’re looking for a place to settle tells me you’re planning on staying. You ran away from something and apparently you can’t let go of it. The make up you used shows that you were covering something up, you don’t get much sleep, considering that most of the makeup is right under your eyes.”

“Going with that, you have insomnia, it’s not medically treated else you would be going in the opposite direction to pick up your prescription, and since you’re not, I assume it’s recent.”
Y/n sat, staring wide eyed at the man. She doesn’t know him, and she’s sure that he doesn’t know her, so how in hell did he know all of that? There’s just no way.
“Here please.” the man says, and the car slows to a stop, and before he gets out, he turns and look at her expectantly. “What?”
“The fare. Pay it.”

Wh– The hell’s up with this guy?

Without another word, he opens the door and steps out, leaving Y/n to pay the cabbie. She hands the man the money and gets out too. The man was standing on the sidewalk, doing something with his phone. Noticing that the girl is with him, he looks away from his device, “And what are you doing here?”
“I just wasted my last bit of cash on you.” Y/n says angrily, she just met the bloody man and he’s already causing problems. “Oh, well thank you.” He says nonchalantly, looking back to his phone. Right before she could open her mouth, a gun shot rings out and the glass of the flower shop behind them shatter. The two instinctively duck down, the strange man with curly hair grabs Y/n’s hand, and bolts. Running down the street, Y/n struggling to keep up with him. He turns down a new street, and when he was sure they weren’t being followed, he slows down and stops. “The name’s Sherlock by the way. Sherlock Holmes” He says, Y/n bends over, her hands on her knees, catching her breath. “Y/n L/n. And you, Mr Holmes, have some explaining to do because I’m pretty sure that someone just tried to kill us.”
After explaining that he was a consulting detective, and he was on a case and people were following him and that’s why he badged into the cab she pulled over. Sherlock straightens his coat and nods at her,
“You’re looking for a for a flat yes?”

It’s been five months since Y/n moved into 221 B.
It had took her quite a while to get used to Sherlock being… well, himself. He wasn’t as easy to talk to as she thought, and most of the time he was like a five year old on a tantrum. Y/n had met John, a great friend of Sherlock who’s become like an older brother to her. From what she’s heard, he got married and moved out of the flat.
She had worked for about a week at the tea shop after she met the detective, but eventually quitted having to help him on cases and things. Eventually she met Mycroft, and decided to "spy” on Sherlock for him, earning a high sum of money which she splits with Sherlock.
They were a pretty good team, when they’re not arguing on why his experiments had to be in places where they store food.
It was an uneventful Sunday, a surprisingly quiet day, and Sherlock wouldn’t stop complaining that he needed a case, while Y/n continued to read her book and ignore him.
“Y/n.” Oh don’t you start.
With a sigh, she reluctantly tear her eyes away from the page.

You had to acknowledge me just before the good stuff happened?

“Yes Sherlock?” she raises an eyebrow at the man, watching him bounce up from his chair, “Let’s go for a walk.” he says, already grabbing his coat and scarf, with a groan, Y/n marks her page and gets up.
Though she could certainly go for a walk, she’s been cooped up in the flat for what seemed like forever. So, right now fresh air seemed great. “Pray tell, where are we going?” Y/n asks, linking her arm with Sherlock’s as they walk out onto the street, something he got accustomed to since she does that to keep his pace. Sherlock looks down at the shorter girl, smiling lightly. “No where in particular, I was dying to get out.”
“So I put down my book just for you to stretch your bird legs?” Y/n purses her lips, shaking her head at him. Sherlock chuckles at her, “Yes, that, and you couldn’t stand it much longer either. You were getting bored of that silly book you were reading.”
“Harry Potter is not silly! You just lack the imagination and passion Miss JK put into her works.”
Sherlock pulls a face, looking away from her, “I lack imagination.” He scoffs quietly to himself, but of course the girl heard it. “You’re starting a war that’ll never end Sherlock.”
The two ended up walking all over London, only stopping because Y/n wanted ice cream. And to sit in a quiet park and allow Sherlock to deduce the people who’d pass by while they sit and joke about it. When they were back to the flat it was late, and with nothing else to do, Y/n started up a movie. Sherlock was watching the movie, while Y/n thought to herself, “Isn’t it funny?”
“Yes, the father’s the killer.” Sherlock says, smirking when Y/n hits his arm. “Really, Holmes? I was enjoying the suspense.” Y/n sighs, there goes another one, down the drain.
Anyway. I was going to say, that it’s funny that I got so used to the danger doing ordinary things like this seems weird to me.” The girl finishes, “But I don’t regret meeting you, although we almost died that one time.” Y/n and Sherlock chuckles and he wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her to him. “I must admit, though you were annoying at first, you’re good company.” Y/n laughs, shaking her head, “Yeah okay Sherlock.”
She was about to make a joke about something else when Sherlock’s lips meet hers in a chaste kiss before quickly pulling away and getting up. As the small moment leaves Y/n stunned, Sherlock uses that small opening to go through the kitchen to his bedroom.

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A Beautiful Possession pt.2

(A/N): I really like nose kisses

Pairings: NatashaXReader

Request: A Beautiful Possession is so perfect! Thank you for writing it for me. :3 Could I request part 2 where Nat helps (Y/N) on learning how to use her new powers like how to breathe fire or how to fly and Nat always end up catching her in her arms every time (Y/N) falls from mid-air but when (Y/N) finally starts flying, Nat hugs and kiss her while praising her?

Part 1: [x]

Warnings: None

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It wasn’t easy for (Y/N) getting adjusted to their new mutation, in fact it took almost an entire day for Natasha to get them out of their room. It was humiliating for them. They could control their fangs and claws but they couldn’t make their tail, wings and cat ears go away when wanted. (Y/N) was clumsy overall and now with their new mutations, it was easier for them to knock stuff over with their wings and tail. (Y/N), who was usually confident, felt more insecure than ever even with Natasha’s constant encouragement. (Y/N) knew she was only trying to help but it only made them feel worse, knowing that they needed the comfort. Who wouldn’t feel insecure with a dragon tail and wings?

It was exceptionally hard trying to learn to use their new abilities and powers. Along with flying, (Y/N) found out they could breathe fire by sneezing, almost catching Natasha’s room on fire. It was hard to grasp that over a short period of time, all of this could happen but it was something (Y/N) would have to live with for the rest of their life. So, every day they would train with Natasha on how to fly and blow fire but currently, (Y/N) was hiding in the bathroom, eating ice cream, trying to avoid training. They were having a bad day and didn’t want to deal with anything for the rest of the afternoon. A knock is heard from the other side and (Y/N) instantly knows it’s Natasha looking for them. “(Y/N), I know you’re in there.” (Y/N) doesn’t say anything but hears the doorknob give a small jiggle and the door pops open revealing Natasha’s perfect form. (Y/N) shrinks into a ball as they continue to eat their ice cream and Natasha raises an eyebrow. “Training started 10 minutes ago.” (Y/N) gives a sad groan, opening up their wings to cover themself, blocking their view of their girlfriend’s stare.

“I don’t want to train… I just want to eat this ice cream.” (Y/N) mumbles out and they feel gentle hands, prying open their wings and Natasha’s face comes into view, soft smile in place. They hug their knees before holding out the ice cream slightly with the other hand. “You want some?” Natasha’s smile widens as a chuckle escapes her mouth.

“No, I want to train with you.” She comments while sitting next to (Y/N), intertwining their fingers together and they give a small pout. “Come on, just for a little while, then we can eat ice cream and watch movies in my room.” (Y/N) doesn’t say anything as they avoid Natasha’s stare, knowing if they look they would be persuaded. Natasha gives a smirk as she wraps her arms around (Y/N)’s body, pulling them in close before landing a soft kiss to their cheek before nuzzling into their neck causing blush to spread over their face. (Y/N) involuntarily wraps their tail around Natasha pulling her in closer as they lean their head on hers, feeling safe in her arms. “Please, just for a little while.” Natasha begs as she litters kisses all around their neck and they finally give in, emitting a small giggle.

“Naatttt… I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired.” (Y/N) whines as Natasha was dragging them to an open area outside. Their lungs were burning from practicing their fire breathing on some targets and they felt as if all their energy was gone as a burnt taste remained in their mouth but Natasha continued to pull. She didn’t stop until they were in an open field in front of the compound before she let go of (Y/N)’s hand, looking at them with anxious eyes and an excited smile but they frown, crossing their arms defensively. “Nat, you know I can’t fly yet. You’ve seen me try. I have a fear of heights, you know that and I really don’t feel like getting new bruises and scrapes from falling like a baby bird.” Natasha purses her lips at the memories of (Y/N) falling mid-flight their first couple times at attempting to fly and it makes her frown at their frustrated face so, she walks over, putting reassuring hands on their shoulders.

“Come on, just a couple of runs. I have a good feeling about this time.” Natasha says with a comforting smile that makes (Y/N)’s insides melt. They give a sigh before nodding and Natasha’s smile widens before she leans forward and plants a kiss on their lips. “Okay, let’s see it.” (Y/N) takes a deep breath before stepping back, expanding their leathery wings to their full length and Natasha can’t help but stare in amazement. (Y/N) begins to flap their wings slowly, body beginning to lift off the floor and they begin to get higher off the ground. (Y/N) is doing fine until they look down at the ground, realizing how far they’ve gotten and they find Natasha’s eyes, panicked look increasing.  

“Oh god… Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.” (Y/N) mumbles out frantically as they begin to stagger back in forth in the air, trying to control their rapid, irregular flapping of their wings.

“(Y/N), calm down!” Natasha yells as she runs around trying to keep up with them. (Y/N) tries but their wings decide to freeze up and they begin to fall. They give a small scream as they fall but instead of a hard impact, they feel strong arms wrap around them, stopping them from hitting the ground. (Y/N) opens their eyes seeing Natasha’s famous red hair and her face housing a small smile as she holds them in her arms. “I got you, don’t worry. No more bruises.” Natasha grins out as she leans over, giving a kiss to their temple. “Come on, one more time.”

(Y/N) sighs, crawls out of Natasha’s arms, stepping back before beginning to flap their wings once again. They hold their breath as they lift off the ground, watching as the ground becomes further away and their brain goes on overdrive. (Y/N) begins to stagger once again but before they can full on panic, Natasha’s voice is heard over their flapping. “Don’t think about the distance, focus on happy thoughts. Think of what makes you happy. Calm yourself, (Y/N).” They obey Natasha’s commands as they shut their eyes thinking of what makes them happy and immediately memories of Natasha and them come into view. Memories of the first time they met, their first kiss, them falling asleep in each other’s arms come flooding in and (Y/N) smiles. Natasha’s laugh is heard from below and (Y/N) looks down to see her with the biggest smile they’ve ever seen. “You’re doing it!”

(Y/N) looks around seeing that they are steadily staying in place as they are in midair and they begin to laugh. They begin to fly around, laughing, realizing they are actually flying and they look down to see Natasha running beneath them, smiling. (Y/N) swoops down, landing before running towards Natasha and they both collided, arms wrapping around each other. “I did it! I did it!” (Y/N) rushes out excitedly and Natasha tightens her hold around them.

“I knew you would.” Natasha laughs out as she connects their lips together in a passionate kiss. (Y/N)’s muscles instantly relax as they kiss her back, smile evident as they did. Natasha gives a soft moan before pulling back with a loving smile. “I love you, (Y/N).” (Y/N) smiles, leaning over and planting a kiss on Natasha’s nose.

“I love you to, Tasha.”


On February 14, 2000, 9 year old Asha Degree and her brother, who shared a room with each other, were sleeping when her brother heard noises coming from Asha’s bed. Assuming that his sister was just tossing and turning, he went back to sleep. When Asha’s mother came to wake the pair up in the morning, she realized that her daughter wasn’t in her bed. The family immediately called 911 and although an extensive search of the area was carried out, Asha was never found. Two truck drivers later told the police that they had seen Asha walking by herself on a highway a mile away from her home between 3:30 and 4:15 am. Once she neared the intersection, the truck drivers claimed she disappeared into the darkness. Following her disappearance, Asha’s black backpack and black Tweety Bird purse along with a bunch of her clothes were discovered to be missing from her room. All the house doors had been locked, and Asha’s parents told investigators that she had a key to the house in her backpack. On February 17th, the little girl’s Mickey Mouse bow and pencil were found on the ground near a tool shed more than a mile away from her residence. A search for further evidence was carried out but to no avail. In August 2001, a contractor found Asha’s backpack (which had her name and phone number written on it) more than 26 miles from her home. The backpack had been buried in black trash bags and was left in a route that was in a different direction than the girl had been walking. Men’s khakis and animal bones were found nearby. Although the evidence was sent for analysis the results were never released. In October the same year, another trash bag similar to the one her backpack had been wrapped in was found, and this was sent for analysis as well. Prior to this discovery, police had believed that Asha had disappeared on her own. Her parents had claimed that she had lost a basketball game the day before and she had been upset about it. Asha’s fourth grade class had also read a book that detailed the adventures of children that had ran away and returned safely to their home. Law enforcement believed she might have been influenced by this. However, once the backpack was found, foul play was suspected. Asha remains missing, and her case has never been solved. Pictured on the right is a facial reconstruction showing what she would look like now.

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A weapons deal in Spain that was taking place on the top floor of some ballroom. Gavin was meant to blend in and started tango dancing with this gorgeous bird in a hot red dress. They ended up on the balcony, and Gavin ended up dangling by his ankle from the bird's purse strap. He grinned up at her. "I'm glad that the last thing I'll see is your beautiful eyes." She dropped him, but he Nathan Drake'd that shit and blew her a kiss as he scaled down the building. TurnFree rival gang AU. Rip me.

*inhales* bRUH.

Geoff is in the living room screaming when Gavin gets back. In that ‘puberty hasn’t happened to me and ergo is a myth’ way of his when every second syllable cracks, all about “YOU FUCKING FAILURE” this and “YOU HAD ONE JOB” that but Christ if Gavin’s paying any attention when all he can recollect is how incredibly lovely that birds whiskey eyes were. Geoff would have like her, if only for her eyes. Not that he’s ever gonna tell him about the bird, oh no she’s Gavin’s, or to be honest Gav suspects, Gavin’s hers.

And Griffon has a tad more grace that to ream her out in the living room, Griffin drags Meg into a spare room to verbally chew her a new asshole. “Kill all witnesses Meg, I trained you better than that.” Yeah, yeah you did but Griffon didnt see him. He’s special, Meg knows it. That awkward, gangly ass, those eyes, that NOSE, he’s special. He’s 'He gets to live’ special.

Does fanfiction count?

I wish I could of drawn this but arm is acting up, and time is a cruel master ; u ;  So I hope you don’t mine fanfiction. I had an idea of a punishment for Candy too. I hope you like it.
Candy woke to a beautiful new day. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. But it was wrong. He couldn’t quite put a hoof on it, but it was wrong. He got himself ready, trying to pinpoint why he felt as off as he did but nothing seemed to click. It all seemed the same, even if it didn’t feel like it.
His bright baby blue and white striped vest fitted him snuggly just as it always had. His soft silk tie complimented his cheery green eyes wonderfully. His bowl of sweetened porridge went down without a hitch. And his deceptively kind smile was just as wide and toothy as always.
But it was all still just so wrong.
It wasn’t until he paused just out the door when it hit him. The birds… were chirping? The birds out his window? The very ones he had fed to a colt the other week because he complained of stomach pains? Those birds?
Impossible. But he rounded about to check and sure enough- there was the nest. just as full of gapping soft beaks and a flustered looking mama bird as before. He pursed his lips, confused. Then he laughed. What a silly thing to worry about! Obviously it was a new nest of birds.
“Here I am thinking of birds,” he giggled to himself. “When my precious little dolls are waiting in the cold for their Uncle!”
The wagon ride to the play house was uneventful. He tried to round the children in to sing along with him, to make the trip more fun. Few joined, and none had their heart really put into it. This was normal, he didn’t mind- as long as they all made up for their lack of enthusiasm later~
He heard a colt sigh.
It sounded wrong. He couldn’t put a hoof on it. But he had a strange feeling that he didn’t want to know.
“Come on you sleepy fillies! Smile, smile, smile…!”
He strapped the oldest of the group down to a cot, humming a tune to himself. They were going to have a special movie shot today! Everything was in place and they were just waiting on another stallion to arrive to play the leading role.
It was going to be so much fun.
"Snuggy, wuggy! Wiggle your hooves, Uncle Candy wants to be sure you can’t move!” He chirped happily.
The colt sighed.
Something was wrong.
“I said wiggle wiggle!” Candy pressed on, edge coming on his tone. But still, the colt did not move. He just stared upward- but not in that dead eyed sort of way he’d see the others do. It was the sort of stare you do when you’re thinking of something, thinking of words to say and maybe not to say.
The colt stayed like that for a moment but before Candy could speak or do anything again, the smaller pony seemed to shrug under his binds and smile. “I can’t do it anymore Uncle Candy.”
Candy wasn’t sure how to respond. It wasn’t the sort of ‘I can’t’ he would hear before. The colt wasn’t screaming, or begging, or attempting to appeal to his ‘good’ side. It wasn’t a sound of self defeat either. He was speaking as if this was situation he could absolutely walk away from by his own free will.
“Doesn’t matter if you can’t silly!” Candy snapped, recovering from his brief moment of speechlessness as he booped a hoof on the colts nose. “You just lay there and let Mr-“
"You’re boring.”
“You’re boring,” the colt repeated. And he did something that surprised Candy further. He sat up. He sat straight up as if he was never restrained at all. “You’re boring and I’m bored.”
“Now you hold it right there!” How did he get free so quickly? Candy quickly moved to shove the colt back down onto his back, where he belonged but his hooves…  it didn’t hit the bruised skin of his ‘nephew’ but the tattered stained cot he was laying in before.
The colt was standing next to him, staring him with a perplexed expression. Candy laughed. He had to. this was a game obviously! “I had no idea you had a talent for magic tricks! But we’re not playing your game now, we’re playing mine,” he said with a darkened expression. “You’re making your Uncle very-“
There was that word again.
Something was wrong.
The candy colored trafficker spun around to strike the foolish foul across his face but caught nothing but air. It wasn’t like he missed. He could see the colt standing there, bright as day! But his hoof went straight through him, as if he were a ghost.
Candy struck again, more slowly now to see if he really did see what he thought he saw. And he did. He couldn’t touch the colt! A heavy silence hung in the air as he tried to process this, and the only explanation he could find was that he might be going mad.
He giggled at the notion. Whatever took him this long? He quickly accepted this. He was crazy now! Just a new game. He wasn’t worried. Why would he be? “So that was it!” He exclaimed. “No, no this won’t do, I need a real filly to play this part- not some silly imaginary-“
The colt patted him on the side of his leg, silencing him. “Now you’re just not making sense.”
Candy hears the steady sound of tiny hooves trotting on the floor and the low quiet mutterings of childish complaints. What… what were they doing out of their cages? Who let them out?
“We’re bored.”
“Let’s just go.”
“It’s so lame here.”
Something was wrong.
He darted out in front of the children, blocking their path. “Leaving! Leaving?!” His voice was very nearly a screech and his grin was forced and ugly. This wasn’t normal. This wasn’t right. His little children were acting so strangely. And the more he looked at them, the greater the feeling of unease was in the hollow of his chest.
The bruising on their faces and legs were gone. The bags under their eyes were gone. No one’s ribs were showing. No one’s cheeks were stained with forbidden tears. They looked healthy. Perfectly healthy and fine and bored.
And they all looked at him bore their beady little eyes into him, no longer dull and full of unshed tears. And wordlessly they marched right through him towards the exit. the exit that had been locked. The exit that seemed to open without even a touch of unicorn magic to their presence.
He rushed after them, tried to snatch one up- but again his hooves simply phased through the child. He tried to scream at them, but no words came out. They left. All of them. He stared back at the empty play room, and realized that that too had changed. The dirty cot. The stains on the floor. The chains and belts on the walls. Even the camera. Gone. All gone.
He tried to inhale. The musk that was once there- no more.
He worded soundlessly to himself, questioning what was going on. Was he really going mad? No surely this was a dream, one he would wake from any moment.
Yes that was it. He was dreaming.
He sat himself in the empty room, and hummed without a hum to himself, smiling ear to ear. Any moment now, he would wake up. He’d wake up to a world that wasn’t wrong and could feel his touch. He’d wake to a world where his games were still fun and not boring.
Any moment now.
Any moment.

Ahahahaha holy shit this is glorious