bird pile

Speaking of bluebirds, in the commentary Pat McHale mentions that the way Beatrice’s family is all huddled up together inside the tree is something that bluebirds actually do in the winter to stay warm so I looked up pictures and it’s the cutest thing look at this cozy bird pile

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Any headcanons on how Tamaki, Tokoyami, and Shinsou would feel about receiving a super sappy love letter every week from their s/o who's in a different class?

 You don’t understand how strongly i feel about my children receiving the love they deserve <3

Also yaaaay i love bird bae.

Amajiki Tamaki

  • He’s a pile of mush. He loves it but at the same time he hates how flustered it makes him.
  • He keeps every letter in a shoe box under his bed. Someone went to the trouble of writing him a letter filled with all the good things about him, the least he could do was keep them safe.
  • No matter how many times he’s told, he still can’t get over the fact that someone cares for him in that way.
  • He once tried to write one back but after spending 2 hours writing and re-writing and having a mental breakdown over it, he opted to just tell his s/o that he loved them too in person.
  • You know that Mirio found that shoe box and is so not gonna let Tamaki live it down.

Tokoyami Fumikage 

  • This bird boi is touched and is emo af about the whole ordeal.
  • Obviously he’s gonna write some back. His inner goth/emo has been dying to show his poetry skills.
  • It has almost become a weird tradition that they trade each others love letters together outside of class. All of their classmates knows about it but no-one says a thing.
  • Loves how his s/o will refer to him as their Dark Knight in their love letters. It drives him crazy knowing that someone can truly love and trust him like that.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He’s pretty shocked once he gets the first one. Shinsou had never even received a cheap, store-bought Valentine’s day card let alone a love letter written specifically for him.
  • No, he is not crying you liar, he’s got lint in his eye.
  • Shinsou isn’t usually thrown off as much as he is by his s/o’s love letters so it’s a new, strange experience for him.
  • He would definitely keep ahold of each and every letter. Fuck it. They’re family heirlooms now.
  • Would have to let his s/o know that they’ve gotta stop because his heart won’t be able to last if they keep giving him letters like that. He appreciates it  and it makes him happy but it’s simply too much for him to handle.
Critical Role—20 years later

Imagine, if you will, a few years from now in reality and maybe a few decades from now in Exandria—when the Critical Role gang has already started (and is well into) their new campaign:

Imagine the new party is off on an adventure somewhere deep, deep within the Vesper Timberlands or maybe the Alabaster Sierras—some remote place far away from civilization—when they stumble across an odd looking cave not unlike the one Vex and Keyleth encountered in the Feywild with the giant bear spirit. Just like that cave, it looks carved and manmade rather than natural, and it’s surrounded by piles upon mountainous piles of miscellaneous items left as offerings for whatever dwells within.

And of course they investigate it—because these might be new characters, but do our beloved Critical Role cast members ever learn to leave well enough alone? 

So curiosity gets the best of them and they investigate the cave, only to be attacked by the powerful individual within—the one the offerings outside were undoubtedly left for. It’s a harrowing fight that they nearly lose, barely emerging with their lives, but somehow they managed and now the vast piles of loot are theirs for the taking. 

Outside the cave there is mostly junk—broken furniture, rusty armor and blades, assorted knick-knacks. It seems strange. Where did all of this useless garbage come from? But inside the cave, things get more curious.

The interior looks as though it was crudely carved out and expanded from perhaps a smaller cave. It’s dark and dusty and uninviting, but what catches their eye is another small assortment of junk piles at the cave’s center.

The first pile they approach is quite unlike what they found outside. It’s a small mountain of (mostly) dead flowers, withered away, cracked and crumbling. Toward the top are a handful of fresher flowers in varying degrees of decay, the most lively of which are positively beautiful in their vibrant colors.

The next pile is even more strange. It’s smaller and mostly black ash scattered among a few expensive looking candle sticks and assorted, rusty tools. There’s some clothing in there that was once likely very fine but are now tattered and dirtied by the ash and a small handful of ruined books.

Next is a pile of daggers. Just straight up hundreds of daggers and… feathers? Specifically only black feathers and a few bird skulls. A couple piles of cloth that look like cloaks too.

By now, they realize whats happening, and so when they look at the next pile, they don’t touch it, even though it is clearly the most valuable section of this unique hoard. Piles of gold and platinum and gemstones and expensive jewelry and… brooms? There’s arrows, too—and a smaller, nearly attached pile of furs and crudely carved wooden statuettes of bears. 

But there are two more piles—one made up almost entirely of broken instruments and fine paintings and… women’s undergarments—and another consisting of several fine weapons, mostly maces, and many, many small statues and symbols of the goddess Sarenrae. The latter has a distinct indent in it—a makeshift bed of a sort.

Outside, the dweller of this cave—a lone emaciated goliath with an odd beard—lays dead where the party slayed him. He attacked them in a blind rage; he hadn’t quite seemed in his right mind. At the time they hadn’t understood what the crazed man had meant when he bellowed, “You won’t take them from me again.”

They end the stream 2 hours early because everyone can’t stop crying and cursing at Matt. I’m crying too.

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 4

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three

Last week, you voted 21 to 13 for Katniss and Peeta to risk their friends’ ridicule and tell them about the creepy unexplained noises they heard while exploring. This week, our delightful friend @peetamymuse is continuing the adventure. What happens next in Mockingjay Manor? Let’s find out…

A word of warning to our sensitive readers, the creep factor is steadily climbing in this story. For now, we’re still firmly in the T category, but that could change. Caveat emptor…

As always, you have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 21st.

“What?” Johanna asks. “Did you two hear a spooky noise? See someone floating around in a white sheet?”

She holds her arms up and makes ghostly moaning sounds. “I’m coming for you.” Outside, the thunder and lightning punctuate her words. With her dark hair and sharp features, Johanna looks especially witchy in the flickering light.

​"We heard bird noises,“ Peeta says. "And something that sounded like knocking.”

“And it couldn’t have been Finnick,” I add. “He was too far away.”

Finnick and Johanna share a look and something passes between them that I don’t catch.  There is a long pause and then, the two of them burst out laughing.

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College Gothic
  • You circle the parking lot of your friend’s apartment complex, trying to find the exit. You can’t find the exit. In fact, you can’t even remember ever entering.
  • You stare at the blank work document in front of you, trying to write an essay. But the more you type, the larger the screen grows. Soon the white will consume you.
  • Your professor asked you to sign a contract, where you agree to not cheat. You sign it. In blood. But only ironically.
  • Is it you, or have more spiders crawled into your dorm, and under your bed?
  • You make an appointment to see an academic adviser. But there is no adviser, just a tiny, intelligent bird sitting on piles and piles of paperwork.
  • You see them, as you walk through the quad. You fear them. Recruitment for rush, it is coming for you.
  • The squirrels. They are smarter than you.
  • You try to pick a major after a year of doing core classes, but then you realize you cannot even remember who you are anymore.
  • You wish to go off campus to eat, but only find desert and water priced at $60 dollars. A tumbleweed blows by.
  • 8 am classes? You are now dead inside.
the signs as random things in my room
  • Aries: my recycling bin
  • Taurus: this picture frame I've had for months and keep meaning to put pictures in and hang up, but still haven't
  • Gemini: this awesome little table I got from Ikea for hella cheap
  • Cancer: a framed picture of Nicolas Cage
  • Leo: the box of newspapers I have to put on the bottom of my birds' cages
  • Virgo: the pile of laundry that I need to put away
  • Libra: another picture frame that I've had laying around for months and need to put a picture in
  • Scorpio: nail clippers
  • Sagittarius: the pistachio shell that's on my floor from when I tried to toss it in the trash and missed
  • Capricorn: vegan lotion
  • Aquarius: my stuffed beagle, Shiloh
  • Pisces: my suitcase that I still need to finish unpacking from my last vacation

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Can do relationship headcanons for G1 poly thundercracker, starscream and skywarp, with a bot! S/o?

I love the Seeker Trine so much x3

-You have three different boyfriends: the bossy one, the caring one, and the funny one
-Starscream makes the plans for you all and hates changing them just a little
-Thundercracker tries to keep the peace between you all
-Skywarp likes to cause havoc and make Starscream stomp around shrieking like a bird
-They like cuddle piles and putting you in the middle
-Thundercracker gets the least amount of time with you because the others tend to get you first
-Starscream claims since he’s leader he gets the most time with you, but Skywarp gets the most time with you
-Skywarp warps off somewhere and spends as long as he can with you joking around and planning pranks
-They like showing off for you making little aerial shows
-They massage each other’s wings in a line taking turns getting to either give you a massage or have you massage their wings
-They may fight for your affection with each other, but if someone else looks at you, they will ally and scare them off
-Did I mention they love cuddles? Especially with you? Because they do!