bird pile

Speaking of bluebirds, in the commentary Pat McHale mentions that the way Beatrice’s family is all huddled up together inside the tree is something that bluebirds actually do in the winter to stay warm so I looked up pictures and it’s the cutest thing look at this cozy bird pile

the signs as random things in my room
  • Aries: my recycling bin
  • Taurus: this picture frame I've had for months and keep meaning to put pictures in and hang up, but still haven't
  • Gemini: this awesome little table I got from Ikea for hella cheap
  • Cancer: a framed picture of Nicolas Cage
  • Leo: the box of newspapers I have to put on the bottom of my birds' cages
  • Virgo: the pile of laundry that I need to put away
  • Libra: another picture frame that I've had laying around for months and need to put a picture in
  • Scorpio: nail clippers
  • Sagittarius: the pistachio shell that's on my floor from when I tried to toss it in the trash and missed
  • Capricorn: vegan lotion
  • Aquarius: my stuffed beagle, Shiloh
  • Pisces: my suitcase that I still need to finish unpacking from my last vacation
College Gothic
  • You circle the parking lot of your friend’s apartment complex, trying to find the exit. You can’t find the exit. In fact, you can’t even remember ever entering.
  • You stare at the blank work document in front of you, trying to write an essay. But the more you type, the larger the screen grows. Soon the white will consume you.
  • Your professor asked you to sign a contract, where you agree to not cheat. You sign it. In blood. But only ironically.
  • Is it you, or have more spiders crawled into your dorm, and under your bed?
  • You make an appointment to see an academic adviser. But there is no adviser, just a tiny, intelligent bird sitting on piles and piles of paperwork.
  • You see them, as you walk through the quad. You fear them. Recruitment for rush, it is coming for you.
  • The squirrels. They are smarter than you.
  • You try to pick a major after a year of doing core classes, but then you realize you cannot even remember who you are anymore.
  • You wish to go off campus to eat, but only find desert and water priced at $60 dollars. A tumbleweed blows by.
  • 8 am classes? You are now dead inside.

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Can do relationship headcanons for G1 poly thundercracker, starscream and skywarp, with a bot! S/o?

I love the Seeker Trine so much x3

-You have three different boyfriends: the bossy one, the caring one, and the funny one
-Starscream makes the plans for you all and hates changing them just a little
-Thundercracker tries to keep the peace between you all
-Skywarp likes to cause havoc and make Starscream stomp around shrieking like a bird
-They like cuddle piles and putting you in the middle
-Thundercracker gets the least amount of time with you because the others tend to get you first
-Starscream claims since he’s leader he gets the most time with you, but Skywarp gets the most time with you
-Skywarp warps off somewhere and spends as long as he can with you joking around and planning pranks
-They like showing off for you making little aerial shows
-They massage each other’s wings in a line taking turns getting to either give you a massage or have you massage their wings
-They may fight for your affection with each other, but if someone else looks at you, they will ally and scare them off
-Did I mention they love cuddles? Especially with you? Because they do!

Pieces of my Heart / Part One

So, this was going to be a one shot but it sort of took on a life of it’s own and it may be a few parts… is part 1, hope you all like it :) Be kind and if you like it, please share :) lol


       Riverdale.  It seemed like a lifetime had passed since Betty Cooper had last been here.  8 years, to be more precise.  8 years since she had graced its familiar streets.  Her mind went back to the night her mother had told her they were leaving.  Riverdale had erupted into civil war, North vs South and things had been getting dangerous and unstable.  Violence had erupted seemingly overnight.  Attacks on both sides.  Gang wars.  The firebombing of businesses, homes, even Riverdale High had suffered damages in a particular violent night of serpents running amuck.  Riverdale High jocks had retaliated by burning Southside High almost to the ground.  

They were leaving, her mother had informed her.  Clear across the country to her aunt’s house in California.  She had run, as fast as her legs could carry her, not caring how unsafe it was, she had sent a text to Jughead to meet her at their spot beside the river and had run the entire 3 miles.  He had arrived only a few minutes after her, having run as well.  She remembers throwing herself in his arms, sobbing, trying to explain between hiccups what was happening.  He had yelled that she couldn’t leave him, that he loved her, she had yelled it wasn’t her fault and she loved him too.  

He had kissed her, desperately and they had made love.  They had only done it a handful of times, and they still weren’t very good at it, fumbling, trying to find a rhythm, but that night they held nothing back.  He worshiped every inch of her, laying in the grass beside the river, memorizing every part of her body, burning her into his brain.  They had caressed and stroked and kissed and cried and promised to never stop calling and texting until they could be together again.       He had walked her home in the morning, to a packed car and U-Haul, and with one last lingering kiss, she had watched him grow smaller out the back window of the car, tears streaming down her face until he was gone from view.

The calling and texting had lasted 7 months until she didn’t think her heart could take anymore.  Things, she heard, were settling down in Riverdale.  FP Jones had gotten out of prison and had quickly taken control of his gang that had run amuck and had reigned them all in and things, slowly but surely, settled. She had begged her mom to go home, but Alice had found a job with a paper that she loved and had firmly told her that they were done with that “God Forsaken” town.

Betty had finally come to her breaking point and had told Jughead that they needed to end it.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  Talking to him and not being able to hold him, or touch him, or kiss him.  They needed to move on.  He had gotten angry, yelling, telling her she was a coward, accusing her of having found someone else.  She had assured him that wasn’t case.  Then he cried, breaking her heart into a million pieces.  The anguish clear in his voice.  He needed her, even from a distance; she was the only thing keeping him sane.  Crying with him, Betty had been adamant and firm and when he realized he couldn’t change her mind, his voice hardened, a chill creeping into it that almost frightened her.     

“Fine,” he had said coldly.  “Have a nice life.”  He had hung up the phone and she had stared at it, sobbing.  She had tried to call him back but he never answered the phone.  According to the voice recording, and for all the calls she tried to make after, the customer was not near his phone.  The last time she had tried calling, the number had been disconnected.  She had kept in touch with Veronica, after making her promise to never bring up Jughead.  She had argued, wanting to tell her what was happening at home but Betty had refused to listen, threatening to hang up.  Soon their calls dwindled to a few a year, with none being made the last two that she was gone.

Now here she sat, in her car in the parking lot of Pop Tate’s.  She had driven almost non-stop until she reached her destination and she was anxious and afraid, and this was the only place she knew would still be the same.  Taking a deep breath, Betty got out of the car and walked over to the door and slowly pulled it open.  To her relief, it looked exactly the same.  She looked around slowly, her eyes drawn to the booth she used to share with….

Betty froze.  Sitting and reading, much like he always did all those years ago when he wasn’t writing, his back against the wall, one leg pulled up and resting against the back of the bench, sat the love of her life, Jughead Jones.  Feeling eyes on him, his head lifted and his gaze locked with hers.  He was older, harder, painfully serious.  She saw no laugh lines on his flawless face.  He was breathtaking.  He stared at her; the only change in his expression was the slight clench of his jaw.  He closed his book and slowly uncurled himself, standing up, his lazy swagger still the same as he walked towards her.

“H…hi,” Betty stumbled over the word as he approached her.  Betty thought he was about to speak and swallowed painfully when he only gave a slight, indifferent nod and walked right past her and out the door.  She clenched her fists, fingernails digging into her palms and bit her lip, trying desperately not to cry.  Taking a deep breath, she gave herself a little shake and smoothed her hair, trying to regain her composure.  Of course, she should have known he wouldn’t just run to her.  She watched through the window as he put his book in a back pack and swung his leg over the seat of a motorcycle, starting it up with a roar.

“Do my eyes deceive me? Or am I looking at the one and only Betty Cooper?” Came a booming happy voice as Betty was enveloped in a bear hug that left her breathless.  

“Hi pop,” she said with a shaky smile.  Her eyes again wandered outside and she watched Jughead speed away from the diner.  

“Don’t you worry about Jug,” Pop said with a smile.  “He’ll come around.  How could he not?  His girl has come back home.”

“I haven’t been his girl for quite some time,” she said with a sad laugh.  Pop only smiled a knowing smile and ushered her over to the counter.  

“Sit. What can I get you?”

“A strawberry milkshake, please!  I have missed them so much.”  As he got busy fixing her shake, Betty’s eyes wandered to the wall beside the counter and noticed the new addition of some stunning photography.  The landscapes looked almost haunting, captured in perfect shadows and somber light.  The photographer certainly knew how to use different times of the day to capture what he needed to express.  She got up and walked to get a closer look at one of the river.  Her breath caught as she recognized the place.  It was their place.  The photograph was titled ‘Haunted’.  Her gaze settled on the bottom right corner and she saw the letters JJ.  She touched it with shaky fingers.

“That’s my favorite one,” Pop said behind her, setting her milkshake on the counter.  

“Is this…..” Betty’s voice faded as her finger traced the initials.

“Captured by our very own Jughead Jones,” he said proudly.  “He took up photography a few years back and discovered he was excellent at it.”  

  Betty took out her phone and took a picture of the photograph.  It felt like it was a part of her.  Sitting down she pulled the shake close and had a taste and sighed with pleasure.  She made small talk with Pop, carefully avoiding Jughead conversation while she finished.  As she pulled out her wallet, he stilled her movements with a hand over hers.

“Its on the house, darling,” he said gently.

“Thank you,” Betty said with a grin.  She ache in her chest had eased some, but she knew it wouldn’t fully go away any time soon, if ever.  “Do you know where I can find Veronica?” She asked as she gathered her bag.

“She’s still in the same apartment.  Her mother moved back to New York some years ago and Ronnie decided to stay.”  Betty nodded her thanks and gave him another hug and headed out the door.


Jughead pulled off the road a good distance from the diner and pulled his helmet off, taking deep gasping breaths.  He willed his heart to slow down, his breathing to steady.  Grabbing his phone he dialed a number.  

“What the fuck Archie?!!! Did you know??” he yelled when his friend picked up.

“What? Jughead? What are you talking about?” Archie said, clearly confused.  Jughead realized he hadn’t known either and promptly hung up the phone.  He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, letting the sun warm his face.  Betty Cooper was back in town.  The girl who never left his thoughts.  The girl who broke his heart.  He had felt lately that he was finally in a good place, that he could be happy and get on with life without his heart hurting and she had just shot that all to hell.

It had taken every ounce of strength he had to not react when he saw her in the diner.  His heart had stopped and he honestly thought he might pass out. He isn’t sure how he managed to maintain his composure when he got up and walked out, he was actually surprised he could walk.  God, she was still so beautiful.  She had been shrouded in sadness, and he saw immediately how her hands clenched and he had been morbidly happy that she looked as miserable as he had felt all these years.  He didn’t know what she was doing here and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.  

Jughead pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, a terrible habit he had picked up when he was trying to purge her from his thoughts and heart.  It had stuck and it helped calm him down.  He watched a pretty yellow bird flutter around a pile of rocks and he pulled his camara from his bag.  Photography was his new love and Betty Cooper was pushed to the back of his mind.


“OH MY GOD!!!!” Veronica lodge screamed when she opened the door and saw Betty standing there.  She pulled the stunned blonde into her arms and squeezed the breath right out of her.  “Archie!!!!”  She yelled  again, right in Betty’s ear.  Betty flinched and pulled back.

“Well, now my ears will ring for the next 10 days,” she said with a laugh.  

“Whats goin on?” Archie asked, coming from the back room.  He froze when he saw Betty and glanced down at his phone.  “Well, now it makes sense,” he muttered more to himself.

“What makes sense?” Veronica asked, pulling Betty inside and shutting the door.  

“I was wondering why Jughead called and yelled “What the fuck and Did you know?” in my ear a bit ago.”  Betty’s heart began to race.  So he hadn’t been as unaffected as he made it seem.  A tiny spark of hope flickered inside her. Jughead Jones wasnt as “over her” as he had made it seem.  Veronica ushered her into the living room and they sat on the soft.  She hugged her again, her eyes misty with tears.

“What are you doing here? Will you stay? Is this just a visit? Why didn’t you tell me?” the questions flew at her in rapid succession and Betty had a hard time keeping up.  She held up her hand and shook her head.

“Give me a second to catch my breath,” she said, laughing nervously. Archie sat on the chair opposite the couch and stared at her.

“So, you’ve seen Jughead im guessing?” he said casually.

“I….I went to the diner and he was there,” Betty said quietly.  

“Doesn’t he look amazing?” Veronica asked with a grin.  

“Im sitting right here,” Archie said, slightly annoyed.  Betty smiled sadly and gave a little shrug.

“Oh come on, Betty honey, Jughead was always cute when he was young, but my God, he turned into one beautiful man.  I could stare at that gorgeous face all day!  And under all that flannel he still insists on wearing, I’ve seen him without his shirt on at the beach; muscles honey.  Lots of them.”

“Seriously!!! Im sitting right here!” Archie barked with a frown.

“Oh shush Arch, you know I love you and nobody beats your toned sexiness, but if you are into brooding, dark and sexy, Jughead is the way to go.”  Archie rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.  Betty just smiled, agreeing with Veronica.  He had looked seriously gorgeous.

“What happened?” Veronica asked gently.  Betty shrugged.

“Nothing.  He just stared at me a bit and then he got up and left.”  She bit her lip and stared at her folded hands in her lap.  She felt so tired, so sad.  All she wanted to do was sleep for a week.

“What were you expecting him to do when you saw him?” he asked.

“Archie….” Veronica said quietly, glaring at him.

“I don’t know,” Betty said softly.  “I never really thought about it.  I honestly didn’t expect that he’d be the first person I saw.”

“He’s finally in a good place Betty,” Archie said.  “I hope you don’t plan on ruining that.”

“Archie!!!” Veronica spat out angrily.

“Excuse me for being worried!” he said harshly.  “I was with him when he got the breakup phone call; I had to pick up the pieces that night and many nights after.  For more months than I care to remember.”  Betty felt tears prick her eyes, she clenched her fists, her nails digging into her skin; an old habit that she still hadn’t kicked.

“Archie, can you leave us please?  This requires girl time,” Veronica asked quietly.  

“Sure thing babe,” Archie said with more than a hint of annoyance.  “I’ll go see if I can find Jughead.  Here’s hoping he isn’t standing on the edge of a cliff somewhere.”  Betty felt her tears run down her cheek and Veronica glared her angry boyfriend out of the room.

“Oh Betty,” Veronica whispered, hugging her old friend close.  “It will be alright.”

“Wow, Archie is really angry at me,” Betty said with a hiccup.

“Yeah, he is.  He’s just worried about Jughead.  I don’t think he needs to be though.  Jughead has grown up a lot and he’s strong.  I don’t think he’ll go back to that place again.”

“Tell me,” Betty whispered.  “All the things you wanted to tell me when we would talk and I wouldn’t let you.  Tell me what he went through.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”  Betty nodded and sat back, wiping her face.
       “I need to know.  I need to know what I did to him and what I need to apologize for.”

“It was pretty bad Betty.  Of course, I didn’t witness much of it, but Archie did.  He would tell me about it all the time.  He said the night you called and told him that you wanted to end it, something broke inside Jughead.  It actually frightened Archie, the look that came over Jug.  You were all that was holding him back from letting the darkness around him swallow him up.  Even clear across the country, you were his life line.    He spent the entire night crying and when morning came, he wiped his tears and a hardness came over him, a frosty coldness in his eyes.  Jughead stopped caring that day and Archie spent the next three years fixing mess after mess that Jughead left in his wake.”
Betty shuddered and closed her eyes.  She didn’t know if she could take the details, but she had to know what she had done to the boy she had so desperately loved and let go.  She took Veronica’s hand and squeezed it tightly, nodding for her to continue.

“There was a lot of drinking.  Jughead decided he was just like his father so why not act like him.  He never touched the drugs but the alcohol nearly killed him several times.  He got deeply involved in the serpents those first few months and got arrested on several occasions for destruction of property and mischief.  FP was furious when he heard the things that were happening.  He made some kind of deal to clean up the Riverdale mess if he could be released, even for just a while.  For whatever reason, the judge believed him that he would fix the town and let him go with an ankle monitor.  He wasn’t allowed to leave the town limits.”  Veronica sat back, her eyes looking off into the distance as she remembered the details.

“FP managed to get his gang under control, but his son was a different story.  He was so angry at that point, nothing his father did or said could change his behaviour.  Finally FP threw him out.  Jughead got his own beat up trailer and apparently there was never a time when there wasn’t girls around.”  Betty felt her heart twist.  She didn’t understand why; it had been 8 years and of course there would have been other girls.  She just hadn’t expected to hear that it was an endless stream, and that twisted like a knife.  

“Archie kept getting phone calls from girls, saying Jughead was losing it and to come help.  He would always get up and go, no matter the time or day.  He would find Jughead throwing things, cursing, drunk.  I actually went with him one time cause the girl had said Jughead was bleeding and I had just finished a first aid course and Archie figured it couldn’t hurt.”  Veronica paused, and Betty looked at her, noticing tears running down her face.  She bit back a sob, knowing whatever she said next would break her heart even more.

“It was bad Betty,” she said sadly.  “I hadn’t seen Jughead in months and I was shocked.  He was so thin, like skin and bones thin and covered in bruises from all the fights he would get into.  His place was a war zone.  Almost everything was broken.  I honestly don’t know what self respecting girl would even go there.  He was sitting on the floor, clearly wasted and was bleeding from a gash in his arm.  I tried to fix it but it was too deep and I finally convinced Archie to call an ambulance, or at least drive him to the ER.  He agreed and we called 911.  It was sad to see him strapped to a stretcher, pale and wasted away.  He just lay there, all the fight gone out of him and I swear Betty, I thought he was just going to die.”

“I don’t understand,” Betty whispered in anguish.  “How could us breaking up cause so much pain that he would go so far off the deep end?  I know we loved each other, but we were just kids.  Young love.  Young love doesn’t break people.”

“Well, as much as Archie likes to say it’s your fault, it’s not.  Not all of it anyway.  Jughead was already on the edge.  With his family, his father, having to leave Riverdale High and moving in with a foster family.  His mother didn’t want him.  His father was locked up.  He was being pressured to join the serpants.  The town was falling down around him.  You were his safe place, his only line that kept the darkness from pulling him in and when you cut that line, he was consumed.”

“What changed?  How did he find his way back?” Betty asked.

“Archie.  Archie got FP to force Jughead into rehab and at first Jughead was furious but I think he was too tired to fight it.  He lashed out every time Archie came to visit and finally Archie had enough and told him he was done.  He told Jughead to either get his shit together or he wasn’t going to come back.  He wasn’t serious of course but Jughead took him very seriously.  Archie was his only friend and that day he decided to stop being an idiot and get his life back together.  Therapy and lots of burgers got him looking healthy and somewhat happy again after some long months, but he eventually got back on his feet and got a job doing construction and a place to live.”

“So he’s a photographer now?” Betty asked curiously.

“Oh my God yes, and he’s amazing.  Im sure you saw the pictures at Pop Tate’s.  That one there happens to be my favorite,” Ronnie said, pointing to the wall behind her.  Betty looked and was stunned at the beauty of the picture.  

“Wow,” she breathed, taking in the huge canvas.  It was a maple tree in full autumn colors of red, orange and yellow.  Jughead had captured it, with the setting sun behind it, the light filtering through the small spaces between the leaves.  It looked like it was on fire.  “That’s amazing.”  

“Jughead learned to find the beauty around him and it brought him such peace to know that there was still beauty everywhere.  He just had to look for it.”
Veronica got up and brought some tissues.  Betty wiped her face and took a deep breath.  Her raven haired friend watched her for a few moments.

“So, what exactly are you doing here?” She asked.  “Is this a visit? Or are you staying?”

“Well, I’m looking for an apartment and Ive decided to put my journalism degree to some good use.  Im going to restart the Register.”

“Yay!!!” Veronica squealed, grabbing her friend in a tight hug.  “Im so happy right now!”  Betty let out a shaky breath and rubbed her palms on her jeans.  “Do you have a place to stay?? Stay here!  I have a few empty rooms and there is no need to waste money on a hotel until you find a place.” Ronnie offered.

“I don’t think Archie will like that idea,” Betty said quickly.

“Oh he’ll be fine.  He works all the time anyway, probably will rarely see him,” the dark haired beauty insisted.  “now, on to the important things.  What do you plan to do about Jughead.”

“I don’t know,” Betty said sadly.  “I have missed him so much that it physically hurts.  I’ve never gotten over him, no matter how hard I tried.  I decided a few years back that I was going to finish school and come back here.  I didn’t know what I’d find or if he would even be here, but I just wanted to be where all our memories were.  Even though it hurts more than I expected.”  She was quiet a while.  “Is he with anyone?”

“Nope,” Veronica said with a beaming smile.  “In fact, he hasn’t been with anyone since rehab.”


“Well, I have no idea if he’s getting laid or not, but there has been no girlfriend,” Ronnie said with assurance.  Betty blushed at the casual answer and for some ridiculous reason hoped he wasn’t getting laid either.  She knew that was a selfish thought, but the idea of Jughead in the arms of another women was like a knife in her heart.

“Lets get your things and set you up and you can get some sleep.  Jughead will still be here tomorrow and we will worry what to do then,” Ronnie said with a smile.  Betty nodded and got up to unload her car.  She was home.


Jughead opened the door to Archie’s incessant knocking and glared at him.

“What?!” he snapped more harshly than he intended.  Archie sighed and pushed past him into his studio apartment that he kept above his photography studio.  It was clean and simple, just like the man.  The only clutter was the large amounts of books and photographs.  He flopped down on the couch and put his feet up.

“What do you want Archie?” Jughead said in exasperation, closing the door and leaning against it, folding his arms over his chest.

“How are you doing?”

Jughead sighed and moved to the fridge, pulling a bottle of water and twisting the cap open to have a drink before answering.  He sat on the chair and pulled one leg up and rested his arm on it, the bottle dangling from his fingers.  Archie raised an eyebrow in question.

“Im fine Arch, don’t worry, I won’t slit my wrists,” he said with a bitter laugh.

“Seriously, Jug.  Are you okay?” Archie asked gently.  Jughead leaned his head back and stared at the beams on his ceiling.

  “I don’t know,” he said truthfully.  “I thought she was a mirage at first.  Thought I was seeing things.”  He took another swig of water and dropped his leg down and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, picking at the label on his water bottle.  “I was doing good, you know?  Things are good…..” his voice trailed off.  Archie waited.  “Now…..i don’t know……I had thought about the day I may see her again.  Kinda mentally preparing myself if it ever happened.  I wasn’t prepared.  My heart dam near stopped.  Why is she here?”

“I don’t know,” Archie said truthfully.  “I didn’t stay to hear the details when she showed up at the apartment.  More like I was ordered out by V.  I admit I was angry when I saw her.  I may have been a little harsh.”  Jughead looked at him with raised eyebrows in question.  “She was just mentioning she had seen you and she seemed sad and tired and in tears.  I stayed long enough to listen to V practically sing about how hot you’ve gotten,” he said rolling his eyes. Jughead chuckled and grinned.  He knew Veronica thought he was good looking and it always amused him how jealous Archie got, as if Veronica had eyes for anyone but him.

“She’s just admiring what she can’t have,” he said with a smart aleck smirk.  Archie rolled his eyes again and sighed.

“So….what if she stays?” the red head asked.  Jughead shrugged and finished off his water, throwing the bottle into the garbage can against the wall.

“Then I guess she stays,” he said quietly.  Archie studied his friend.  He knew he had never gotten over her, no matter how together he seemed.  He sighed and leaned his head back.  Things were about to get interesting.




A Walk In The Snow - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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The snow crunched under your boots as you walked, and you could feel the cold slowly creeping through your socks and biting into your skin. The clouds to the south were tinged a pale yellow from the lights of the town. The snow that covered everything with a blanket of white seemed to deaden the sound, and the only noise was the singing of the birds. Occasionally a pile of snow would fall off an overhanging tree branch and hit the ground with a barely audible fwish.

Burying your nose deeper into your cream-colored scarf, you looked around at the beauty surrounding you with wide eyes. The road stretched out ahead of you, unmarked by footprints or tire-tracks.

You walked for what felt like it was both a very long time and no time at all when you saw a lone set of footprints on edge of the road. Your curiosity awoken, you began to follow the trail. Crossing what was usually a busy road but was now just a streak of white paint winding away to the horizon, you felt  exhilaration rising up in you. Breaking out into a run, you found yourself unable to break away from the trail that twisted up into the woods, the mysterious footsteps still there.

Slowing yourself down to a walk, you found yourself emerging into a small clearing. The ground was still clear here, with snow dusted around the edges like icing on a cake. An old log lay in the middle, with mushrooms and fungi clinging to the ends. Couching on the short green grass behind it was a tall, lanky looking man with messy brown hair. You could see powdery white flakes sticking to the ends of his hair, and on his striking blue coat.

“Newt?” You finally spoke, reluctant to break the peaceful silence.

Newt started and whipped his head around to look at you. Cradled in his hands was some sort of small fuzzy creature. “Y/n!” He laughed, a little breathless. “I’m putting this little guy back where he belongs…” Lowering the little ball of fuzz to the ground, it let out a loud squeak and rushed off into the woods. Bemused, you noticed that as it disappeared off into the trees it didn’t leave any prints in the snow.

Newt stood up and brushed the snow off of his pants (that were a little too small still, you noted). Moving over beside you, you reached out and took his hand in yours. Even through your fuzzy woolen mittens you could feel the cold radiating off of his bare skin. “You should’ve worn mittens, you’ll freeze!” You spoke quietly still, feeling the serene stillness of the forest surround the two of you.

Newt moved closer to you, and you could see his misty breath dancing away through the chill air. “I’ll be fine.” He squeezed your hand gently, and you smiled. Everything was going to be alright.  

ocean= big moist

puddle= moist pile

bath= contained moist pile

water birds= moist buddies

rain= cloud moistage

cruise/going out to sea= moist adventure 

crying= upsetting moisture

you’re ready to go out into the world now, you’re welcome. 


This was a fun one to film. Also I show a big pile of bird poop for some reason.