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S is for Spix’s Macaw 🐦

The movie Rio was inspired by the Spix’s macaw’s story! These macaws are one of the rarest birds in the world — the last official sighting was in 2000. Native to northeastern Brazil, these parrots are believed to be extinct in the wild, mainly due to deforestation. There are 90 of them surviving in captivity worldwide. Conservation efforts are focused on reintroduction to the wild. 

U is for the Uvea Parakeet 🐤

Their favorite things to eat are figs!

Native to the island of New Caledonia, these parrots have become endangered due to habitat loss and illegal pet trade. Another threat are bees, which are an invasive species to the island. Fortunately, local communities and organizations have worked together to create new nesting sites and preventing illegal trade.


This is the third time in the last week that I’ve gone walking with Dax and had our local hawk start circling directly above us, following us… only to have the local crows mob it and drive it off.

That is super interesting behaviour to me. I know the hawk was following us because it was pretty obviously looking in our direction and going along the same roadways where we were walking (instead of towards the small wood and field areas where prey would be easier to spot and snag). 

I know the crows have some territory in the area and I’ve seen them drive off the hawk before, but usually only when it gets closer to where they are nesting - which is the opposite direction of where we were walking.

 It has only been this year the hawk has taken interest in Dax as well, and this is the first year I’ve caught it following our route multiple times.

Given how the crows are always curious about Dax and will even occasionally return a “caw” to his “aawwrg” (which is his version of a crow caw)… I don’t know and it’s anthropomorphizing I am sure but… it almost seems like the crows are protecting Dax from the hawk.

But even if it is all just coincidence and they are only protecting their territory in general, it is still neat that it seems like the crows are protecting Dax from the hawk.

Not that I would ever rely on crows to be the only form of protection between Dax and a bird of prey, but it is still kind of a neat experience to have had happen not once, not twice, but three times in a week.