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in a better world I am the best bread baker in a small town by the ocean and I am humble and wake up early every morning to make fresh baguettes for the townsfolk and sell it alongside handmade preserves from the strawberries in my garden, I used to be the one and only apprentice to a master pot spinner who in their old age passed the wisdom of fine craftsmanship on to me when I was a young man and I eventually retired as well to live a less isolated lifestyle but still spin beautiful bowls and cups on quiet evenings to myself with my cat that sits on my windowsill and watches the sea birds. I wear one pair dark denim pants rolled up messily with clay and flour dusted over them from a hard days work.


Finally finished my dog alphabet challenge that I’ve been doing on my spare time.  I hope you all enjoyed the dog and bird pairings.  It was interesting seeing how diverse they are in regards to shape and size :)

Featured dogs: (Sorry, no dogs for Q, U, and Z)

A - Alaskan Malamute

B - Beagle

C - Corgi

D - Daschund

E - English Springer Spaniel

F - French Bulldog

G - Great Dane

H - Havanese

I - Ibizen Hound

J - Jack Russell Terrier

K - Kai Ken

L - Lakeland Terrier

M - Mastiff

N - Norfolk Terrier

O - Old English Sheepdog

P - Pekingese

R - Rottweiler

S - Shar Pei

T - Thai Ridgeback

V - Vizsla

W - Whippet

X - Xoloitzcuintli

Y - Yorkshire Terrier


Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), also called the white scavenger vulture or pharaoh’s chicken, is a small Old World vulture and the only member of the genus Neophron. The genus Neophron is considered to represent the oldest branch within the evolutionary tree of vultures. Egyptian vultures feed mainly on carrion but are opportunistic and will prey on small mammals, birds, and reptiles. They also feed on the eggs of other birds, breaking larger ones by tossing a large pebble onto them. The use of tools is rare in birds and apart from the use of a pebble as a hammer, Egyptian vultures also use twigs to roll up wool for use in their nest. 

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Blue Birds

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Request by @turtlesandrainbowsCan you do a Remus lupin x reader where you and Remus are dating and he gets jealous when a handsome slytherin boy talks to you. And it leads to a hot make up session. Thank you!

As you enter the grounds, the blazing sun greets your exposed skin as a zealous breeze runs its gentle fingers through your hair. Shrieks of laughter erupt from the shores of the Great Lake as derobed students push one another into the murky depths. You yourelf had exchanged your unseasonal uniform for denim shorts and a Weird Sisters t-shirt which you’d not so surreptitiously stolen from Sirius. 

Stumbling slightly on the uneven grass, you approach the vibrant beech tree, which had unintentionally become a meeting place for you and the  ’marauders’.  The trees wizened roots toe the water’s edge as though afraid of being uprooted by the Giant Squid. 

Barely suppressed excitement bubbles in your chest at the prospect of spending time with Remus now that the O.W.L exams have concluded. Your fingers trail around the callous bark of the tree as you circle the wide berth in search of the familiar tousled head. A crestfallen expression adorns your face as you find no sign of Remus. As you settle beneath the welcoming shade the tree provides, you begin to contemplate his whereabouts. “Where on earth is he?” you mutter frustratedly after a while as you lay back against the grass in defeat. 

Your eyes follow the path of a blue bird absent-mindedly as it weaves through the rustling leaves of the Birch tree before it lands on a protruding branch. “Waiting for someone too, huh.” you say to it with a sigh. The bird ruffles its feathers as if offended and shoots off, leaving a single feather in its wake.

“Guess not then.” you grumble quietly.

“Unrequited love plaguing your heart?” a lazy, albeit mocking voice teases from above. An involuntary yelp escapes your lips as a boy materialises from nowhere upon a branch, much like the Cheshire Cat. You clamber to your feet immediately, disliking the vunerability of being at a lower height.

“Were you talking to me?” you ask him speculatively. 

“But who else? There’s no one else here as far as I’m aware. And certainly not your boyfriend in any case.” the boy a lets out a deep sounding chuckle. You observe him with a frown, your eyes lingering for a few moments on the green and silver tie hanging loosely from his neck. His raven hair falls carelessly into his stormy eyes as he turns his head to look at you. You recall vaguely seeing him in your potions class. 

“No such thing plagues me.” you reply stiffly.

“I see…so he’s playing around.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean? We’ve just finished our last O.W.L exam, we haven’t had time to hang out-”

“You’d think he’d want to rush to celebrate that with you.” the boy says in mock-concern.

“He’s probably got to do Prefect duties.” you say resolutely.

“First stage of denial is making excuses.” he points out matter-of-factly though with the same mocking smile. 

You glare coldly at him as his evil grin widens. “What business is my relationship of yours?” 

He taps his nose with a wink before smirking once more.

“How about ditching him and I take you out instead? A Weird Sisters concert perhaps?” he offers confidently, sliding from his perch on the branch to the ground beside you. 

Before your retort can leave your lips, a strong arm wraps around your waist and pulls you into their side. “That won’t be necessary, see, we’ve already booked tickets.” Remus says with a distinct threatening undertone. 

“Sorry I was late love, I had to get James and Sirius out of detention.” Remus mutters softly into your ear.

You smile widely as you drink in his ruggedly handsome appearance and turn into his side. “Everything alright, I hope?” you ask 

“Their fine, the caretaker, however, not so much.” you laugh softly before realising with a start, that the Slytherin boy is still there.

“Ah, so this is the so called boyfriend.” the boy remarks with a sneer. “You’ll definitely be coming with me then, I take it?” he laughs maliciously.

The intensity of Remus’ and your glares should have surely turned him to stone, though unfortunately he remained as he was.

“I suggest you leave now, while i still have some restraint left.” Remus states with an edge to his voice, his glare steely.

The boy scoffs arrogantly in reply to his threat. “Come find me once you’ve regained your senses and ditched psycho, here.” the boy says to you with a distasteful sneer in Remus’ direction.

“Maybe once I’ve suffered a major mental injury and had several confundus charms placed upon me I might consider you to be slightly decent. But then again, even that may prove to be too difficult a feat.” you say haughtily, still angered by his arrogance. 

The boy gives one last look of loathing before turning on his heel and stalking back to the castle. Remus and you both seethe quietly for a few moments before Remus’ arms wrap themselves fully around your waist and pull you against his chest.

“You’re rather hot when you’re over protective.” you murmur, a grin making its way onto your face as you run your fingers through his tangled hair. 

“Am I now?” Remus breathes huskily by your ear, nibbling it softly. 

“Very.” you say breathlessly as his lips trace your jaw line. Your heart thuds painfully as his lips make their way tantalisingly slow towards your mouth.

Finally, his lips claim yours hungrily and you kiss back with just as much greed. “You’re mine.” Remus growls against your lips, his hands gripping your waist tightly, preventing you from escaping, as if you’d ever dream of doing so.

“Always.” you reply vehemently and tug the strands of his hair as he backs you into the tree, is hips pining you agaisnt the wall as his hands get lost in your hair.

“Woah, woah, woah. Keep it PG guys, c’mon! There’s kids here!” Sirius says from behind Remus. 

“Cover your eyes Peter!” James shouts in mock-horror.

After a few seconds, you and Remus finally break apart reluctantly.

“I get you both off detention and this is how you repay me.” Remus says flatly to Sirius and James.

“We really think you’re a bad influence on him, y/n. He doesn’t have time to do our homework anymore!” Sirius exclaims jokingly and you all laugh heartily.

“Not a bad thing for me at all.” Remus grins widely and pecks your lips.

“EVACUATE! EVACUATE THE AREA ALL THOSE WISHING TO MAINTAIN THEIR INNOCENCE!” James shouts loudly and nearby students join in with the laughter.

“Alright, alright! We’ll resume this later.” you grin cheekily at Sirius and James before kissing Remus on the cheek.

The guys all sit down by the lake as you rest your head on Remus’ lap and allow him to play with your hair. Out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse two blue birds fly into the tree above you; pecking each other with their beaks affectionately.

“I suppose you really were waiting for someone.” you whisper quietly with a grin.

“What was that love?” Remus asks.

“Nothing.” you say with a smile and interlace your fingers with his.

Southern Bird

pairing: Tormund x Reader

fandom: game of thrones

request: Is it alright if I request a tormund giantsbane request where the reader and him aren’t like together but there are mutual feelings and he’s really possessive and calls her his “southern bird" 

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

All your life you had spend in one little village and when it was time to leave, you didn’t want to. The urge to get around had never been so strong that you would actually act on it. But now with Roose Bolton taking over the North and his son roaming the lands it just wasn’t safe anymore to stay. The wall was close by, so naturally everyone decided to go there and seek protection.

Though the horde of wildlings you were greeted with soon make you doubt your decision. Could the Boltons really be worse than those people the night’s watch had thought to keep out for hundreds of years? The thought of leaving crossed your mind but you were too scared to go on your own and no one else seemed keen to go back, so you stayed.

Castle Black was rather uneventful, not like you had imagined. Everyone was busy with preparing for a war but that only meant that people kept to themselves and stayed quiet while the did their work.

Being bored after a few days of doing nothing, you had volunteered to help. That’s how you ended up keeping the weapons in shape, storing them and even started to craft some arrows.

It was there that you met Tormund for the first time. You probably had been scared of him even if he hadn’t been a wilding, that fact made him only look more dangerous. The man was so tall, you hardly reached his chest and he could probably pick you up with one hand.
He had meant well but when he smiled at you that day, it looked more like he was about to eat you than a friendly gesture.

"Do you want my onions?”
You stared, wide eyed when Tormund sat down opposite of you at dinner. You had been rather late and the whole room was practically empty so there was enough space for him to sit anywhere else.
“No…thanks?” Confusion was written all over your face and if you hadn’t been so intimidated by his whole presence you probably would have laughed at the poor excuse to start a conversation.
He just nodded, went back to eating and so did you. Two strangers sitting together in silence.

Maybe it would have stayed that way but when two men, who you recognized from the stables, attacked you one night, it was Tormund who saved you.
He seemed more bothered by the whole accident than you were and when you asked him about it he just shrugged and scratched his head, eventually admitting that he liked you.
“My little southern bird, don’t wander around here at night on your own.”
You couldn’t help but blush at his words. Replying didn’t seem like an option, your beating heart and fuzzy head made that nearly impossible. So you muttered your thanks and quickly retreated back to your chambers.

After that night he practically never left your side anymore, staring down everyone who dared to even look in your direction. To say he was a little possessive was an understatement, his arms where always wrapped around your waist, his head on your shoulder while he whispered into your ear or he was at least close by.
You didn’t mind so much, it was rather sweet and the attention wasn’t unwanted. And the best thing about having a scary looking wildling following you around? It kept others away.

“What has my little bird been doing?”
Tormund asked as his hands touch your hips from behind and slowly move around your stomach, pulling you against his chest.
“I assume you know, since you’ve been watching me for a while.” Your sentence started in a giggle but almost ended with you moaning out loud as he places a kiss against your neck.
His dark, gruff voice sounded heavenly in your ears and his breath fanning your skin send shivers down your spine when he spoke, “Will you spend the night with me?”


Macaws painting the sky by Wayne S. Grazio
Via Flickr:
A bonded pair of macaws flying together in a cloudless sky. Featured in this feel-good gallery: