bird of flight

a nocturne that’s more of a bird than a bat seemed like an interesting idea (´ι_` )


***He is on a harness. Do not take any bird outside without a cage or restraint! Even a clipped one can make a fatal escape.***

Things people have said upon seeing Rowan at the park:

  • “Is it real? It’s not real is it?”
  • “I didn’t know you could have a bird on a leash!”
  • “I’m so jealous. My birds are stupid and all they ever do is bite me.”
  • “What kind of hawk is that?”
  • “Whoa, I’ve never seen a bird on a leash. I thought they were just cage pets.”
  • “He’s so patriotic! All red white and blue!”
  • *upon seeing me take out a tissue to clean up after him* CAN I DO IT?
  • *holding out handful of m&m’s* Does the birdy want a treat?
  • “Aww, poor bird, taken from his home and forced to live in a cage. You should be ashamed of yourself.”
  • Child: “Mommy! Look! A bird! Can I go pet it?”
    Mother: “No. This is my biggest nightmare and we’re leaving right now.”
  • Person 1: “Ooooh, look! A bird!”
    Person 2: “It’s just a parrot though, right?”
    Me: “…Yes?”
    Person 2: *disappointed grunt before they both walk away*
  • *pulling lint-covered dog treat from pocket* Can he have this?
  • Person: “What kind of parrot is that?”
    Me: “He’s a maximilian pionus parrot.”
    Person: “So…is there like… a common name, or..?”
  • *jumps in front of me and worldlessly offers hand for Rowan to step up on without permission*
  • Child: *offers hand*
    Rowan: *refuses*
    Me: “He’s afraid of your gloves.”
    Child: “Oh, don’t worry Rowan! These are my sister’s gloves!” *offers again*
    Me: “…He still doesn’t like them.”
  • Person: “Can I pet your bird?”
    Me: “No, but you can hold him.”
    Person: “Oh, so no handshake but a hug is totally fine.”
  • Person: “A BIRD. I’m terrified of birds but he’s so pretty. Can I get a closer look?”
    Me: *moves closer*
    Person: “He’s so scary but I love him. Does he talk?”
    Me: “On his own terms.”
    Person: “What does he say?”
    Me: “Well, he sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat and–”
    Person: *starts singing*
    Rowan: *joins in*
    Person: *biggest smile ever*
  • Person: “Can it talk?”
    Me: “Only when he wants to.”
    Person: “Make it talk!”
  • Person: “Aw, what’s his name?”
    Me: “Rowan.”
    Person: “Hello, Roland.”
    Me: “No, Rowan.”
    Person: “Oops, sorry Roman.”
    Me: “…close enough.”

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo buboby stewart croll


Barn Owl (Tyto albaby saundersfay


Barred Owl (Strix variaby jean-louis plamondon