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Rescued Macaw, Bozo partying hard.


Here are some tips to consider to ensure your birds safety while you are celebrating the 4th of July: If your bird lives outside make sure he has a place to go in his aviary/ cage where he can hide and be safe from falling debris and the smell of chemicals from the fireworks. Make sure his cage door is closed securely so that if he gets scared and panic’s he can not get out. Make sure your guests know to leave him alone and do not remove him from his cage/ aviary. Do not allow anyone to light fireworks around his cage. Not only are the fumes toxic, you risk the chance of a lit firework flying into the cage and possibly injuring him. Make sure he has a roof or cover so that falling debris cannot get on him, his water or in his food. If you have guests over and you take your bird out to socialize, remember to hold on to him. Sudden loud noises, colors and all of the excitement of the evening can cause your bird to bite and try to fly away from what is scaring him. It is best to keep your bird in a quiet, calm area where he can rest comfortably until the excitement is over. The safest place for your bird that night is either on your lap with some popcorn watching the fireworks on television or in your home safely snuggled in his cage!  It is always better to be safe than sorry. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!
- Terry, President of Bird Lovers Club, South FL

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At the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Discovery & Science with Bird Lovers Club, teaching peeps about birbs and retrieving birbs.


Yumoto and his admiration face.

Eve & Baby the Raven

This lady came to Bird Lovers Club yesterday. She’s super nice and looks like a video game character.

Baby let me give scritches while Eve went to get him toys.
He’s also a rescue she’s been working with and is able to give and receive kisses from Baby.

My mind exploded at the cute.  

Zeus the Black Palm Cockatoo was at Bird Lovers Club. He was a very sweet beeb.
They are very high maintenance, expensive, and are not domesticated (they are pretty much wild animals). Observe them, appreciate their glory, don’t buy one.