bird idea

Okay but seriously real talk. Literally there were just so many beautiful quotes is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

- “The problem with my life was that it was someone else’s idea.”

- “Birds exist to teach us about the sky.

- “There are worse things in the world than a boy who likes to kiss other boys.”

- “How could I ever be ashamed of loving Dante Quintana?”

- “I got to thinking that poems were like people. Some people you got right off the bat. Some people you just didn’t get - and never would.”

- “I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone’s hand.”


 Fun fact: 

The word ‘ostrich’ is actually an Anglicisation of a Frenchification of a Latinisation of a Greek word, which means ‘sparrow-camel.’

Eng. Ostrich < Old French ostruce < Late Latin avis (’bird’) + struthio (’camel’)

struthio < shortened form of Ancient Greek στρουθιοκαμηλος < στρουθιων (’sparrow’, cf. cognates English ‘thrush’, Latin turdus) + καμηλος (’camel’)

So really, the English word ostrich means ‘bird-sparrow-camel’.

Klance Birds Soulmate AU

Okay, so I actually thought of this a few hours ago with my friend, and it was really just a little conversation at first before gOD it exploded into something else, so here we go.

- This is an AU where everyone has a certain bird that defines their personality, and that bird then follows their soulmate around everywhere until they finally meet

- Birds typically appear by suddenly flying onto a window sill or something around the age of 15

- Keith is woken up by this horrible, screeching sound outside his house and blindly opens the window

- Only to freak out and scream as he realizes a fucking peacock flutters in and eyes him with scrutiny before puffing up its tail feathers and walking away to preen itself in front of his bathroom mirror

- And this peacock just pisses poor Keef off so much

- It squawks and screeches for his attention constantly and for some reason glares at his hair all the time???

- It’s also so v a i n because it demands at least two hours of preening a day, and his feathers annoy Keith to hell because the bird keeps poofing them up and showing them off proudly to him

- “Yes, I - you’re a very pretty bird - fucking - STOP SHOVING YOUR FEATHERS IN MY FACE, GODDAMMIT!”

- “Keith?”

- “Yeah?”

- “Is that…. a peacock?”

- “…”

- “Why is it looking in a mirror????”

- And poor Lance almost has a heart attack when he wakes up on his fifteenth birthday to find a fucking hawk perched on his window sill and just. Staring at him

- The thing is fucking huge but still stubbornly insists on digging his sharp-ass talons into his shoulder so he can sit there

- Lance notices that some of its feathers are ruffled weirdly and it kind of reminds him of a mullet, which for some reason seriously annoys him

- It’s easily irritated but also super awkward and doesn’t know what to do so usually it just sleeps the whole day and watches Lance sleep (which is a little creepy)

- Lance is also scared when he catches the thing multiple times just staring at his kitchen knives

- Like fu ck what if his soulmate’s some serial killer or something???

- Lance always tries to hide the knives because of that

- When he goes outside most people are too nervous to actually approach him because of a giant ass bird hanging off his shoulder and giving a death glare to anything that moves

- The first time he came outside with it nearly had poor Hunk and Pidge screaming because holy sHIT LANCE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR SHOULDER

- And one day Lance is in a cafe and what the shit where is his dumb bird going? So he follows it and nearly runs over a - a peacock??? And meets Keith

- The hawk lands on Keith’s shoulder and the peacock struts over to Lance

- They look at each other

- And

- “Are you a serial killer?!?!? No one should be that obsessed with knives man”

- “Why the heck would you need so much time in a freaking mirror?!”

- and then they start dating, get married, and live with a hawk that carries knives and a peacock that steals lotion :)))))

- the end!