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Just don’t. And don’t hold them by their wings. Ever.
There’s potential for tail feathers to snap and bleed which is extremely painful for the bird.

The appropriate way is to give your bird support. Wings tucked, feet gripping onto fingers and a stable neck, air sacks able to freely move for breathing.

Similar to this;

Although please note, if you’re needing to hold your bird upside down the way av is - do so for only a very short time period!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Iron Giant is such a vastly overlooked cartoon classic which didn't get nearly enough recognition despite its originality and its approach to mature topics in a way that was accessible to a young audience. From the way Brad Bird handled the villain, a man driven mad by the paranoia inflicted on him by government propaganda, to his clear and unflinching anti-war message, The Iron Giant encouraged children to question authority and be suspicious of the media we are spoon fed, and I will always wonder whether there were more sinister forces at work which kept the film from reaching a wider audience. Also, I am so thirsty for Dean McCoppin, it is embarrassing.

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theres a post going around saying how you should NOT get a parrot even if you are a dedicated owner. i do not personally agree and am actually a bit mad at the way they portray parrots, almost teaching people to fear them. whats your stance on it?

If you’re referring to pepperandpals’ post, I agree with it. Had you asked me this question a few years ago I would probably say otherwise but after all the experience, knowledge and dedication I’ve put in to learning I no longer believe that parrots should be sold in the pet trade under most conditions.

You haven’t a clue how many birds get mistreated, left with dowel perches, no UV lighting, small cages, seed only diets, forced to aggress, get placed in homes with teflon products, and end up living miserably with these people up until their lives end way earlier than they should have.  Too many people think that exotics are just that, exotic, a decoration, something to brag about and end up not actually caring for it as much as they should.  Too many people believe that they’re doing right or don’t need to be doing more and as a result the bird suffers.

When it comes to people who do do their research, have previous hands on experience and really care for a bird the best they can, it’s rarely ever enough when you compare, and the average person is not able to provide that sort of lifestyle for them.  Using myself as an example, I spend all day with my birds, I spend all my time adding things to environment, switching up diets, giving them exercise, mentally stimulating them, cage cleaning, rearranging the bird room, it’s no exaggeration when I say I spend a solid 12 hours that they’re awake caring for them and then spend the whole evening trying to think of ways to improve the care I’m giving them for tomorrow.  Despite how hard I try, how much research and how much i provide it never feels like enough.  because it isn’t enough.

I do my best to show you guys all the work I put in to caring for my little girls, I constantly receive messages telling me how amazing I am for giving these birds this life and all the work I put in to them but in all honesty, you guys don’t see the half of it.  You don’t see the thousands of hours of research I put in to every aspect of their life, their diets, their housing, their natural foraging experiences, safe plants, cleaning, moulting habits, behavioural situations, space division, possession, territory layouts, and so much more go on on a daily basis.  You don’t see all the work I have to do to make sure that these highly territorial species doesn’t fight and kill one another so that I can continue to have them both out as much as possible, only having them out one at a time would take away so much space and enjoyment from their lives.   You don’t see the vet bills, the preparation, the stress reducing, you don’t see the costs, the time, the energy that goes in to trying to keep them happy.  You all seem to have this idea that the care I give my birds is way beyond exceeding expectations but let me tell you something, what I do I consider to be bare minimum.

All the effort, expenses, time, and work is absolutely necessary for them to be content with a captive lifestyle, if I was away at school or work full time I would consider this care to be subpar, to be inadequate, they would be unhappy with that lifestyle because that’s not what they’re designed for. They are not meant to live this way and not everyone has the time, space, personality or tolerance necessary to care for them the way they deserve.

This is a parrotlet’s natural habitat


This is my parrotlets’ habitat

Can you look at those and tell me that they can possibly be perfectly content and happy this way without the time and effort I put in to it?

Can you tell me that a bird so intelligent, so so smart can be removed from that environment and so perfectly adapt without any problems?

Can you look at this bird and tell me that they’re happy with this lifestyle?

Plucking is a behaviour that only happens in captivity it has never been recorded in the wild.  Plucking is a behaviour caused by boredom, understimulation, stress, inadequate diet, and sometimes even happens just because they’re depressed.

You can not tell me that parrots are happier this way, you can not possibly tell me that taking something so perfectly adapted to a single lifestyle, perfectly designed to fly forever is okay having that removed.  You will never be able to convince me that something perfectly designed to work with flight will be happy to have them chopped off for human enjoyment.  My own Mia used to be clipped because she was from a store, my own Mia was depressed because of it, she did not move very much, she did not want to play with toys, she did not want to interact with people, she was miserable that way.  But people wouldn’t notice that, they would dismiss it as the bird’s personality or just adapting or some other excuse to ignore the fact that the bird is having a horrific time.  You will never be able to convince me that this:

is healthier or more beautiful than this

I’ve already had to make a separate post on why being clipped is so detrimental to their health even though it’s such a common practice. And I’ve made a separate post on all the work that has to go in to keeping a bird safe.

you will never convince me that being captive is healthy.

Parrots are a full time job, they are not a pet, they are not a decoration, they are not a toy, they are not a phase, they’re a commitment and a hell of a big one.  Birds should not be readily available in pet stores, owners should have to go through tests to see if they’re capable of providing a stimulating environment for the ones that already stuck in this trade.  I think that breeding should be focused on maintaining health and maintaining the survival of species such as the endangered blue throated macaws and I think that species such as hyacinths, or cockatoos shouldn’t be in homes at all.  Keeping those birds isn’t a matter or giving them an enriching life, it’s a matter of doing your best to prevent them from suffering. 

In this world ignorance is bliss, a few years ago I would have thought just the same as you, I believed it’s just a bird it’s sold in a store it will be just fine.  But as soon as you learn, as you soon as you see all the harm and the suffering these birds go through you’ll change your mind.  

If you are a dedicated owner, if you have the experience and knowledge you should have before you even get a bird a pet store wouldn’t even be an option.  There’s a reason that every reputable person, blogger, trainer, or other animal worker will always consider adopting before all else, it certainly isn’t a coincidence that the most educated refuse pet stores.  Breeding has resulted in so many god damned problems, I’m certain you’ve heard of the feather duster budgies caused by poor breeding or the numerous parrot hybrids, while pretty they serve no purpose.

I’m certain some of you saw this post going around featuring the feather duster budgies? Do you have any idea how many comments said “I want one”?  These birds are a genetic failure, their feathers keep growing and never stop until they die, they either die from overheating, they can’t breathe, they can’t walk to make it to food so they starve or are generally crushed under the weight.

The fact of the matter is that birds aren’t designed for this lifestyle, they are not domesticated they are wild they retain all that natural behaviour all those natural needs, they bite, they scream, they fly, they make a mess, they destroy things, they’re active, and demanding, the average person, and I’d go as far as to say a solid 70% of most bird owners, can not handle their care. How many times have you read “my bird won’t stop screaming”, “I’m considering getting rid of my bird”, “my bird won’t stop biting”, “my bird only likes one person”, “my bird hates me”, “i can’t afford this vet bill”, “I don’t want to buy a UV light or a filter”, a lot, right?

All of those problems happen because people didn’t do their research, they didn’t know how to handle the bird, how to react to the problems when they started showing up, they didn’t know what to look for they were unprepared for the care that they need.

The majority of birds from pet stores and breeders suffer, by the time they make it to 2 years old and they start acting like proper adults they get sent to shelters.  When they become adults they don’t take shit from anyone, they have 0 tolerance for your foolishness and lash out when you ignore their body language. People don’t want a bird that wants to be treated with respect, they want one that will sit there, do tricks, talk, and look cute when they want it to, they don’t want mutual trust, they want obedience and don’t want to work to get it.

I don’t care how good of an owner you think you are, once you stop blocking out everything you’ll see the damage the pet trade has on these birds and your mind will change.  It’s not a coincidence that the most educated or experienced will advise you against buying pet store birds or breeder birds and I sincerely hope you listen to them.

I know I will certainly never purchase a bird from a breeder or a store, I hope you won’t either.

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If I get a birb will I regret it


birds are loud. they never shut up unless they want to and can be heard through the whole house.

birds are mean. they have tempers. they are too clever to be obedient because you told them to be. they bite. even when theyre playing they bite. it hurts.

birds live a long time. theyre expensive. bird food is expensive. bird toys are expensive. cages are expensive. vet bills are expensive. theyre smelly. theyre messy.

birds are not domestic. they are unlike any animal we keep around as pets. theyre frustrating and have a will of their own.

if you still want to get a bird, do research. go get experience handling birds, go to a shelter or a friend or a pet store if you have to. know what kind of bird you want. know what they need. what kind of temperament they have. how to read their body language. visit bird blogs (they will tell you how hard it is) @flock-talk @poifish-animals @wordsonbirds

if you feel like youre ready for a bird, DONT buy from a pet store. dont support breeding. give your home to a bird that needs one, not one that is bred for one. adopt if you can. if you must, look through craigslist. make sure you are willing to put down a lot of money for the bird. you not only need to get the bird but you need to buy the best cage you can and the best food you can and give it the best environment you can. dont you dare skimp out on your bird’s life. 

a bird is a very big responsibility. theyre loud, clever, mean, smelly, messy, and expensive. they arent pretty little living decorations you can just keep locked up in a cage and take care of when you want to. theyre living creatures with needs that wont be convenient for you.


Mob’s mum told him to just let nature take its course because birds will abandon any baby touched by a human, but luckily, he discovered a loophole.

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Do you have any headcanons on Revali, Teba, and Kass discovering that their s/o is a really good dancer? They could be traveling, but stop to see a festival and one of the dancers pulls them in and they shock the Rito when they are able to keep up? Please and thank you. I love your blog!!!

b l ess 

This is it, everyone. My ultimate weakness is these three right here

Love these bird boys-


- You were the one to suggest going to see the festival, so he decided why not, it couldn’t hurt

- Was impartial to it the entire time, but enjoyed seeing his s/o having a good time

- The last thing they see is a performance with some dancers along with it, and it interests Revali more than anything else did

- Even more when the dancers go into the audience and pick people out

- One of them being his s/o

- So he’s definitely watching them as they hit the dancefloor

- As the performance goes along, his eyes are all on his s/o, they’ve taken the spotlight

- The dancer even lets them freestyle, and Revali is absolutely smitten with them all over again

- They’re so amazing?? Where did this come from???

- And why didn’t HE know about this?!

- As it ends and they’re applauded, Revali is in cheerleader mode until they get back

- “You have to do that again sometime.”

- Boasts about them for weeks afterward, and tries to get them to teach him how to dance


- He wanted to have a good time with his s/o, so he’s the one to suggest going to the festival

- He might not look like he’s having a good time to his s/o, but everyone else will see him smiling and watching his s/o with an endearing look on his face when they’re having fun

- There’s a performance going on too, so they stop by that along the way. The music is quite enjoyable, and the dancers even seem like they’re having a good time

- They then start picking people out from the audience, and his interest peaks when his s/o willingly agrees to go

- He watches his s/o closely as they make their way to the dancefloor, and is floored when they start to dance

- He didn’t know they were this good at dancing-the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind until now

- They flash him a smile when they make eye contact, and he can’t help but return it 

- He feels like he’s going through the first time he met them all over again, a love at first sight gone right

- When his s/o returns, he pulls them close to him

- “You were amazing, my dove. I think we might have to find these more often.”

- He sticks true to this and purposely finds out about future performances when his s/o isn’t around after that


- He kinda has to go in the first place, he’s the one playing for the dancers

- Of course his s/o agrees to go-they’re so excited to hear him play live

- Though they get to hear him all the time, but either way he’s so happy to know that they love and support him this much

- Halfway through the song, the dancers file off the stage and bring in the audience

- His heart soars when he sees his s/o being brought onto stage and can’t stop smiling

- His eyes are completely on them the whole time, some of the audience notices and gets super excited

- When he catches their eye, he nods his head over by him, and they know what he wants.

- They walk right up to him after the song finishes, and there’s anticipation buzzing through the crowd as they both walk to the middle of the stage

- “They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that my dear (Name) is one of the most amazing dancers I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

- The crowd is cheering so loudly after that

- He asks his s/o later on if they would like to become one of his dancers whenever he goes to perform and is elated if they agree

- Of course, if they don’t wish to, he is alright with it, but asks to see them dance more often

So… there are wildlife rescue centers in the urban fantasy settings, right?


montereybayaquarium Love this 📽of a highly improbable gathering from @watsonvillepublicworks #Repost・・・ Magic. Magic. Magic. Magic. Magic. An improbability of Sooty magic.

The Sooty Shearwater superhighway is back in the Monterey Bay and in full flocking force along South County shores. Head out to our Watsonville coastline and look for an endless, streaming black line hovering over the ocean’s surface. These torpedo-shaped, long-distance traveling, close-kin-to-albatross visitors from New Zealand are feasting on the abundant squid-fish-smorgasbord our bay provides. *A group of sooties together is actually named an improbability (so cute, can’t handle).

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Scenario please! Ravali has always made it a habit to braid his future s/o's hair (they are Hylian). One day, he adds his feathers to the braids and they are unaware that wearing them means the two are dating. Cue to them being confused when the other Rito in the village start congratulating them and asking how they got together. Revali is smug as ever but is also nervous because this is his way of confessing. I love your writing, it's amazing. And thank you for making it easy to read on mobile!

This is adorable, I love it!!

And it’s no problem at all! I hate when people get screwed over just because they’re on mobile. And thank you so much for the compliment aaaaaaaa–

This is super long and I’m not sorry because I love Revali so much??? I was honestly slayed when I saw him if I’m being honest.

The wind seemed to tear into the village in the light of the coming afternoon, turning simple errands into an annoying chore for the Rito.

Honestly, Revali could care less. Everything he needed to do was already done.

Well… Except for one thing.

But he couldn’t do that right now, because they still weren’t here, and they’re gonna be late.

Besides, the time wasn’t right yet.

Revali huffed, pacing around his little circular house as he fixed minor things that seemed to bother him, and deciding that his bed looked a bit wrong, he went to fix it.

He felt his throat go dry when he saw the perfect bouquet of blue feathers-his own feathers-lying there as if someone placed them under the blanket.

The time was right.

Revali swore under his breath in panic and hid the feathers right by the bed, feeling that they would be here soon, and he doesn’t know if they know about his people’s traditions or not.

The non-obscure ones anyway. None of the Rito talk about it.

 Turning, he made his way out of the village to wait for them, the wind decidedly unsupportive of his trek down, blowing straight at his face.

The bridge to the stable was as far as he needed to go to find them, and he immediately stalked over.

“There you are. You’re late.”

They turned to him with a jump, surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Revali? Jeez, you scared the hell out of me-wait. L-late?” they tilted their head, “What do you mean? We didn’t state a time for me to be over, did we?”

“Just come on. Look at you, your hair is an absolute mess. Why do you always come here with your hair all messy? Ugh, I have to braid it again, don’t I? Of course I do. You can’t resist the best, can’t you?” Revali snatches hold of their hand and tugs them to his side, leading them to the village, “Honestly, you could at least try to make it easy.”

They’re chuckling slightly, knowing the routine by now. They’ve admitted before that its their favorite thing to do with him, just relax while he braids their hair, acting all annoyed, but his attention to detail gave him away. He loves it just as much.

Once the two are in his little house, he sits them on the bed and straightens out their hair, expertly freeing the knots painlessly as he brushes through their hair. Their locks fall to his strokes perfectly, as if they knew what he was doing and knew exactly where to go.

Revali watches as their shoulders relax as they go along, comforted by his touch as he separates the locks of their smooth hair into three parts, and he lets his mind slip away into the normal routine, making small, grumbling remarks on the way.

It’s a good while before he nears the end of the session, and his heart is racing as he reaches for the last feathers he had, examining his work all the while. The feathers are incorporated expertly into the braid, noticeable and honestly quite intimidating. They clearly didn’t feel him adding something extra, as there was no question from them.

The last feathers were tied in with the end of the braid, and he makes sure that they’ll never fall out.

“There. Perfect as always.” Revali smirks as they finally move, stretching.

“Thanks, Revali..” they turn to him and smile, making his heart jump.

“Yeah. Sure. Now, everyone has to see how good I am at braiding. Come on.” he grins, and tugs them outside.

The winds have stopped, he noted, which was good, and now the Rito were all out and about.

It’s when they pass a group of little girls does the terrifying part start.

They’re staring at his crush’s hair, looking amazed, then the giggling begins. One of the girls gets up and runs over to them, tugging politely at his crush’s sleeve.

“C-congratulations, both of you! I’m glad it worked out.” the girl says, smiling, and they look confused.


Revali smirks again, but feels himself shudder at the feeling of being caught.

“Thank you, little one.”

The Rito girl giggles and goes back to her circle of friends, letting the two continue on.

“I wonder what that was all about..” he hears his, well, technically lover, mumble to no one in particular.

Revali doesn’t make a comment, and the both of them pass a couple of his friends.

“Whoa, what? No way! Revali, nice job!!”

Revali turns back to them and grins.

“Why thank you. I am the best, after all.”

“What-Revali, what is going on?” their voice is laced with confusion, “Am I missing something, here?”

“Not at all, but if I had to say something, you’re missing me.”

At their stumped look, he chuckles and says nothing more, but his heart is racing.

Just get up to the landing, he thinks,Get up to the landing, and you’ll say it there.

As they go on, they hear multiple “aww”s and “how cute”s, and another set of congratulations. He is beyond terrified by the time the two nears the landing, and his “lover” is just as confused.

Just as they’re about to make it onto the landing, they are met with a female Rito, the bard’s wife, Revali notes, and gives her grin in greeting.

“Oh!” she notices the feathers immediately and smiles, “Congratulations you two! If I might ask, how did you get together?”

“Wait, what? Together?” time seems to have frozen as Revali sees his crush look at him in questioning, and he sighs.

“Look-one moment please, ma’am-I have to talk to you.” he says, dragging them onto the landing, sighing once he reaches the top, “When I was braiding your hair, I put in some of my feathers in it, and, well, it kinda means you and I are dating in Rito culture.”

They blink at him, surprised by the stream of words that spilled out of him, and everything clicks together in their mind.

“So, you basically claimed me as yours?”

“Well, the best can’t have anything less than the best!” he grins, although there’s a nervous twitch that accompanies it.

Its then that the blush crosses their face, and he knows without words that he’s won.

“W-well, I’m flattered you think so. I suppose… no, I know I’ve got the best Rito as my partner.”

Revali felt as if his mind had detached from his body, as if this was just a dream, a silly one, for sure, but from the look of their eyes on his and their hands intertwining with his own, he knows with joy it isn’t.

The sound of an accordion snaps him right out of the scene, and the couple’s heads turn to the bard and his wife, who is giggling, and Revali flushes once he recognizes the song being played.

As soon as she’s supposed to, the bard’s wife begins singing her part, smiling at the flustered Rito-and-Hylian couple.

By the time they’re done, they’ve gathered the entire village in a crowd, and Revali’s back to his old smug act, with his s/o laughing along with it.