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So… there are wildlife rescue centers in the urban fantasy settings, right?

The youngest daughter and second child of the Rajpa King, Princess Karjol is every bit as lovely and beautiful as she looks. Friendly, cheerful, kind, compassionate and very gentle, Karjol is always willing to listen to someone’s problems and to give you a hug should you need it. Though initially not the most talkative of people, preferring to listen and to only speak when she fully understands the situation, Karjol becomes a lot more vocal with close friends/family and will indulge in gentle teasing and friendly banter.

Her quietness is not shyness though; Karjol carries herself with confidence and knows how to handle herself, very well, in social settings. Like many in her Tribe, Karjol is gifted with ‘The Voice’, a type of magic that is song based. While others in her family were born with the ability to sing words to cause strife and destruction, Karjol was born with the ability to sing words of healing; the songs she sings are able to heal physical wounds and to, temporarily, soothe emotional pain and to temporarily calm people/animals. 

She is a bit passive aggressive; if something bothers her, she will not admit to it but will instead make it very clear that she is irritated by something. Naturally, this can get a bit frustrating at times.

As the Rajpa are also known for breeding Rocs, clouddancers, hippogriffs, and bonepickers, Karjol has trained and handled dangerous birds and birdlike creatures all her life. She is an extremely gifted falconer and has a deep love and respect for birds. 

At the moment, after the engagement of her eldest sister, Princess Khali, to the Haratha Heir, Prince Ashoka, the Rajpa King is currently seeking to secure a marriage for Karjol (in hopes of increasing the Rajpa’s wealth) with a prominent Noble or Prince, offering her future Clan the right to have and use their prized war birds (and to share their knowledge/techniques when it comes to magic). Though not thrilled at the idea of an arranged marriage, Karjol is not opposed to it and hopes that her future husband/wife is someone who she will be able to have a lasting and loving relationship with. At the very least, she hopes for a good friendship out of the marriage and someone who won’t be opposed to her strong love for birds. 

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Headcanons about Soda?

🌚 Hates going to the doctor

🌚 Is scared of needles

🌚 Flirts with the nurses

🌚 Can lift up one eyebrow

🌚 Early Bird

🌚 Can handle his liquor pretty well

🌚 After Sandy left him, he wouldn’t get out of bed.

🌚 When Soda and Steve had their 1st fight in 3rd grade, Soda cried

🌚"He said he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore because…“

🌚 Mrs. Curtis: "Bring him some cake tomorrow as an apology.” (How Steve got addicted to chocolate cake)

🌚 He had his first kiss when he was 9 (under the bleachers at Darry’s middle school football game)

🌚 The girl practically shoved her tongue down his throat

🌚 Modern: Knows all the words to every single High School Musical song

🌚 Modern: Favorite movie—Saving Private Ryan

🌚 Favorite classes: Shop and Auto mechanics

🌚 His parents really liked Sandy ( but who didn’t)

🌚 He’s a very good kisser

🌚 Modern: Spends too much time posting shirtless selfies on Instagram

🌚 Modern: EVERYONE slides into his DMs

🌚 Is as emotional as Pony (maybe more) but doesn’t show it

🌚 Lets Pony steal all the covers

🌚 A Soc screamed at Pony at the drive-in, and Soda squashed his ass

🌚 Tells Pony he loves him every day and night, even when Pony’s asleep

I got a little out of hand, sorry🍍

While discussing the possibilities of challenges and Friday’s super special stream ™, the puneriffic @6-and-a-half-dollar-man wrote this:

“Chris and Jason record and submit a video for a laugh stream. It’s just Jason wearing a chicken suit looking displeased.”

“ Bonus points during a chicken hypno stream if, upon Jason refusing to handle a bird, one of them ask if he’s chicken. “

So here he is.  Not amused and in good company.

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This story was on tumblr as it was happening, but since you're new you may not have seen! But I drove 30 hours round trip to adopt my Bronze Wing Pionus, Ichabod, from an SPCA in Florida :) The whole story is in the "Ichabod's journey" tag on my blog. I wasn't planning on getting another bird right then, but a bronze wing had been a dream bird of mine for years and you never see them (and I knew I could handle another bird). So my roommate and I fairly spontaneously just up and went.

OH MY Gosh. I will so be checking out your tag when I’m off work. That is AMAZING. I love adoption and rescue stories so much. Roses had made a splash in the bird community in my city in Vancouver!!! ❤️ love it


Jessi shows you how to handle larger birds like macaws, how to safely work with aggressive parrots, and understanding some of the most common basic problems people have with their pet birds.


My Jinnie Oppa Appreciation GiF Set

because sometimes he whispers to my heart when Eric Oppa is too busy being a 4D CEO..

“Ya! You don’t even know how handsome I am!”

ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ


Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.”

-Naomi Campbell

(I wrote the quote in the description just in case you don’t see it on the picture. Just a little help. :) )

I’m so hyped since wednesday when the Angry Birds Movie teaser trailer came out. Before I started the video I was a bit scared, because what if it would be bad, but fortunately it was really great. A lot of birds’ design were perfect, and we could found so familiar faces from the Angry Birds and Angry Birds Stella games.

I was searching for some quotes about anger and loneliness and that’s what I’ve found. I thought it suits Red very well, because he has anger issues and that’s why he feels lonely and unlucky.

I’m so curious how he and the other birds can handle it and stop the pigs. :D

For sale! 7/8/16

Molly is available here at Ramsey Ringnecks in Hephzibah Ga. for $40.

Molly is a wonderfully personable little lady. Fully harness trained and just as gentle as she can be, aside from being moody when she’s broody. ^v^

326 Grams
Classic Old Frill
Brown Satinette hen
NPA 15 9 CF 825
Glasgow X Rose Quartz 8/19/15
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

Ramsey Ringnecks is licensed and inspected by the Ga Department of Agriculture. Our young birds are handled from hatch day and our rescues are carefully quarantined and vetted.

Though we prefer pick up, we can ship anywhere in the continental US. The crate is $10, and I will need your zip code to calculate postage.

For more information about Ramsey Ringnecks and our birds, or to make an appointment to visit the aviary, please email or text/call 706-993-7452.

With a ████ that measures upwards of one-quarter its body length, the American Wood████ is surprisingly endowed for it’s size. Also known as ‘The Timber██████’, these birds are expert at handling their unusually large █████ in almost any terrain, including dense underbrush. We don’t yet know why such a small bird has such an outstanding ████ but rest assured such hard research has never deterred us before.