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I've been having the most crappiest months ever, my life is a mess right now and I am so fragile, everything makes me cry or feel emotionless. And to top it of my mum is having surgery tomorrow. I could really use a fluffy fic, to remember that hopefully everything will be alright. That there's a real son why I'm going through these horrible times xx

i’m so sorry this is weeks late, my love, i hope you’re doing okay, know i’m rooting for you, and here is some halloween sterek to hopefully make you feel better


The first Halloween back home from college is not one Stiles is looking forward to. Nor is it one he wants to celebrate with full force and a damn party.

Scott, however, is keen to embrace the festivities now they’re able to, and he arranges for all of them to go to a “sweet” Halloween do at the town hall.

Stiles mutters darkly about Winifred, Mary and Sarah coming to curse them all, and Derek (to his huge surprise) starts humming the creepy song from the start of the movie as he throws a cushion at Stiles’ head.

He’s seemingly, astonishingly, totally okay with going to a party for Halloween.

Stiles attempts to resist, but his best friend is just so damn earnest.

Derek doesn’t even try to fight Scott’s excited announcement, only asks if they have to wear costumes.

“Of course!” Scott bounces over, claps him on the shoulder, “That’s the whole point!”

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Overpowered pt.2!

A/N Here is part 2!!! Just a quick note the reader’s superhero name is Current. Thanks for the positive feedback from part 1. I hope you guys like this one as well. I also switch between p.o.v in this one. Enjoy!

Warnings: Injuries, cursing (f bomb), some angst, mentions of claustrophobia, and a panic attack.

Peter’s p.o.v.

I watched y/n leave with the Hydra agents and felt a pang in my chest. What the hell was she doing?


I whipped my head around. Bomb.

“Guys we have a problem.” I said pointing to the bomb and stood up.

“We need to get out and fast. Everyone get a buddy and exit. We’ll regroup after. I got Tony.” Steve said picking Mr.Stark up.

“Did anyone else feel that?” Wanda asked as she paired up with Thor.

“ What?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. I thought I felt….” 

Beep. Beep.

“Finish that thought after we leave the building.” Nat said running towards the window with Clint.

I started running/limping next to Bruce. He grabbed me and smashed outside through the building just as the bomb went off. We hit the ground safely.

“Go follow the car.” Bruce told me as he reverted back to his human form.


“Go follow the car. Go before they are too far. I’ll tell them you ran off. Go. Now!” Bruce said looking to see where everyone else landed.

“Karen is there any possible way you could track y/n even though her tracking device was destroyed?” I started to swing from building to building to see if I could find the car.

“The vehicle she was in was last seen in security footage leaving the Brooklyn Bridge.”

“Thanks Karen.”

About an hour later I found the vehicle and landed as carefully as I could on top and laid down so they wouldn’t be able to see me in their mirrors. “Sssssss.” My leg was still bleeding.

Y/n p.o.v  

There was a difference in temperature on the roof. I felt Peter’s energy close. Why does no one listen to me? Please Peter please pretty please do not and try to take over the car. Be smart. You have a tracker in your suit and we can lead the team to the source. Think think how can I tell him? Ice.



I felt the temperature of the car drop just a bit due to the ice now on the roof. Now time to heat things up a bit. I imagined the words I wanted to make in the ice. Don’t attack. I left it there for a few minutes just on the in case he hadn’t felt the roof temperature of the roof drop. I added on. Take out source.

There was a thump on the roof. 

“What was that?” One of the agents asked and I felt my heart speed up. What the hell was he doing?

“Probably just a branch or something. We are with mother nature now.” A sigh of relief escaped my lips. Clumsy Peter…… his leg. He was still hurt. Heal.



“You are being awful quiet back there lil missy.” The lead Hydra agent said.

“ I said I’d come without a fight Did you expect me to ask questions? I told you I don’t really care, but if you’d like to give a dramatic back story you can.” I told them.

“Snarky aren’t you?” He replied.

“Yea. I get that. You wanna turn of these lights now so I can take a nap or something?”

“And risk you escaping?”

“Bitch if I wanted to escape I probably could have already. I’m not some stupid kid like everyone assumes.”

They started laughing, but I ignored it. Focus on something else. Keep the energy around the team in case Hydra tries something again. Tony’s energy was still in pretty bad shape. Heal. 



I felt his energy improve, but felt some color drain from my face. Nope that’s enough. No more healing for today or I will pass out. Tony is ok. Peter is ok. The rest of the team is ok and that is all that matters. I closed my eyes against the bright lights and tried to sleep.

A few hours later I was jabbed awake with an alien gun. 

“Hey!!!” I shouted at the agent who was the offender.

“Wake up we are here.” 

“Do I have to? I was sleeping.” I told them.

“Out.” They pushed me forward and out of the truck. All the Hydra agents had flashlights on them or on their clothes. I started laughing “ You guys realize how stupid you look right?”

“Ha ha it is so you don’t have a fast escape.”

I laughed softly. “At least you’re trying to be smart.” The lead Hydra agent scowled at me.

“You won’t be laughing so soon.”

“Ooooo you almost sounded threatening there for a second.” The guards pushed me forward as we walked into a building that was bright on the inside as well.

“Do I get a detour of this dump? Come on you guys aren’t being good hosts.” I said smiling to myself.

“Platform.” The guards shoved me forward o where I fell onto the platform.

“Hey watch it!” I said sitting up right.

“ I heard you didn’t like small spaces so naturally I created a box for you.” The Hydra agent grinned as he pushed a button and a small, thick, metallic box appeared around me. Fuck me.

My breath started to quicken. “No no no no no no no no no.” I whispered panicking. Melt the box come on y/n melt the box. I created an energy shield around myself as I focused on melting the box. The box started melting, but I continued to hyperventilate. I was shaking as I stood up and off of the melted box/platform. “Fu…ck………you……” I panted trying to control myself.

Peter’s p.o.v. 

I followed y/n into the building and hid behind some pillars on a cat walk. I watched them shove her to the ground and clenched by fists, but didn’t move. I didn’t know what her plan was, but I wasn’t going to let her get hurt. I sat on my toes. “Karen enhance hearing.” I whispered.

I heard you don’t like small spaces so naturally I created a box for you.

All of a sudden y/n was put in a small box. Shit. I stood up ready to do something, but noticed the metallic box turning a bright orange and melting around her. She stood up panting and I knew she was on the verge of tears. So help me God if she started crying I would turn on instant kill mode.

Y/n p.o.v

“ Are you done catching your breath? Or are you going to cry?” The Hydra agent asked smirking. I didn’t answer him. “ I also thought we agreed on none of the avengers following.” Shittt.

“ I mean you went back on your side of the bargain so why not go back on mine? And technically he came here on his own. I didn’t tell him too.”

“Come out come out Spidey. I already know you’re in this room. Come out or Current gets it.” The Hydra agent pointed an alien gun at me. Peter didn’t appear. I smirked. 

“He knows I can handle whatever you got. He isn’t going to risk showing himself.” The guards dispersed and started looking for him. “Kinda hard without shadows to show you where he is at huh?” I laughed.

“I think you want another box don’t you?” 

Peter came swinging from the ceiling. “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND!” and swung right into the Hydra agent sending him flying into boxes.

“ That was a beautiful display of affection Spidey.” I told him smiling and I sent the rest of the guards flying.

“You ok?” He asked me. “You’re still shaking”

“I’ll get over it.” I told him. “Now lets blow this place up.” I said heading towards the door.

“ I don’t think you’re going anywhere.” The door closed landing with a hard thump sending Peter and I flying back. “ So you two are together? That changes things.” The Hydra agent caught on fire.

“Whoa. Did you know he could do that?” Peter asked.


“Do you like?” The Hydra agent asked as he appeared in front of me all of a sudden.

“What the fu….” He threw me into the wall. Motherrrrfuckkerrrr. My vision went went blurry. When was he able to do that.

“What can’t handle it Current?”

“Just took me by surprise.” I said looking around for Peter. A flash of red and blue went through the air. The other agents had super abilities.

“You aren’t mistaken. They all have similar abilities. But you, you my dear are the one that I believe has a show shocker ability.” 

There was a loud agonizing scream. 

“Looks like Spidey has been a victim of my new invention.” I had let my shield around him down. “Better put that little shield of yours back up.” The Hydra agent told me and I did running over to Peter. He was on the floor curled up.

“What the fuck did you do?” I yelled as I checked for any injury. 

“ I suggest you don’t do that again.” He said reverting back to not being on fire. 

Some of the other Hydra agents started to pull me away from Peter. “Get your hands off of me!” I shouted which earned me a punch to the face.

“Now I that I have your attention I am going to be separating you two love birds.” The guards dragged Peter out of the building. “Get over there.” He pointed.

“Or what?” 

“I said…” he grabbed my arm and I felt him struggle against my energy shield “ go over there.” He dragged me. I tried digging my feet into the ground, but he wasn’t struggling a bit. He put a thick chain around my arms that was attached to the walls on both sides. 

“Now let me explain what’s going on now since you are a weak, vile, arrogant and incompetent child. You are going to sit here. You are going stay. You will be put through stressful situations as you sit here. You are going to get weak. You are going to break. By you breaking you will end the lives of all your teammates. As soon as you let your protective shield down my new piece of technology will destroy them from the inside out. Electricity is your friend correct, but it is not theirs. This device will send a small amount of electricity through their bodies and continually grow.” He held up what looked like a little square computer chip. 

“It was attached to them when they were in the fight and had exposed wounds.”

I looked at the ground. What was I going to do.

“I’m guessing it will take about a week to break you. And don’t be expecting a rescue mission. This place interferes with any tracking device or radio. Are you feeling a bit tired yet? Is that tiny adolescent brain of yours not holding up? Come on I expect more from you. Your powers can effect millions of people if you really tried. That’s just what I plan to do once you die.”

“It won’t happen.”

“Ignorant. Everyone dies. However I got these powers from all of your teammates. It’s amazing all the mutant DNA they leave everywhere. You however…. we can’t seem to get your powers extracted from a piece of hair. We need something bigger. Your dead body will do. I will enjoy knowing the Avengers will die in agony.” He laughed.

“Rot in hell.” 

“Oh sweetie you just earned yourself a big drop in temperature.” He said walking out of the building. All of a sudden it got really cold. Like ice everywhere cold. I strained as I focused more energy on accelerating the particles around my body shield to keep me warm. My head hurt and i closed my eyes.



Peter’s p.o.v

I woke up with my head and everything else hurting. My body felt like lead and was hard to move. I looked around and it was just an empty room. I was able to move freely…. that is if I could get my limbs to move. Where is y/n? She wasn’t here with me. “Karen play back what happened when I was unconscious.”

“Playing back.” I watched y/n being thrown against the door and the Hydra agents using super abilities similar to the Avengers. I had blacked out and y/n came over, but was pulled away by them. Then I was dragged out of the building past a big glowing object. “ Wait Karen rewind it to the glowy thing. What is that?”

“It has a similar structure to Mr. Stark’s arc reactor. It powers this whole base.”

“How did they get Mr.Stark’s blueprints for that?Do you know where y/n is?” I asked sitting up and leaning against the wall.

“You are one building over from her, but you are about 200 feet below her.”

“Is there anyway to get out of this room?”

“There is always a way out Peter, but the exit requires a hand print.” I sighed. Shit.

“Does the radio to Mr. Stark still work?”

“I’m sorry Peter all transmissions and tracking devices are jammed.” 

“Do you know if anyone is outside the room?”

“ Two men.”

“Can we enhance hearing to get the conversation?”

“The walls are 10 feet thick Peter. The audio may not be clear, but it is possible to hear what they are saying.”

How is she doing?

Brain activity still normal. Body temperature normal. She hasn’t slept for 42 hours. 

Was I out that long?

Decrease the temperature of the room to 4 degrees Celsius. 

Temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius. Brain activity spiked. Body temperature stabilizing.

Let’s kick it up another notch. We have lover boy in the room. She’ll have to use more of her energy to protect him from the alien weapons we have. These are soo cool and colorful.

Shut up Dan. Let’s go.

Y/n pov

My vision went in and out of focus now. I have marked the days on the floor. I have been here a month. Week 2 they started going after Peter. His energy would spike and go downhill and so I focused more energy on him. During week 3 they then started coming after me too. Week 4 they’ve made ice water fall from the ceiling which made it even colder. It was getting harder to keep my body at a good temperature. I wasn’t wet because the shield deflected it, but the cold and damp room was not good. I haven’t slept which shouldn’t be possible but my energy was keeping my brain awake. 

They should have been able to track us by now. Tony is smart, Bruce is smart, they’re all smart how have they not found any trail? Think y/n think there has to be a way there always is. Always a weakness. Always another choice. 

I hope its possible. I hope it works. I need someone to feel the energy and be able to see it. Wanda. Her energy was similar to mine. Please work.

I’m so sorry for this Wanda.

I tugged hard on her energy to get her to feel pain in her head. I put the path there. Everyone leaves energy where ever they go. Please see mine and follow it. A sharp pain erupted in my stomach. It was getting harder to breath and to stay awake. The cold was starting to settle into my bones and my wrists ached. I need a sign Wanda. Something that shows you got the message. Please. I can’t explode this place with Peter here. I gave up on trying o pull on her energy and showing her the path. I can’t keep doing this. I need a better plan. My head was searing to the point where I wanted to do anything to make it stop, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let my guard down because as soon as I did everyone would be gone, even Peter. 

Peter. I haven’t seen him in a month but I know he is alive and well. I miss seeing his smile and his dorkiness more than I care to admit. It’s my fault he is here.

My mind rolled over an idea. I wanna say I would have about 10 minutes before I got hypothermia if I let my shield down. I looked around. I needed to break off the chains and the then bust down the 10 foot thick cement door.Then I had to rip the devices from the rest of my team starting with Peter. Shouldn’t be too difficult right?



I focused my energy instead of on a shield and heat into a force to break the chains. As soon as the chains broke a siren and flashing light went off. I booked it to the door as the water from the ceiling poured on top of me. I felt my body temperature drop, it was getting harder to move and I could no longer feel my feet. Focus focus fuck its cold. I put my hands up with as much energy I could manage around them. I started to attack the door and only managed to create a few dents. I paused to catch my breath and my lungs were being pierced by the cold. Fuccccckkkk. 

Don’t get discouraged. Get angry. Come on I am not going to die like this. I kept punching and hacking away chunks. After a few hits the unexpected happened and there was electricity. Someone electrocuted the fucking ice cold water falling from the ceiling. Energy. I smiled to myself and absorbed the energy letting it spike me. The door was gone with the next hit. Gotta find Peter.

Peter. Peter.Peter. Where is my Peter? I concentrated on his energy. He was close in the next building over. I got there by shadow.

I was in the building and everyone was on the ground. I didn’t see Peter until I heard a few thumps and crashes.

“PETER!!!” I yelled running to him.

“Y/N!” He yelled back wrapping his arms around me. “You’re freezing. Why don’t you have your energy shield up?” He asked pulling away from me.

I shivered and didn’t tell him what I was about to do. I ripped the device from inside his body causing him to scream and hold his leg. I quickly healed him and then put my heated energy shield up again.

“Sorry if I had told you I was going to do that it would’ve been worse.” I told him hugging him back to me. “How did you get out?”

“I reprogrammed Karen’s sensors to give off the same heat as a human hand on the imprint left on the lock. Are you ok? I kept hearing the things they were doing to you. We need to get you back home.”

“We need to get US back home Peter. Everyone else has that device in them and if I let my energy shield down on them then they’ll die.”

“Then lets go” He said getting ready to pick me up to go.

“No Peter we have to destroy this place.”

“Y/n they don’t have big enough weapons here to do that and we can’t take on all of them in your state.”

“I don’t care Peter. I did not spend a fucking month here to leave it unscorched.” He let go of me and paced.

“What do you wanna do then?” 

“We need to find the biggest power source they have.”

“Its in the building that I was in. I heard them operating everything that was in your building. I also don’t agree with your plan. I hit the switch to give you the voltage of electricity we’ve practiced with. This generator is like the Stark Arc Reactor. That is more voltage than you’ve practiced with.”

“Do you have a better plan? No? Didn’t think so. Come on we’ll go by shadow.” I said grabbing his hand, but before we could disappear Tony showed up.

“Mr. Stark!!!” Peter said as Tony landed in front of us.

“Sup Tony we were just bout to blow up a base. Wanna join in on the fun?” I asked getting ready to to pull the device from his body.

“ Good job on thAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” He screamed as the device tore through him and then out of the suit.

“Sorry Tony. They have a device planted in everyone.” I said as I healed him and shuddered feeling my head grow foggier.

“ I guess it’s good I brought the rest of the team then. Before you so rudely interrupted me I was saying good job on sending Wanda the trail.”

“ Peter I need you to get Steve over here.”

“Got it.” He ran off.

“Why did you….” I cut Tony off. 

“ Tony when I take all of us back you need to get Peter to the medical bay.”

“What?! What is wrong with him? He looked okay!!!” Tony said getting worried.

“He’s fine right now because I have my energy shield around him. Tony he hasn’t eaten at all this past month. If I pass out he is going to go into shock and die within minutes. Get him to the medical bay and get him an applesauce or something.” 

“ How long have you been awake y/n?” Tony asked worried.

“ Since the day I left. That is why I need the generator. Peter said they copied your Arc Reactor. I’m scraping by on energy right now Tony. I need to get the devices out of them first though.” 

“Y/n you haven’t practiced with that amount of energy.” 

“I know!” I said harshly. “ I know Tony, these Hydra agents have mutated DNA that resembles ours. They have powers Tony. Who knows what experiments they have going on in the other side of the base. Blowing that Arc Reactor up is what will destroy all of this and all of them.” Tony was about to say something, but was interrupted again by the rest of the team showing up.

“Hey guys I missed you…” multiple devices came flying and they all screamed then were healed. Tony blasted all the devices on the ground.

Steve rubbed his side as he walked up to me. “Peter said you wanted to talk?”

“ Yea. We are going to go to the generator. Everyone else gets to smash some Hydra ass that tries to interfere with the building.” I told them and then traveled quickly with Steve from shadow to shadow into the building.

Hey so that was really long. Let me know what you thought of it. I enjoy hearing feedback from you guys.

Also little side note in case it was confusing. When the water was falling from the ceiling, it was water that turned to ice by the time it hit the floor. So when it hit the reader it would still be water. 

Part 3 should be out soon again depending on how well you guys liked this one. Thank you lovelies!

Latvia's Strange and Awesome Train Safety PSA Adverts

I’ve always had a weird fascination with train safety PSAs, having even created one for fun when I was in high school. Most of them follow fairly simple premises; a careless driver goes around the gates and misjudges how fast the train is coming, some kids are playing on the tracks and can’t escape, people forget to look both ways, or someone waits for a first train to pass but doesn’t see the second train coming. These PSAs rely on sobering realism. attempting to scare the viewer out of their bad habits.

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