bird guard

“What are you doing out here?” Dwalin asked the bird, not really expecting an answer.

“Lose the damn guard.” The bird answered, its tone hunted, and Dwalin froze. Why would anyone honest have a bird who repeated that line? He and the guard were out hunting thieves, and they came across a tamed bird who’s owners were running from the guard?

That couldn’t be a coincidence.

Pretty Bird” by @thorinsmut

The gorgeous skinchanger AU in which Nori is a small rufous treepie and Dwalin a guard who’s set on catching the thief who can turn into a bird. It’s a lovely story with lots of lovely gentle scenes and also heartache. Not to mention that Nori is a bird. A beautiful talking bird with pretty feathers. That alone should be enough incentive to read it

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I put a rare stone nonpareil
on your crisscrossed hand.
I don’t think you understand
the cannot-turn-back-stance we’re in.

Ballads speak of this all the time.
They speak of nothing–
a kind of cotton candy consequence.

Yet, the bird, caught us off guard, out of sequence.
The part of the heart that cannot be cannibalized
by the demise of the symmetry–
of you must do this to me.
I will do not.

The song rose, the poem borrowed
twisted us into the same knot.

In Dinosaurs Among Us, visitors can travel the evolutionary path from ancient dinosaurs to modern birds—an unbroken line spanning millions of years.

While anatomy provides many clues to this common ancestry, paleontologists are uncovering more and more evidence to suggest that many bird behaviors, such as guarding eggs in a nest, may find their roots in the lifestyles of dinosaurs like Citipati osmolskae, an oviraptorid dinosaur featured in Dinosaurs Among Us.

Learn more about this dinosaur. 

Image: AMNH/R.Mickens


The 3 Legendary Birds that mandates and maintain the balance of  the universe. this 3 Legendary Birds represent each house. 

House Valor, where the fire bird Moltres reigns high,

House Instinct, where the thunder bird Zapdos rules the sky,

and House Mystic, where Articuno; the ice bird breeze the Alps.

They are known as the legendary trio of Kanto. their respective houses represent their Power, Dignity and knowledge as the protector and guardian of the whole region.

What do you see in this image: a dolphin or a penguin?

This galactic pair has nicknamed after both of them – the curve of a porpoise or a dolphin can be seen in the blue- and reddish shape towards the bottom of the frame, when paired with the glowing orb just beneath it, resemble a bird or penguin guarding an egg.

The form of the penguin itself is made up of a single galaxy that has been distorted and ripped apart. This galaxy, named NGC 2936, was once a normal spiral like the Milky Way, until it started interacting with its egg-like neighbour, an elliptical galaxy named NGC 2937. Together, these two galaxies make up a pair dubbed Arp 142. 

The pair is pulling each other and interacting, slowly changing their appearances and disrupting their gas, dust and stars. In around a billion years these two might come together to form a single galaxy, and the merging process will be complete.

Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)