bird crafts


Several weeks ago I made a shadowbox to celebrate our birdies. It was a few weeks before Betsy passed, so I have a pic of her posing with it. I just hadn’t posted it to the blog yet.

I used tiny pins to keep the feathers in place. Craft paper and scrapbook tape to hold together the rest. The cockatiel sticker is a random old sticker my mom found - probably from when I was a kid, I’m sure they don’t make them anymore!

It was pretty simple and fun and now I have a nice memento of my bird friends.

Look again. This pigeon is wearing a colorful, crocheted suit.

Laurel Roth Hope’s animal sculptures use humor to address the serious subject of species extinction. By putting a colorful ensemble on a common species, it masquerades as an extinct North American bird—giving the appearance of biodiversity, even if it can’t be reclaimed in real life.

See “Biodiversity Reclamation Suit: Carolina Parakeet” (2009) now at our Renwick Gallery, which is home to @americanartmuseum‘s collection of contemporary craft and decorative art.